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Greatest Hits of 'A Sandwich A Day': Top 5 Prosciutto Sandwiches

dude - i had the figgy. it was tasty but RIDICULOUSLY SMALL. i literally laughed out loud in the counter girl's face when I saw how tiny it was (my apologies to the counter girl - but in my defense i had just blown 8.50 on something less filling than a hollowed out hot dog bun). I was so hungry after eating this that i sat down and polished off 3/4 of an order of ma po tofu at Lan Sheng down the street. When you're writing about sandwiches, pleeez (!) at least entertain the notion that your readers count on you to consider value for money as part of the package.

New Short Rib Burger at Bill's Bar and Burger: Juicier, Beefier, Better?

Ozersky - how much are these people paying you? seriously! I would describe the old Bill's burger as ok to good, but can't for the life of me figure out why you think it's so great. Same goes for HB Burger (inconsistent, unevenly cooked, lukewarm because it had been prepared before i even ordered it and then thrown back on the griddle, on it's best day: not bad/passable) - i just don't get it. I tried both based on your rec and was sorely disappointed.

that said, I'm curious about the new short rib version...:)

NYC: HB Burger and Heartland Brewery Redux

i couldn't agree more with bobbob. i've been to HB burger twice and was dissapointed twice. The second time I even had to send the burger back because and was told: "well you asked for it medium rare". as if "medium rare" meant "cold".

Win Tickets To VendrTV's First Birthday Party

jackson hts! i followed his exact route. plus joe distefano is cool.

The Brunch Dish: Bure Rosti at Trestle on Tenth

i'll consider trying these - but only if Ash from Top Chef promises to come out of the kitchen to tell me how terrible they are.

Poll: How many slices is 'lunch'?

i'm not saying i need 5 NY slices for lunch (2-3 is more my average unless its 99c fresh pizza) - but i wouldn't want anyone to suggest that I shouldn't be eating that much if i were so inclined. especially not the writer of a pizza blog for chrissakes!

Domino's Changes Core Pizza Recipe

I googled this and found an earlier (and frankly more accurate) version of the press release:

Crust: A garlic seasoned cardboard box with parsley baked to a golden brown

Sauce: Sweeter, bolder tomato sauce with a medley of corrugated cardboards and a red pepper kick

Cheese: Shredded cardboard made with 100% real UPS grade Italian-sourced cardboard and flavored with just a hint of cardboard

Poll: How many slices is 'lunch'?

seriously? who do you think reads this blog? runway models? 3,4, and 5 should also be options in the poll. Are you trying to make us feel horrible about ourselves?

rijsttafel in nyc...?

bali nusa. on 9th and 40something...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Downtown Edition

ok, fair enough. i appreciate the info on your methodology. however, I would contend that there's nothing 'awful' about eating free chocolate chip cookies...;)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Downtown Edition

from the photo it looks like you guys only sampled a bite-size slice of each cookie?!

you've got to eat the whole cookie to decide its the best (IMHO at least)

Dec. 5-7 Loner Vacation

my mini chinatown food tour - recommend it to my visitors who want to have a taste of a lot for a little in under and hour...

copied from part of a yelp review:

Here's my circa 75-minute (including the ride on the B or D from 40th and 6th) lunch break tour of Chinatown - best with a partner so you can share everything and get the most flavor and diversity for your money.

-Get out at Grand St and head SE to Prosperity Dumpling on Eldridge. Order 10-15 fried. Eat in or eat while you walk....

-Down to Canal, where you'll head east until you hit Elizabeth. Once southbound on Elizabeth, you'll eventually run into ViVi Bubble Tea on Bayard. Grab an order of light, crispy popcorn chicken for $3 with your choice of spice - I prefer curry.
- take a left out of ViVi and then a right on Mott. Close this perfect circle of a tour by picking up the #1 (say yes to spicy!) at Banh Mi Saigon ( on the east side of Mott just before Grand.

20 fried at prosperity = $4
popcorn chicken at ViVi = $3
Banh Mi at Saigon = $3.75

Total cost for a 3 course meal for 2: $10.75

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Uptown Edition

if something semi-chainey like fairway is under consideration then why not stop by any subway restaurant. They're cookies are uniformly soft, moist, chewy, delicious and best of all cheeeeeep.

subway sandwiches = no thanks
subway cookies = yes pleez

Dinners in Fort Greene, Brooklyn (Mostly Solo)

these all fit the criteria, some ares

buff patty on myrtle (btw adelphi and clermont): caribbean, i recommend jerk chicken wings.

farmer in the deli (myrtle at adelphi): excellent basic sandwiches for under $5. an open secret, but not to stay just take out.

smooch (carlton at dekalb): coffeeshop with full food menu

manee thai (myrtle btw adelphi and clermont). the quietest of the 3 myrtle thai joints and my favorite of the 3. my go to is pad kee mao with pork or tofu for about $8.

tillie's (dekalb and vanderbilt) has some decent sandwiches and panini's

andy's diner (dekalb btw clermont and vanderbilt) typical decent diner food. a counter for eating solo

67 Burger (lafayette): good for eating alone (order at the counter and no real tipping necessary) and pretty good. fries never arrive at the same time as your burger though...

General Greene burger is the best in the hood (IMHO) $11, comes with greens.

Graziella's (vanderbilt btw dekalb and willoughby) is sports bar-y enough to eat alone and not feel weird. great pizza and cheap enough if you get a basic pie

rice (dekalb and washington park) - tiny portions but nice to sit there.

catherine's cafe (dekalb a bit further east from rice): a mix between diner/czech ethnic/coffee shop with a flatscreen thrown in for good measure. free wifi and bottomless good coffee. This would actually be my #1 for dining alone with the most extensive freshly prepared menu in the most comfortable environment. tillie's isn't big on fresh food and smooch is overpriced and leans toward the pretentious sometimes.

have fun in the best hood in BK!

Is there a better cheap eats list besides New York Magazine?

everything listed on is usually under $10.

NYC gems on

Thanks for the tips. bummer that most are sold out now, but i'll know for next time.


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