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Cook the Book: Anjum's New Indian

I have to agree with others on this one. The old Iron Chef Japan is awesome. :D

New England in October- first time- Kennebunkport

The Bandaloop, I know the owners, and the whole family is blessed with talent in the kitchen. Its a great place that they really love and work hard at - not to mention the food it great.

Every Kitchen Should have one -Kitchen tools we can't be without

my micro zester and food processor - oh how I love them....

6 Things Every Griller Needs

is it wrong that I know this list and still only have the grill part down... sigh

Hilariously Wrong Food on Television

Its not on TV but my grandmother pronounces asparagus ASS-PER-GRASS. It drives me nuts.

A List of Food Bloggers Using Twitter

Twitters about: Absolutely random thoughts.

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Homemade Ketchup

Heinz has totally spoiled me. When Erin asked if I'd be interested in starting up this new "Sauced" column, I started racking my brain about what condiment to tackle first. I could think of nothing more fitting, more ubiquitous, than ketchup. You hardly ever stop to think about what goes into making ketchup. Usually, a bottle of Heinz is just hanging out in the fridge and, well, it tastes exactly the way it should. Is it even work making a version from scratch? More