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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Italian Ingredients on Arthur Avenue

Thanks for this excellent guide. I did notice a typo repeated throughout though: it's Teitel (not Tietel) Brothers.

Family Coming to NYC? Take Them to These Restaurants

@pigiron: looks like cole slaw and russian dressing. Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Celeste: The Italian Restaurant Every Neighborhood Should Have (But Doesn't)

A little late to the party here but have to agree with @smapo and @meatballs on the pasta with shrimp and cabbage. Only place I've ever seen it and would love to know how it's done. How about a Food Lab hack, Kenji?

Win Two VIP Tickets to the 2012 Vendy Awards on Saturday, September 15th

Biryani Cart on 46th St. Never miss a chance to get a chicken tikka kati roll when I'm nearby and it's remotely close to lunch time.

Lobster dinner in NYC?

Thanks, excellent idea. Never had a whole lobster there but they've got to be good. Just wish they took reservations.

Serious Eats Just Got Pinteresting: Join Us!

Gang - check your pinterest Sweets page - the "Sweets" is missing from the title.

Legend Brings Serious Sichuan to Chelsea

On a recent drive-by I noticed the Grand Sichuan on 9th and 24th has a new name. Anyone know the story?

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Clan MacGregor Scotch Whisky

Try orange instead of grapefruit juice next time. It's a great mixer for cheap scotch.

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 165: Could One Bad Week Send Me Back to Square One?

Some friendly advice, Ed: you need bigger glasses to match your new face.

Chipotle's Chelsea Location: Best Quality-Per-Dollar Ratio In The City

There was Kitchen Market, a very good SF-style burrito place a few blocks north, now closed and replaced with a Qdoba Grill. Maybe that's the confusion.

San Francisco food

Don't miss Wexler's in the financial district for a fantastic and unique twist on barbecue flavors. Chef Charlie Kleinman's scotch eggs were recently featured on a cable tv special and they are wonderful, but the entire menu is full of originals you will not soon forget. Reservation recommended.

In Praise of the Black and White Malt

Better yet in my book, a black and white - or black and brown (choc syrup, coffee ice cream) - ice cream soda.

BTW, if there's no malt powder can you still call it a malt? Isn't it just a milkshake?

San Francisco recs

Wexler's, indescribably unique and wonderful. SF financial district, reservations recommended. Lunch or dinner.

Where to eat in Vancouver?

Just back from Vancouver and had wonderful meals at 941 (a Serious Eats reco for tapas - thanks SE), Cork & Fin (also small plates) and above-mentioned Tojo's & Vij's. Beware - omakase at Tojo's now starts at $80/person (our guide book said $50) but it was truly fabulous and more than enough to eat.

Vij's opens at 5:30. We put our name down then on a Saturday night and were in for the second seating at about 6:45. Enough time for a stroll down to the water and a drink at the bar, where waiters come around with fabulous free hors d'ouevres. Order the deviled egg appetizer for sure.

The mussels were fabulous everywhere but especially bin 941. Also their duck confit. Expect to wait for a table there - it's tiny - unless you come late.

Cork & Fin is a little roomier, takes reservations and has delicious oysters, fish dishes and a warm, enthusiastic staff. It's also in a more interesting neighborhood (Gastown as opposed to downtown).

And if you find yourself in North Vancouver at lunchtime or snack time, check out Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates for delicious sandwiches (which sell out early), pastries and, yes, fine chocolates. No tables but there are some bar stools. Tip - small bites of the truffles can be sampled in the secret compartments along the righthand wall as you face the counter!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 80: Remembering Our Serious Eater Beagle Brass

Brassy was pound for pound the greatest hound dog the world has ever seen. He pursued food with ingenuity, stealth and sheer athleticism. Once Marcia and I picked up a Carnegie Deli corned beef sandwich for Vicky, who was convalescing and had expressed that somewhat out-of-character craving. Before I had two feet in the door Brass charged like a wounded tiger and leaped impossibly high, given his short legs and considerable girth. I pulled my arm up in the nick of time, saving Vicky's lunch, but Brass earned my eternal respect that day. RIP, Brassy. We'll miss you.

Food & Music Fest Spotlight: 'The Super Bowl of Regional Food,' Says The SF Chronicle

I wish! Great music lineup too. When is the east coast version happening, Ed?

Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try

Simon: I agree Sal & Carmine's is an excellent slice joint, but don't think you can put it in the same league as DiFara.

Re Grimaldi's, I was at the Brooklyn spot a month ago for the first time in years and the pizza was just as fine as I remembered from when it was still called Patsy's. Maybe there was a bad spell in there that I missed, but I recommend folks give it another try if they haven't been lately. Tip: you can save yourselves an hour wait by ordering to go and sitting out on the pier.

Visiting New York City? 7 Must-Eat Pizzas You Should Try

C'mon, Simon. We share our treasures here. Maybe the wait will get longer but you'll be waiting with us!

Eating and hanging out in Sacramento

Haven't been for a couple of years but I like this upscale Thai place a lot (never tried the noodle shop - I think that's new):

What's the Best Mexican Food Town in the U.S.?

Thanks for the Castro's reco in Santa Fe, arman52. I'll be there on business next month and will check it out. Any other Santa Fe recommendations from you new mex boosters? swank or austere ambience and prices ok.

Pie-Kuing: Today's Best Form of Procrastination

Hot from Dom's oven
A circle of bubbling bliss.
The diet can wait


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