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  • Location: Worcester, MA
  • Favorite foods: Thai food, Anything eggs, Tacos & Mexicana, NACHOS
  • Last bite on earth: Fenway Frank with Sriracha sauce

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A Fond Farewell To Google Reader

You should check out newsblur. Once I started using it, I wondered why I had been using google reader.

Do You Ever Have a Completely Random Food Craving?

Was thinking about this since I posted, and have since gotten a craving and fulfilled said craving. I like Lays Potato Chips (regular not ruffles) dipped in French's yellow mustard.

Do You Ever Have a Completely Random Food Craving?

When I worked in CT, I used to get spicy basil fried rice at a local Thai restaurant. Every vegetable in it was fresh, and it was delightfully spicy. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything like it in the year since I've left CT.

Favorite Kitchen/Food Smell...

Hamburgers and hot dogs on a charcoal grille.

Do you have an acquired taste?

I'm trying to acquire a taste for both beer and coffee. As a late-30s adult, I still only really drink diet soda, pretty much at all times of the day. There are times I wish I could drink a beer or have a coffee, but neither is something that I truly enjoy.

Cook the Book: 'Ultimate Nachos'

When I was in Junior High in the 80s, before ubiquitous nacho chips in the chip aisle, I would buy the Tio Sancho box of nacho chips and salsa from the International Aisle and shredded cheese and make my own. I always felt so cultured. Now it seems too easy! So, my favorite nacho style is Jr High Style. Anyone else remember doing that?


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