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Lamb shortage?

Thanks, may take a trip into the city then. I've been to Caputo's, Michael's, Bobak's and Brookhaven - but all have gone up in price or have minimal selection.

@duncan - farmers market in the Chgo area?

Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Baked sweet potatoes for a bit of variety. Add some salt & butter, easy on the gums and good for the soul. Baked regular potatoes, also instead of mashed.

Scrambled eggs.

Stay away from grains - rice, oats, etc. gets caught in the holes.

I had all 4 removed a few years ago. Realistically, the first few days are the worst. If you are patient and cut up food small - like burgers - no bread, no lettuce, or pureed soup, you'll be fine. Chew with the front teeth.

The Nasty Bits: How to Make Chicharrones

Crazy question - the use of baking soda - did you do the same for the whole roast pig? Or is this best when frying?

Thanks for the recipe, will be trying it.

Dining choices in Grand Cayman

thanks @Ayeeat and @cb1414 conch is right up there, glad to know there are beach shacks - those are always the best.

Planning on Blue from Eric Ripert as my high end splurge. Otherwise want to keep my feet in the sand.

Cook the Book: The Gloriously Gluten-Free Cookbook

Pecan cookies - pecans, eggs, brown sugar and GF flour. Crispy, rich, moist! Everyone loves them and no one can tell that they are gluten-free.

What to do with a LOT of rum?

Rum (assume it is the dark) and pineapple juice or orange juice, add some brown sugar and kosher salt. Throw in chicken or pork. Marinate overnight. Remove protein next day. Boil marinade, add garlic and whatever herbs you enjoy and use it to baste protein when grilling or roasting. Enjoy.

Chicago restaurant recommendations.

You can try Riva on Navy PIer - great view. That's a Phil Stefani place, he has a couple around the city

Mon Ami Gabi and Brasserie Jo are short cab rides with great French bistro food and Wildfire for steaks and seafood or Joe's Stone Crab also work

Another option is to do a lake cruise with drinks/dinner. In September that is still a good time.

Recommendations in Kissimmee, Florida?

Rice Paper for Vietnamese - on Turkey Lake, north of Sand Lake. Incredibly good and in-expensive.

48 Hours in Chicago!

Stop at NoMi for a cocktail - great view overlooking Michigan Ave - have a super lunch deal - $25 for 3 courses.

Spoon Thai on Rush is a little spit of a place but cheap and very good - mix of Thai and Vietnamese.

I also recommend the Publican - order anything pork.

What should be open by then is the Purple Pig - a Jimmy Bannos place, no review yet but sounds like a need to try.

Don't hesitate to go to Greek Town - Santorini for seafood, Greek Islands for all around options (lamb is great). Both are easy on the budget.

Orlando, FL dining

Thanks all. Just finishing my time in Orlando. 2 places of note for anyone willing to get away from disney and the chain o'restaurants.

Rice Paper: Turkey Lake Road and Sand Lake - in a strip mall. Decor is minimal but the food is great and at a good price. Vietnamese fusion cuisine cooked to order by an older Vietnamese gentleman - he actually delivers each plate! Great selection - had crisp cornish hen, husband had hanoi noodles - rice noodles saute'd with chicken , shrimp and veggies.

Have been to Le Coq Au Vin a few times - always plan a trip there when I am here. Family run French/creole bistro. Great ambiance and exceptional food.

A local said Backwater BBQ - next door to Le Coq is really good, but has limited hours. Looks like a standing room only kind of place - aromas are pretty awesome. On my list for next time.

Foodie spots in Las Vegas?

Todd's Unique Dining - Henderson. in a strip mall, but fantastic. Use lots of local ingredients, great service. Fun atmosphere.

Visiting Chicago

Hope not too late - but try Oysy for Sushi - on Grand & State.
Riva or its cafe on Navy Pier for seafood / burgers, etc.
Hop a cab to Greek town - (only a few minutes - ~$7-10) - Greek Islands or Santorini are staples.
Hub 51 is relatively new and close by on Hubbard - casual but good all around fare, your 17 year old will like it.
If time, do the original Billy Goat on lower wacker @ Michigan. Cheeseburgers.

I just CAN't do it!

had to comment:
My father loves tamales in a can/jar - ugh!
My husband loves the snausages in a can - double ugh!
My sister-in-law loves asparagus in a can - triple ugh!

I can do mushrooms, tomatoes and peas. But do so rarely.

Cook the Book: Easy Gluten-Free Baking

When I was a little kid, my grandmother made these wonderful cherry and apple strudels - so flakey, loaded with fruit and a tantalizing golden color, with a drizzle of sugar.

Now that I'm gluten intolerant - my homemade brazilian cheese bread - hot out of the oven. They are soft, chewy, slightly salty and pleasantly cheesey.

I love _____ but I'm allergic to it!

I had a doctor tell me that people often crave what they are allergic to. From the posts here, seems not far off.

why are so many people wheat (gluten) sensitive?

I've been gluten-free for over 15 years, before it was a "fad". I've gone through all the appropriate tests and I can tell you, prior to, I was always sick. My problem is more respiratory and associated to wheat. I can tolerate some in my diet but if I push myself, I'm down for the count.
Its great that there is recognition as it makes life easier, not only eating, but from the odd stares, laughs and misconceptions when I first divulged my sickness to others.

It is a hard diet and one I wish I didn't have to deal with.

Gluten Free Cake Substitution?

I am on a gluten-free diet and do alot of baking. I've had great results with Pamela's baking and pancake mix. You can find it at Whole Foods, Health food stores and some groceries. My family can't tell the difference. Use it measure for measure with flour.

homemade deep fried shrimp heads

Sushi restaurants serve "sweet shrimp". This is the raw shrimp tail served sashimi style and the fried heads. Both are very good. The heads - if done right - are crunchy yet moist with a touch of saltiness. Guess I know where I'm going for dinner tonight.


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