I love to eat. All different types of cuisines! My favorite thing to do is read food blogs, watch shows about foods and eat different foods.

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The Serious Eats Doughnut Style Guide

This was one very thorough and mouthwatering post. I can't help but wonder how many doughnuts were harmed/eaten in the making of this write up. ;-)

San Diego: Custom-build Your Burger on an iPad at Stacked

Great write up and beautiful photos. I especially love the photos of the shakes.

San Diego: Great and Not-So-Great Burgers at Searsucker

That is so crazy that your two experiences were so different. Hopefully they are now consistent with your second one.

Chain Reaction: The $6 Burger at Fleming's

I love Fleming's Happy hour. All the apps on the menu are delicious and I definitely agree that the $6 burger is a good deal. I've never had those potato chips before.

San Diego: Ave 5's Burger is Just Cheffy Enough

Oh I haven't yet tried Ave 5's burger! I'm always looking for a good burger and I like truffle oil on my fries. Time to make a visit.

Cookie-Stuffed Cookies

I just made these this weekend! Like you I didn't really want to use oreos so instead I made them with Girl Scout thin mints. i was really happy with how they turned out. Not only were they really good, but I think they are less "intense" then some of the other cookie combinations. I didn't really feel like I was eating three cookies, just one delicious one. I didn't use Picky Palate's cookie recipe, but used one of my favorite doughy choc chip cookie recipes instead.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Romantic Respites

This weekend I made chocolate heart donuts and mini baked sugar donuts for Valentine's Day. I gave them to my boyfriend and my siblings and everyone loved them!

Seattle restaurant recommendations?

Pike Place Chowder has amazing seafood chowder. I recently went to Seattle for the first time and reviewed a couple of popular touristy places if you are interested

Top 5 Frozen Yogurt Shops in San Diego

I love Yogurt World and Yogurtland. So many flavors and toppings! I thought Yogurtland was cheaper than 38cents/oz though, but maybe I'm just remembering wrong.

Weekend Cook and Tell: A Fond Farewell to Summer (Produce)

I went out to buy some peaches to make a white peach buckle before these beautiful, sweet peaches are out of season.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Vive la France!

I made French Macaron ice cream sandwiches this weekend! Didn't even realize I fit the weekend challenge until now.

'Brutta ma Buona' in Taiwan, Part 1: Fan Tuan

This is one of my favorite foods. It isn't always so ugly looking though. Some are wrapped nicely like a burrito. The ones made with purple rice are pretty.

Seriously Asian: How to Make Mochi by Hand

I always use the already made glutinous sweet rice flour when I make mochi, but I have been wanting to make my own mochi with the traditional pounding of rice, etc. Thanks for this great tutorial!

Cook the Book: Matcha Tea Leaf Shortbreads

I love this recipe, which I also found a few weeks ago. I want to make the leaf shape but I'm still looking for the cookie cutter in those shapes. I definitely plan on serving leaf shaped cookies with a cup of tea once I find those cookie cutters. This recipe was a lot easier to work with compared to other matcha tea shortbread recipes I've found in the past. I made Christmas trees when I tried out the recipe

Weekend Cook and Tell: Holiday Bringalongs

Every year I meet with my extended family to celebrate the holidays. We went out to each this year, but I baked up a few desserts and gave each family a bag of Christmas treats to take home. I made red velvet rose cupcakes, gingerbread family cookies, soft sugar cookies and green tea shortbread cookies.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

Fried crueller and hot soy milk for breakfast when I visit Taiwan


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