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  • Favorite foods: A few:
    Tuna, Bacon, Mushrooms, Kumquats, Shrimp Paste, Oysters, Ribeye, Pastrami, Nutmeg

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Where to Find the Best Mexican Food in Portland, OR

Nathan, nice list, but a couple you missed:

Los Gorditos: every thing is awesome, but I get the Mulitas. There is a truck at 50th and Division and a brick and mortar place at 12th and Division. The truck is better, but has shorter hours.

Ocho's in Hillsboro: love the huaraches, amazing. If they have the goat, get it. I think they cook it every Sunday. Warning: they don't speak much English.

Tacqueria San Felipe on Milwaukie Ave, just south of Holgate: Most of the food is just okay, but you gotta get the fish tacos. Perfectly friend Halibut with the requisite shredded cabbage, some diced tomatoes, and this amazing creamy, cumin tinged sauce.

Damn! I made myself hungry. Time for breakfast...

Ask the Critic: Here's How Tipping Actually Works

@Max I understand that screwing a waiter on a tip is terrible and in general, I won't screw a waiter for bad service--to a point.

But let's look at the other side. I am paying for service and if it is so bad that it ruins my evening, why should I pay?

I tip 20% and up or a penny.

Taste Test: Potato Chips

Those brands are okay, but no nationwide brand is great.

Krunchers are the best. Thick, crunchy, golden brown. Perfect!

They cut them a little thicker and fry them in corn oil.


3-Ingredient Matzo Sandwiches For Passover

Those all look great, but there's nothing better than a BLT on Matzo.

Ask A Sommelier: What's the Best Wine for Pizza?

I have to admit that I am a big beer person when it comes to pizza.
Most pizza has a fairly high level of acidity in the tomato sauce and the acid in wine gives a bit of an overload, so I normally go for a Pilsner.

If the sauce is light and bears the sweetness of ripe tomatoes, I like a muscadet.

A Sandwich a Day: House Pastrami Special at M & O Market Deli

I have eaten this sandwich. It is truly awesome. Just be sure to specify that you want the house pastrami. Otherwise, you may find yourself eating Boar's Head (not that Boar's Head is bad).

Serious Salads: Arugula, Fennel and Orange Salad

Nice. I think it is even better with watercress than arugula.

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

Cherry smoke is key
Low and slow makes meat tender
Pulled pork perfection

'Slice' Poll: Fresh Mushrooms or Canned?

This poll is silly. Everyone knows FRESH and LIGHTLY PRECOOKED.

Criminis or better yet porcini or even better morels!!!

I guess there a lot of great varieties ... but they don't come from cans!

Tasting Tour: Portland, Oregon: 5 of the Most Interesting Street Vendors

There's one more that I forgot, but can't be missed. You have to check out Mum's Kitchen at N Vancouver and N Fremont. It's a little trailer in the parking lot of a gas station and the sweetest lady serves DELICIOUS Indian South African food. She practically forces everyone to try a sample plate before taking your order.

It's might be my favorite cart in town. How did I forget? Anyway, don't miss it!

Tasting Tour: Portland, Oregon: 5 of the Most Interesting Street Vendors

I'm in Portland almost every weekend and LOVE the cart scene there. Most carts are quite good and cheap, so it's not a bad idea to try one that looks interesting.

Unfortunately, a lot of the really good ones are only open weekdays, so I do miss them, but some of my favs:

At 12th and Hawthorne
Pyro pizza ( Wood fired pizza from a cart?
Perierra Crêperie

At 50th and Division:
Taqueria Los Gorditos - amazing Mexican food. They have a brick and mortar location, but stick to the cart-it's better.

At 5th and Stark:
Aybla Grill - get the super falafel and add lamb $8 will feed 2
Taborn as mentioned above is awesome

At 10th and Alder:
EuroDish - great Polish food the chef really takes her time with the food, so be prepared to wait

Koi Tacos - Mexican/Korean Fusion. What's not to love? They move around so check the website ( Get the tacos not the burritos.

I'm sure I'm missing some. There are so many great ones.


6 Ways to Build Your Spicy Food Tolerance

I love the taste of spicy food and have rarely found my tongue to be the limiting factor.

Spicy foods go down happy, but cause misery the rest of the way.

Any recommendations on how make the rest of my G.I. track tolerant?

Breakfast Sandwich Poll, Part III: What's Your Favorite Meat?

Pastrami!!! Pastrami!!! Pastrami!!!

What brain damaged individual left this off?

Sous Vide 101: Low-Temperature Chicken

Dying to try the ghetto sous-vide. Brilliant. Will post results.


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