Me loves all food, especially cheap food.

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  • Location: Silver Spring, MD
  • Favorite foods: I love stuff with lots 'o spices.
  • Last bite on earth: My mom's enchilada pie--layers of tortillas, gooey California cheddar, fresh salsa, tons of cilantro, black beans--baked to perfection.

Graham Cracker Bites From 'Mother Daughter Dishes'

Mine came out really soft. Is the Graham cracker mix supposed to stay pretty soft?

Win a Copy of 'Mother Daughter Dishes: Reinventing Loved Classics'

My family loves to make berry crumbles during the summer. We pick berries at local farms and bake them with a cinnamon butter crumb topping. They're delish topped with ginger ice cream.

Easy cherry themed cocktail?

Great ideas! Thanks!

We Tried Everything at Chipotle's New ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in D.C.

I agree--portions were tiny compared to Chipotle. Delicious, but too pricey for the size.

Best baking/pizza stone?

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'll check that out @boobird!

Heavy appetizers?

Thanks to all!! Great suggestions!!!!

Cheap/creative party food ideas?

Any tips on reasonably priced MUST EAT HERE joints on CA coast

Deep fried artichokes along highway 1 north of Monterey. Soooo goood!
Giant Artichoke Restaurant
11261 Merritt St
Castroville, CA 95012

Food Network Shows

I like Jose Andres's Made in Spain on PBS.
And, Top Chef Masters.

Weird food quirks?

Man, these are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!!

Weird food quirks?

@AnnieNT, Oh, don't mean food preferences, but weird habits--weird things you do with your food. Like I eat yogurt with the spoon upside down--don't know why...

A brief history of the one-word restaurant name

I think they're trying to sound like hip lounges that often have one-word names?

Road Trip Snacks to Pack

Laughing Cow individual cheeses don't need to be refrigerated. Great for dairy lovers. Trader Joe's makes all different types of trail mixes and dried fruit mixes. I'm a personal fan of bringing some yum sourdough bread to nosh on--who cares about the crumbs--you can wipe it out at a pit stop.

Worst Sandwich You've Ever Had

"Hillel sandwich" during a seder -- made up of matza and bitter herbs. Am I going to hell? I'm not Jewish...

Best baking/pizza stone?

Hi everyone,
I've recently had two pizza stones crack on me, even though I follow the instructions of keeping them under 500 degrees. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great pizza/baking stone that can withstand 475 degree temps and the occasional bread loaf mist of water?

Heavy appetizers?

I'm part of a rotating "heavy appetizer/cocktails" party in my building. Can someone explain what a heavy appetizer is as opposed to a regular appetizer? Any suggestions for good ones?

Cheap/creative party food ideas?

I'm having a cocktail party for about 18 people, and I'm trying to do it on a budget. I'm having wine and beer, and I need ideas for good/cheap foods to serve besides the basic/not creative chips 'n dip.

Weird food quirks?

My friends make fun of me for eating all the chocolate off of Reece's peanut butter cups, or putting an obscene amount of olive brine in my martinis... Anyone else care to share their weird food habits?

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