Simple Indian classics, fusion food, eggless baking and a passion for all things edible. Join a British-born Indian girl as she eats Channa Masala for breakfast and works full time to feed a dirty little paneer habit.

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Cook and Tell: Pau Bhaji

Pau bhaji is a popular street dish from Maharashtra. The name 'pau bhaji' literally traslates as a spiced vegetable stew served with bread rolls. Hearty fare indeed. Remember to serve the bhaji with a pat of butter. Heavenly!

Cook and Tell: Luscious Palak Paneer

The elite choice on Indian restaurant menus; palak paneer is the king of vegetarian Indian dishes and a favourite among Indian nationals and Internationals alike. Dense cubes of paneer are enrobed in creamy spinach infused with garam masala. Divine.

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