Quick, Easy and Delicious - what can you add?

You're right - "all natural" doesn't mean healthy. But if you love ravioli - which I do - this is the way to go. Its all-natural - meaning there are no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Plus its GMO free.

I love Rosetto Steam n Eat for that reason - and for the fact that its quick, easy and delicious.

Quick, Easy and Delicious - what can you add?

Ok - I am always looking for quick, easy, healthy and delicious meals - so I would like to start the "talk" rolling. I just tried Rosetto Steam n Eat ravioli and its great. Super quick (6 minutes), very healthy (its all natural), super easy (steams in the bag in the microwave) and very tasty. In a pinch I just toss it with a gourmet jar sauce - but I have also used it with my own sauce. Ravioli steams - so its has a super taste and texture.

Ok - thats my contribution - your turn....

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