37, foodie

  • Location: Worcester, MA
  • Favorite foods: Thai food, Anything eggs, Tacos & Mexicana, NACHOS
  • Last bite on earth: Fenway Frank with Sriracha sauce

Food Adventures For Your Long Weekend

Nothing in Boston! Weak!

A Fond Farewell To Google Reader

You should check out newsblur. Once I started using it, I wondered why I had been using google reader.

A Sandwich a Day: Turkey Melt at the Italian Food Center

That sandwich looks and sounds so good!

What do you top your burgers with?

Raw red or white onion, and sriracha!

Do You Ever Have a Completely Random Food Craving?

Was thinking about this since I posted, and have since gotten a craving and fulfilled said craving. I like Lays Potato Chips (regular not ruffles) dipped in French's yellow mustard.

Do You Ever Have a Completely Random Food Craving?

When I worked in CT, I used to get spicy basil fried rice at a local Thai restaurant. Every vegetable in it was fresh, and it was delightfully spicy. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything like it in the year since I've left CT.

Favorite Kitchen/Food Smell...

Hamburgers and hot dogs on a charcoal grille.

Do you have an acquired taste?

I'm trying to acquire a taste for both beer and coffee. As a late-30s adult, I still only really drink diet soda, pretty much at all times of the day. There are times I wish I could drink a beer or have a coffee, but neither is something that I truly enjoy.

Cook the Book: 'Ultimate Nachos'

When I was in Junior High in the 80s, before ubiquitous nacho chips in the chip aisle, I would buy the Tio Sancho box of nacho chips and salsa from the International Aisle and shredded cheese and make my own. I always felt so cultured. Now it seems too easy! So, my favorite nacho style is Jr High Style. Anyone else remember doing that?

"How I eat"

I'd love to see a feature similar to the "how I work" series that does. Maybe it could feature a variety of popular celebrities, food industries personnel, or even food brands. It could feature something like, what one thing can you cook better than most and include a recipe. Just a thought, I love the site!

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