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Traif is Truth!!

There's really a restaurant called Traif? That's so funny!

seeking an old-fashioned candy

Just received the mints that I ordered on Monday from Oliver's. They are in perfect condition and fresh and delicious and totally awesome!

seeking an old-fashioned candy

Now you tell me! I see that Sanborns has them a bit cheaper than Oliver's, and they have cinnamon! Oh well, maybe next time. It's good to know that they still exist!
And thanks for the tip about and the candy recipe book -- maybe one of these days I'll try it.

seeking an old-fashioned candy

Yay! I just ordered two boxes from Oliver's. Thank you guys!

seeking an old-fashioned candy

Traveller, I think you're thinking of Deitrich's, on Evans right near D.U. That's where I used to get them, but they don't make them any more. In fact, they claim they haven't made them for twenty years, although I'm pretty sure I've bought them there more recently than that.
Morgancain, you've got a good idea -- they're probably just basically hardened icing, they can't be too hard to make. I think I'll investigate that. I wonder if there's a special ridged metal or plastic surface for making them. (I think the ridges are important!)

Thanks, everybody! For what it's worth, I have posted this question an a couple of other boards and never got any replies. You guys are great!

seeking an old-fashioned candy

Okay, how many people used to eat them one ridge at a time? I did -- or at least tried to!

seeking an old-fashioned candy

You're right! Vermont Country Store has them. After I saw (in their catalogue) that they used to be called "Merrimints," I googled that and found a place called Oliver's Candies that also sells them online, probably cheaper than Vermont Country Store. I say "probably" because Oliver's website doesn't tell the weight of the box they sell - I've e-mailed them to ask, and also to ask if i can get a slightly different assortment rather than equal amounts of four flavors (I happen to love wintergreen and hate hate hate spearmint.) Oliver's even has them half-dipped in dark chocolate. (The Denver store that used to make them had some with dark chocolate sandwiched in between two mints. Yum.)
Cybele, I found your review of the ones at Daffin's, but couldn't find them to order on their website.
If anyone was pretty sure Ecomony Candy had them, I'd wait until I get there in June -- but since Cybele hasn't seen them there I may just go ahead and order them from Oliver's or VCS. Thank you all so much!

Transporting bagels to San Francisco

Just be sure they're cool before you put them in the Zip-lock bag!! If they go warm into plastic the moisture condenses and they'll get soggy, like the Fed-Exed ones described above.


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