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Granola--help! Please.

I've made it 3 times before successfully..I think I just wasn't paying attention. I turned up the oven and that was NOT a good idea...

Will try again today after restocking at Trader Joe's!!

Dinner Tonight: Baked Ziti

I made it tonight with extra red pepper flakes (by accident, of course!). It was all great till my husband asked what was in it and I had to admit the heavy cream (I had hid the carton in the trash under some things). He said perhaps it was not very cholesterol friendly with sausage AND heavy cream. Big buzz kill.

How do you plan your meals for the week?

You are all so organized it is amazing! I don't cook every night (I live somewhere that meals are provided) but....when I do cook it is like this.
Wake up in the morning ponder what I am in the mood to cook and eat. Scour recipes online then head off to grocery store usually forgetting to check what I have in the house. Start to cook while trying not to get food on the laptop. Head back to the store to get what I have forgotten. Finish cooking and then enjoy the hell out of it. Spend some time convincing my family to tell me 1. the food was wonderful and 2. I am wonderful for cooking it for them.
Again, I am really amazed at how organized and plan-ahead-y everyone else seems to be!!

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

2 plain biscuits, hash brown and sweet tea at McD's just this morning. But only one biscuit was for me, the other was for my dog.

Surprising Comfort Foods

Cheetos. Once on a trip to Italy I had a migraine and my boyfriend found me the Italian equivalent in a small town in the Alps. I married him.

Need Help: Overwhelmed by Cucumbers!

Sour cream dill cucumber salad. Slice cucumbers thin. Place in bowl with very salty water. Soak for a few hours. Drain and dry cucumbers. Slather in sour cream and dill. Refrigerate.

Wow. London Secret Restaurant Doing 9/11 Menu

Personally it made me just want to weep. What if that poor man was your friend, husband, or father? How would that make you feel? Certainly not like eating a bagel.

eating my way through prague!

Kampa Park is a beautiful fancy restaurant under the bridge. Sit outside if the weather is nice.
Other than Kampa I was working and unable to choose where to dine. I would avoid eating cabbage and potatoes until you travel-you will have plenty when you are there!!
Have fun, it is a beautiful city. I cannot wait to return.

Do Gals Eat Less When Guys Are Around?

I've always eaten quite a bit but I can understand how this 100 calorie situation happens. When I was younger I could eat quite a bit without worrying about my waistline. I had a boyfriend (very briefly!) who would insist I was bulimic because I enjoyed my food so much. He was awfully cute but not cute enough to take his tormenting!

No-knead bread question???

Oh and I meant to say, Thank you!

No-knead bread question???

Ok worked just great with the corn meal. It didn't rise very much...ok not at all but it was still very tasty and gorgeous. So pretty I put it on my facebook page to let everyone know that I have mad skills!

Foods from you childhood you don't miss.

Tater tot casserole, glasses of milk that had to be drunk before you could leave the table (turns out I have lactose problems), scrambled eggs with ham, and any recipe that used cream of chicken soup, which was my mom's fave ingredient.

Cooking Gadgets: Favorite vs. Forgotten

Thunderstick Pro sounds like a name in a porno.

When Is It Socially Acceptable to Share Food?

One of my favorite "shared" meals was at NOPA in SF. All three of us agreed upon three dishes...we would eat and then say switch and we would move the plate to the next person...probably not for everyone but so good for us!!! I love eating with good friends.

No Soup For You - Favorite Soups!

I forgot Tortilla soup--just made it for the first time about a month ago and have made it about 5 times since. Spicy, crunchy delicious.

Iphone App?

I would like to be able to see Serious Eats like I see it online on my computer. Epicurious did it--(and I use it) especially the recipe search so I can use it at the g-store!!

Pressure Cooker Phobia?

I am very ascared of the pressure cooker and the noises it makes. My husband uses it but I usually stay in the other room and when I do look in there is alot of jumping around with the scary noise in the background.

No Soup For You - Favorite Soups!

Cooking Light's Escarole, three bean and Roasted Garlic soup. Also a new favorite is the New York Time's Red Lentil Soup with Lemon--could eat it every day!!

When Is It Socially Acceptable to Share Food?

I like family style meals and usually like sharing. The only exception to this is when I go to a tapas restaurant...I always feel like there is not enough food and everything is so tasty but there is just so little of it!! I get too stressed out-I just want to ask the server to bring me the rest of whatever I ordered that little taste is NOT enough.

Dining in San Francisco

Presidio Social Club for drinks then on to NOPA for dinner. You will be so happy and dream of it for months to come..

Form to make tacos...

I was looking to make it into the tacobell u. I live in a dorm and it would be too timeconsuming to cook one for each kid..Plus my kids love the u and during the busy times it would be easy to make them in the oven and let everyone eat when they can.
And I love gadgets...they take up so much space.

Hannah's Granola

H2. Best granola ever. We made it yesterday on a rainy day after going to TJ's to get the good stuff. THANK YOU!!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever (Unless You Have a Better One)

Made them yesterday. BEST EVER. Never will veer from this recipe again. Want to send love letters to them...saw them on counter this morning and had to use every cell to resist eating 5 for breakfast.


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