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Kind of gross, and I probably shouldn't eat it, but can't resist

Rose Levy Beranbaum's Chocolate Tomato Cake with Mystery Ganache

um....the ingredients don't list tomato soup! help!

How do you brew your coffee?

french press with locally roasted Coffee By Design Organic Ethiopian beans...yum....

Poll: How Do You Cut Your Sandwiches?

with grilled cheese i cut them in 6-8 little triangles!!! soooo much yummier - and easier to dunk in my tomato soup!

Have you had garlic brittle?

never had garlic brittle, but we did make bacon brittle!!! it was phenomenal! we pretty much just substituted crispy bacon for the peanuts in a family brittle recipe. i would saute up some good chunks of garlic and go for it!

Cook the Book: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow

my toaster oven - how people live without one is beyond me!

What Do Fiddleheads Taste Like?

i think of them as a combo between spinach and asparagus - but still with a charm all their own. my favorite way to serve them is simply steamed with lots of butter and salt - perfection!!!

"fix" an unripe avocado?

Wow! Thank you all...sadly - the best suggestion of patience is something i don't have! ;) And living in Midcoast Maine does not offer many Spanish Grocerys - sigh. But oh - sauteed avocado and avocado baked with prosciutto? oh my....yum.

I suppose I will just have to stock up and leave a few laying around on the counter! :)

Dinner Tonight: Asparagus and Rice Soup

we made this last night and it was fabulous!!!! i think i would increase the amount of rice and cut the onions by half, tho the onions balanced nicely with the bacon....

also, for those of you in new england, we added some leftover fiddleheads and they meshed perfectly with the asparagus! yum....will definitely make again - good, quick and easy....

"fix" an unripe avocado?

so after falling in love with the avocado chicken salad recipe posted here last week, i was set on making it for my boyfriend this weekend, only to find no ripe avocados in any of our local stores. remembering that a not-quite ripe avocado still made an ok quacamole after being smushed in a food processor, i endeavored to try the salad with one as well. the salad was still good, but the chewy chunky avocado left a bit to be desired. :)

So i was thinking, is there a way to "fake" it being ripe if you don't have a couple days to mate it with a banana? can it be roasted or baked or...???

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