27 years old and trying to find direction in NYC. I work for a real estate magazine during the day and destroy my kitchen at night.

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We Made the Portal Cake: No Lie, It's Delicious

Noooo, you totally got me. And I was so looking forward to making it! :D

Smoky and Spicy Chicken Tinga Is the Ultimate One-Pot Taco Filling

I hate to be that person, but I have to ask: my family, god love them, are occasionally wimps about heat. Is it possible to leave out the chipotles, or should I just not bother making this (gorgeous) dish? Or! Could I just add them at the beginning, like you started to before you changed your mind?

The Comfort Food Diaries: Love Stinks

LOVE. I love it! I was in charge of the cheese plate at Thanksgiving; I kept it simple for everyone else, but you can bet your butt there was a round of Époisses for myself and my cheese-loving aunt to dig into. Our family's faces when they smelled it were priceless – but I think we may have converted one or two with endless rounds of "just try it!"

Now I need to hit up Murray's this weekend.

The Best Way to Cook Frozen Dumplings

OKAY SO. I bought a couple of bags of TJ's frozen veg dumplings when I gave up meat for Lent as an alternative to pasta for quick dinners. The directions on the back of the bags are nearly identical to Kenji's steam-fry directions, and yet I have yet to make them without scalding myself with splattering oil at the "add water" step. (The last time there may have been a flareup.) I swear, I'm not a total kitchen-incompetent, so what am I doing wrong? The microwave-then-fry is working in the interim, but I'd much rather learn to do it properly.

The Secret to Great Coq au Vin? Lose the Coq

I received "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" for Christmas this year, and the first thing I tried (perhaps over-ambitiously) was the coq au vin. It was HARD. There were a million steps, and honestly, no one was impressed with the outcome. I found your interpretation fascinating, because not only is it perfectly streamlined, you seem to have solved all of the problems I had, haha. I'm definitely going to have to try again!

The Vegan Experience: How to Make a Rich and Creamy Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Kenji, are you peeking at my Instagram? ;) I was just having a conversation with my vegan cousin about how to make my mom's potato-leek soup vegan, given that it starts with butter and ends with cream. This looks amazing. I have to go share it with her right now.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Based on the response here and on Instagram, I'm in a minority of one, but I love the eggs. I think it perfectly encapsulates the scientific methodology of the Food Lab. So, everyone's various points are great, but this one future reader is fully on board with the life cycle of a boiled egg. :)

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 4

@Rosewood & @timoreilly, me too! This is my fourth year. I usually end up a little more vegetarian than full vegan, but it's become one of my favorite times of the year (oops?). Actually, now that I came across this today, I might even start early this year and do the whole month, plus Lent, with Kenji.

The Food Lab: How to Make Pull-Apart Stuffing-Flavored Rolls

So, let's say I'm celebrating a smaller Thanksgiving the weekend before the actual holiday and would like to bring these ridiculous(ly delicious-looking) rolls with me. I'll be on a bus to Boston for roughly 4 hours after working a full day, meaning that the time between packing them up and getting them into a fridge or oven would be roughly 24 hours. How far in the process can/should I go? Should I complete them and try to stick the tray in the mini-fridge at work? Should I get as far as proofing them, freeze them overnight, and hope they don't defrost during the next day? (Should I suck it up and just ask my sister to stockpile the ingredients for making them at her place? ;) )

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

Oreo truffles. Kenji's ten-minute Ritz cracker key lime tart. Or, most often, royal icing decorated sugar cookies (usually themed!).

Win a Copy of 'The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook'

Passed down to me? My grandmother's tomato sauce. That I'd like to pass down? Ratatouille.

Fun With Chocolate: How to Make a Cornet (Paper Cone) for Cake Decorating

Niki, I think you just became my favorite. :)

I have the whole piping bag-coupler-tips setup going, because I decorate sugar cookies with royal icing all the time, but it can be a pest to use with melted chocolate. I've tried making parchment cones in the past, but they never seemed to hold up (although I'm pretty sure I wasn't making them correctly). This is the clearest tutorial I've seen for them yet. Can't wait to get home and try it this way!

Robyn Lee Is Leaving Serious Eats a Mere 7 1/2 Years After She Got Here

Best of luck, Robyn! I remember meeting you at a Dorie Greenspan book signing a few years ago – you were so nice to me even though I was incredibly awkward once I realized who you were, hah. We'll miss you!

Cook the Book: 'The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone' by Deborah Madison

Couscous. With anything. As long as I have couscous, I'm a happy camper.

Slice Your Cake and Stack It, Too, With the Zenker Cake Slicing Kit

@BeavisPeters, seriously, there's no need to be so nasty. I'm with @mcwolfe – I bake a lot and so far have had moderate success with a long knife or floss/thread, but I was given one of these as a gift and I am SO excited to use it. (So were the handful of aunts and cousins - and my dad! - who have already asked to borrow it.) Cutting layers in half is one thing, but cutting multiple thin layers like you can with this is something else entirely.

Show and Tell: Cookie Cutters

@theotherworldly Thanks! Reactions are always kind of mixed on them, hah. One of my sisters thinks they're thoroughly creepy and the other one loves them. I think they're hilarious.

Ask the Critic: What Are New York's Cozy Winter Hideaways?

Donovan's! I had my college graduation party there. Seriously, it's such a great place.

Show Us Your Best Cookie Cutters!

@coppertone24 I HAVE THOOOOOSEEEE :D

Now I just have to remember to send in a photo! I

@Desert Dryad – I've found that if I *really* need sugar cookies to hold their shape, I just omit the baking powder. They sometimes come out a little crunchier, but they taste the same.

Win Two Tickets to Choice Eats, March 25th

Oh, Dirt Candy, definitely. I've been dying to try it out.

Taste Test: Is Better Vanilla Extract Worth the Price?

Argh. I just paid through the nose for the real thing because I ran out just in time to start Christmas cookies and I was CONVINCED the real stuff tasted better. (Almost asked for Nielsen-Massey for Christmas, too, hah.) Like others have said, it'll be hard to not reach for real over imitation, but good to know I'm not missing out by using McCormick's.

Leftovers: Eataly's Nutella Bar, Waffle House, Turnips in Space, and More

Gawker learned who @TipsforJesus is! Or, at least, who they believe it is. The guy hasn't confirmed it himself, though. Revealed: A PayPal Mafioso Is Behind "Tips For Jesus" Giving Spree.

Behind the Coffee Drink: The Flat White

I had a little giggle at how one misplaced tag made everyone's comments in italics. More on topic, though, I've always wondered about this – now I have to try to find one near my office!

Show and Tell: Your Favorite Novelty Mug

Argh, I completely forgot to send in my photo! I love love love my TARDIS mug – heat-changing mugs are so much fun :)