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Culinary Ambassadors: Street Food in Iceland - Hot Dogs from Bæjarins Beztu

this is so weird I was just there last week and refused to leave with out trying one of these dogs. The fried onions really make it great. I must bring some home.

Shortbread Cookies don't hold their shape

oh that could be a possibility. Next batch I'll try turning the pan.

it's not fun when your piggies start to look like cows.

Dinner Tonight: Merguez Sausage with Fennel and Couscous

does anyone know where to get good Merguez sausage in NYC?

Slice Poll: Do You Blot the Grease from Your Pizza?

The whole paper to cheese idea freaks me out but I do let it drain off while I'm eating.

An Introduction to Karē-Raisu, Japanese Curry Rice

I grew up on the S&B Golden Curry in my house. Both parents are Japanese and my dad is from Hawaii so we always had a gooey fried egg on top. It's so hard to have it any other way.

a giant pot of katsu curry is always waiting for me when I fly home!

Hot Dog of the Week: Bark

wow that dog is all up in your face.

This is not helping the month long craving I've been having for a good ol' hot dog.

Does anyone else hate blackberries?

as a child we used to pick them for pies and eat most of the good ones on the way.

but now I can't stand them, the seeds the center part etc. They are usually cold and tart. I don't see the big deal but my boyfriend loves them and it's always his #1 topping of choice at a Pinkberry.

What's With the Lack of Fresh Ingredients in Spain?

On my first trip to Europe half way through all I could think about was a giant Seinfeld sized salad in my future.

if you try to order a salad in Spain or Barcelona it will most likely have a can of tuna on top. Which is not a good sign if you are a vegetarian.

but you can't get too upset and give in to the delicious meats, cheeses and breads that are all around.

The Obsession with DoubleTree Hotel's Warm Chocolate-Chip Cookies

I totally forgot about this!

Nothing like getting a warm cookie before you check into your room esp after a long trip.

Midwest Airlines does the same thing but they bake or heat up the cookies when you are boarding which was cool the 1st flight but on my flight back I couldn't stand the smell and actually had a thing with chocolate chip cookies for a while....that is, until I met the DoubleTree Cookie.

Bear Claws? Has this pastry gone extinct?

these were my dad's favorite and we always got them at a doughnut shop.

I think I may have seen them at Dean and Deluca at the coffee counter.

I'd look around at more doughnut shops for the elusive bear claw, rawr!

Hot Dog Of The Week: Seattle Style

I used to live in Pioneer Sq and ate my share of cream cheese hot dogs. I don't know about the BBQ Sauce but we used to take them home and put some Sriracha on that dog!

When Willie's Dogs opened in Park Slope my boyfriend and I suggested they add cream cheese to the menu and the guy looked shocked and stunned. It never made it on the menu but I'm glad to see that it's finally getting some press!

Dinner Tonight: Flattened Chicken with Tomato-Saffron Vinaigrette on Arugula

I made this Friday night and it was delicious and super easy!

I layered some of the tomatoes under the chicken as it came out of the pan so they would wilt a few to give them that warmed up melt in your mouth quality.

My boyfriend posted the recipe on the fridge so I'm guessing he is happy to eat this one any day of the week!


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