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The Best Egg Salad

Just made it and followed the recipe and followed it exactly sans the parsley and it came out fantastic. The lemon is the key, it adds a freshness that is great.

Substitute for dry white wine?

Thanks for the comment. I did use vermouth as I recall the same suggestion from Julia (my hero). The ragu came out great. The recipe was from Food & Wine January edition and I will definitely make it again.

Grilling on slate

Used it on a gas grill just like the instructions called for in Bon Appetit and it worked out great!

Grilling on slate

Well, just got done with dinner and it was great! Even cooked some boneless pork chops and veggies and all turned out delicious. I will use this technique again!

How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey: The Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey

Kenji, what about dry brining the bird before cooking? And for how long?

One Vegetable To Mash

Celery Root!!! aka celeriac.....I am in love with it!

Dry brining Vs. Wet brining

Thanks! I will definitely will be dry brining this year! Love this site!

Homemade Kahlua?

Though I've never made the above mentioned recipe, I have been making my own Kahlua for the past 30 years. I mix 4 cups of sugar with a 2 ounce jar of Folgers crystals instant coffee. Pour in 2 cups boiling hot water and stir until dissolved. Pour in 2 cups brandy and stir till combined. Add a vanilla bean if you want, I don't think it really adds much. Best left to sit in a dark place for about a month.

Cheese - Your favorite vs. what you most commonly consume?

Absolutely love love love King Island's Roaring Forties blue cheese, but have a hard time finding it. Trader Joe's Le Delice de Bourgogne is fantastic especially when its at a perfect room temperature.

Dinner Tonight: Grilled Mustard Chicken with Fresh Corn Polenta

Made this tonight.....really good but next time I would use boneless skin on chicken breast and probably bake so the green onion mixture would stay intact. The fresh corn polenta was great but again might substitute a stronger cheese next time.

DIY Orange Liqueur

I made this a a couple months ago (omitted the cloves since I really hate cloves) and it came out wonderful! I am now making another batch, this time doubling it but added a little more brandy to cut the sweetness. It's great to top off a cadillac margarita! And I've combined it half and half with brandy just to sip on. Thank you Serious Eats!!!!

French in a Flash: Cassoulet-Style Sausage 'n' Beans

Made this last night for a dinner party. Added some chicken thighs, used a combo of brats, andouille and smoked sausages. Served it just as suggested with a salad and bread. It was a huge hit!!! Rave reviews! This is a keeper for sure!

A baked pasta dish to complete my dinner party?

I agree with MMinNYC, it's delicious and super easy.

grating fresh ginger

I use the porcelain type. It works great and won't cut your fingers. You can use it for garlic too.

First Roast Duck

Use the legs and thighs for duck carnitas, try Rick Bayless' recipe. To die for. Then I take the breasts off for roasting/pan searing. I use the bones for stock and render the fat for potatoes. Duck is amazing!

Apple Cider Ice Cream, The Perfect Fall Flavor

I agree with el_mitch, mine is grainy and a weird flavor. Such a disappointment and a waste of good ingredients.

Distilling flavored Vodkas

I have made lemon, orange, cranberry, chili pepper and espresso. I've used pineapple, raspberry and strawberry in tequila. Try apples and cinnamon in brandy. I've been making my own kahula for over 30 years (I use brandy, not vodka) Just made some homemade lime cordial to mix with gin. Also make my own vanilla extract, makes a great gift.

Serious Cheese?

Cheese please. If given the choice, I would take a room temp chunk of Roaring Forties Blue Cheese from Australia over a chunk of chocolate any day!

Ground Beef

Agree with the chuck. I've done it in my food processor and comes out great.

Best Way to Make Some Freshly Caught Tuna?

will never forget the fresh tuna caught just hours before, grilled on the BBQ and just served on fresh tortillas with salt and lime. It does not get any better than this! I also remember the adults fighting over the eye balls!

What discontinued foods do you miss?

It was only available for a short while, Skippy's peanut butter with bacon bits!!!! This was like 45 years ago in So Cal. And Lemon Cooler cookies!

Meatloaf recipe?

I am fond of Ina Garten's version, very easy and even my 76 year old mother makes it.


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