Best Hot Sauce?

So, I've since learned that a commercial hot sauce he likes (though he's not sure if it's his favorite) is Cholula. And he's not so big on the sriracha. Any further suggestions would be awesome!

Cereal Eats: If You Could Bring Back One Discontinued Cereal...

Kellog's Rasin Squares. Always. I've heard rumors they still have them in Canada too. Time for a road trip!

Where to eat in Nashville & Chattanooga

Hi all,

I'm traveling to Nashville and Chattanooga next week, and I'm looking for recommendations for where to eat that aren't super pricey or super touristy--just tasty! And if you can point me in the direction of a barbecue place that uses free-range/local meat, I will love you forever. (But not in a creepy way.)

There are some threads for Nashville on here, but they seem to be at least a couple years old.

Thoughts? And thanks!

Best Hot Sauce?

I realize this is a hugely opinion-based question (and the kind of thing that starts wars), but I need some recommendations for great hot sauces. One of my friends is a huge hot sauce fan, and I'm hoping to get him five or so for an upcoming birthday, but I'm at a total loss. HALP!