• Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Vegetarian: Spicy Rice Noodle Salad with Cabbage and Tofu

Will lemon juice work instead of lime? I can't find limes where I live (for real).

We Try Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda

My grandparents ALWAYS had this at their house when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories!

Do You Do "Big Breakfasts"?

I would rather have a big breakfast than a big lunch OR dinner. I love breakfast. Trying to recall my biggest breakfast, but it's hard to say. This is embarrassing, but I tear it up in Cracker Barrel or Waffle House whenever I travel down south. I never got enough biscuits in NY!

Where to Get Congee in Chinatown, NYC

I highly recommend Bonjuk in Flushing on Northern Blvd.

Maple-, Pecan-, and Bacon-Stuffed French Toast

Is it only 3/4 cup of pecans or is it 3/4 cup x 2 of pecans? It appears in the recipe twice. I assuming only 3/4 cup but just checking :).

A Pizza My Mind: On Pizza-Like Objects

Pizza borekas - weird but sometimes enjoyable. You never know if you're going to get just sauce and cheese, or sauce and cheese and oregano, or maybe even an olive or two in there.

Cleaning a stainless steel kettle

After a little vinegar soak, the deposits came right off! Perfect!

Cleaning a stainless steel kettle

I was thinking vinegar or lemon! I'm in Israel so the water is really minerally. That makes sense. I'm sure the smell will be horrid but at least I'll have a clean pot!

Wish I could find barkeeper's friend or CLR or Comet. I haven't seen any of that here yet. I used to use Barkeeper's Friend all the time. Maybe they sell it here but I haven't found it.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Breakfast at the Airport: The Good and The Bad

Oh yeah, I forgot bananas. When all other options look awful, I go for a banana.

Breakfast at the Airport: The Good and The Bad

Dude. The breakfast options at LaGuardia are the WORST. Whenever I flew out of there (used to do it a lot) I either brought breakfast with me or got a bagel and hard boiled eggs from Au Bon Pain. That and a little cream cheese was not great but doable.

Worst airport food was a ham sandwich from the airport San Jose in Costa Rica. Just tasteless and awful. Best? Definitely a huge Jerusalem salad from Aroma cafe in Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. Fresh salad, fresh bread on the side - delicious.

Snapshots from Israel: Jaffa Port Market

If any SEaters come to Israel, let me know! I just moved here alone and would love to go food exploring. I'm in Tel Aviv, and haven't been to this market yet. I'll check it out this week!

Cereal Eats: Kashi's Seasonal Flavors

Autumn Wheat = one of my absolute favorite Kashi cereals! I can eat it plain. Yum.

Market Tours: Schwartz's Kosher Supermarket in Williamsburg

I actually love parve kishke. Yum!

Dishes you eat when sick

Another vote for savory rice porridge. Spicy kimchee and octopus jook is my go-to. Chicken soup, too.

Also, I make a drink with cinnamon sticks, ginger, and honey. Just simmer the cinnamon and ginger (sliced), strain, and add honey. It's fantastic hot or cold.

Maybe you can make tortilla soup with your broth?

Feel better!

Food Artisans: Monks Meats

I should be getting my first order delivered tomorrow. Hoping it's delicious!

Moving - what to take (the BARE essentials)?

Israel has different voltage, so I'll be buying any appliances I need there.

Moving - what to take (the BARE essentials)?

BTW Kenji - The other thing I was considering bringing is my Calphalon 10" covered omelette pan, which I see is on the list! That pan is too nice to leave behind.

Moving - what to take (the BARE essentials)?

Thanks for the comments! I am moving to Israel, so I know I'll be able to buy things pretty easily.

Traveller - True that baking sheets there are smaller, but so are the ovens. I won't be doing much baking at first (no oven), so I'll probable wait on that.

Littauer - That heat diffuser looks interesting!

Dashofginger - I was also thinking about taking my small colander. And my tongs. Can't go without either of those!

Kenji - I have had that list bookmarked for just this reason!

Mr. Nick - When I visited Israel last time, the only cutting board available in the apartment I rented was glass. Ugh. Awful.

So...I'm thinking a good knife or two, small mesh strainer, tongs, measuring spoons/cups, cutting board, and maybe a scale.

Keep the suggestions coming!

A Taste of the Menu at 'Pork Slope,' Dale Talde's New Park Slope Bar

I'd go on a date with Talde. No shit.

Cookie Monster: Campfire Cookies

There is a bakery near me that makes cookies with marshmallows. They do spread but the end result is nice and crunchy.

The 25 Best Things I Ate in Israel

I am moving to Israel soon and I CAN'T WAIT! Going to be living close to Carmel shuk. Heaven!

Have You Tried Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks?

Love these! And yes, gargupie they do sell them at Whole Foods. I get mine at EF Bowery. They have them in the refrigerated drink section.

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Strawberry Liqueur

This is awesome. I love Fragoli, and I will definitely be making this!

Korean Rice Cakes (Dok Boki)

I have made this several times and it never fails me. Delicious.

We Try All the Apple Juices From Red Jacket Juice

I actually love the strawberry juice!

Help me find great Chinese-style jerky (online) - please!

I moved from NY to the Israel, and a friend is coming to visit. While I would love her to go to Chinatown and pick up some tasty tasty jerky to bring, I don't want to ask her to go out of her way.

Is there a website that anyone can recommend for me to order and have jerky delivered to her house so she can bring it here?

I know this may sound like a crazy request but 1- I haven't found jerky here and 2-several friends here have requested it.

Any suggestions for other NY things I should ask her to bring? Bagels are already on the list haha.

Cleaning a stainless steel kettle

I inherited a stainless steel instant water boiler kettle thing from the previous tenant (yay!). However, he left a small amount of water in there for God only knows how long (at least two months), and there's a mystery white substance on the bottom of the pot. I scrubbed and soaked with dish soap but can't seem to get it all off. Any tips for cleaning stainless steel? I would love to avoid having to buy a water boiler if I can.


Moving - what to take (the BARE essentials)?

I'm moving overseas and have very limited space to take things with me. I'm only taking a few suitcases and not shipping anything (too expensive!).

I'll be able to buy things when I move, but I have a pretty well stocked kitchen here at home. My question is:

What are the absolute basics/necessities you would bring? A favorite knife? specific pan?

I should note that I will only have a hot plate to start off and most likely a small toaster oven. Eek.

Can I freeze homemade almond milk?

It's a pain in the butt to make just enough almond milk for a few days at a time. I would like to make a big batch and freeze some. Has anyone done this? Will it get funky when I defrost?


What do you leave OUT of the fridge? Food safety

Lately I have been making enough rice for a couple of days and just leaving it on the stove, covered. Whatever isn't eaten in about 36/48 hours gets tossed or used in another dish. I hate refrigerating rice unless I'm using it for fried rice. So far I haven't died a horrible death or gotten sick.

I made rice with beans today and I'm wondering if I should refrigerate it, since it involves more than just plain rice + water. The rice just finished cooking (midnight), and it will be eaten in about 8 hours for breakfast. What do you think?

What foods do you hate refrigerating?

How many tortillas per person?

I'm having a party and making tacos - probably carnitas, barbacoa, and chicken. It will be buffet style. How many tortillas should I figure per person? I definitely don't want to come up short. I was thinking 4 each. Thoughts?

If it makes a difference, in addition to the tacos there will be rice and beans and other side dishes.

Tri tip steak ideas?

I rarely (almost never) cook steak at home. The times I have, I haven't been very creative. I love to cook and I usually do pretty well in the kitchen, but steak isn't something I'm good at.

Craving beef, I bought a tri tip steak today. What should I do with it? I have a pretty well stocked fridge/pantry as far as spices and condiments go.


Chickpea, Coconut, and Cashew Curry

When I'm saying to myself, "What would my wife want for dinner?," the answer, more often than not, is chickpeas. And I'm not talking fancy, soaked overnight, simmered in flavorful liquid, carefully cooked chickpeas; I'm talking chickpeas drained out of a can and used as the base for a quick dish. This 30-minute curry is intense with garam masala and ginger, cooled by coconut milk and ground toasted cashews. More

White Chocolate Walnut Butter

Untoasted walnuts have a creaminess that works especially well in this nut butter. Sweet white chocolate, hints of vanilla and cinnamon, and just a bit fleur de sel make for a spread that is worthy of a special occasion. More

Spicy Crab Dip

For my rendition of a traditional Maryland crab dip, I was actually inspired by the fiery Southeast Asian dish of Chili Crab, wherein fresh whole crabs are bathed and cooked in a spicy sauce of chiles and aromatics. The final dip is a Baltimore by way of Singapore concoction that is spicy and creamy with that "of the sea" flavor provided by the crab meat—a combination of flavors that will surely benefit any carrot stick, cracker, or chip. More

3 Delicious Alcohol-Free Citrus Drinks to Make at Home

I was well into my twenties before I first saw citrus growing on a tree. But even under fluorescent grocery store lights, blood oranges, grapefruits, and Meyer lemons seem like small miracles, coming into season just as we're deep enough into winter that we start believing that nothing will ever come into season again. These 3 booze-free drink recipes are a great excuse to treat yourself to some bright, fresh citrus. More

Marc Vetri's Rigatoni with Chicken Livers, Cipollini Onions, and Sage

If you're one of those fine folks who just can't get enough liver, we have just the recipe for your. In this recipe for Rigatoni with Chicken Livers, Cipollini Onions, and Sage from Marc Vetri's Rustic Italian Food, a lush ragu is made with minced chicken livers, sweet melted onions, and leaves of sage. Loosened with butter and a splash of starchy pasta cooking water, the ragu coats the rigatoni in a way that's rich and wholly satisfying. More

Sam Sifton's Creamed Onions

Nothing screams fancy dinner quite like a bowl of pearl onions. The small orbs of sweetness signal vast amounts of prep time and tears on the part of the cook. But don't let the extra work steer you away from Sam Sifton's recipe for Creamed Onions. These morsels are easy to peel once par-boiled and shocked, then are coated in the most luscious of cream sauces. A smattering of bacon adds even more richness as well as smoky flavor, and a bright finish of herbaceous parsley, cayenne, and black pepper balance the sauce. More

Crispy Deep-Fried Chicken Livers

A quick flash in hot oil not only renders a crispy shell around the organ meat, but the livers are cooked just enough to yield a tender, slightly pink, creamy interior. Dipped in hot sauce, these crunchy and earthy livers are like a more flavorful and exciting version of chicken nuggets. More

Peanut Butter Cup Pie

This pie is every peanut butter and chocolate lover's dream. A crumbly, chocolate cookie crust cradles smooth and dense peanut butter filling, which is covered with a generous layer of dark chocolate ganache. It's an adult version of the candy classic, and big enough to treat lots of friends. More