Which are the Best Inexpensive Mandoline Slicers?

Timely article, as I am planning on buying a mandoline this weekend! One of my concerns is regarding the prongs on the safety grip - how often do those prongs hit the blade while you're slicing?

Win Tickets to Plate by Plate, October 14th

Blue Smoke! was tempted by Danji, tho...

trip to Montauk

Thanks for all the recs! Think I'll try either Duryea's or Westlake for lunch and either South Edison or Navy Beach for dinner...

Though it now looks like I'll have to wait for another weekend to head out there.

recommendations in Sunnyside, Queens

wow, SunnysideUp, that is a VERY impressive list. Thanks for your help! I've also tried Natural Tofu and loved it; definitely preferable to BCD on 32nd street in Manhattan.

Flushing: A Clearly Unconventional Path to Pork Belly at Han Joo

Looks like aa1158 beat me to it -- I would definitely recommend looking into Hahm Ji Bach in Flushing/Murray Hill. They provide daikon disc wrappers and toasted bean powder with their meats, and this combo is definitely an food experience to check out.

Flushing: A Clearly Unconventional Path to Pork Belly at Han Joo

chris, how do you choose the spots to check out? I'd like to recommend a restaurant in Murray Hill...

The $449 SousVide Supreme: Worth It?

I know I'm late to the game, here, but can you provide a recipe for the "Olive Oil-Poached Salmon with Tarragon-Grapefruit Vinaigrette" you have in the slideshow (specifically that delicious-looking vinaigrette)?

Grilled chicken wings?

I live in midtown manhattan and don't have a grill. I've tried cooking in an oven, but it's just not the same.

nesea - next time I'm near a grill, I'm definitely trying that recipe.

BYOB @ Tanoshi

heading to Tanoshi soon! I've never actually been to a spot that does BYOB for sashimi/sushi... any advice on what to bring?

I'm fine with sake, but interested in beer or wine suggestions, as well. (specific suggestions welcome!)


trip to Montauk

Heading out to Montauk this weekend for a day trip. Any recommendations for food / fun / sight-seeing?

Notable lunch spots on the way out there (driving) and dinner recommendations in the Montauk area would be nice. As would any must-visit destinations (aside from the lighthouse).


recommendations in Sunnyside, Queens

I'm moving out to Sunnyside and wanted to hear any restaurant recommendations people may have in the neighborhood. I recently checked out Salt & Fat (loved it), so no need to suggest that one.

Open to anything, really. Thanks, in advance!

What restaurants in NY serve rice wraps for Korean BBQ?

Does anybody know of any Korean restaurants in the NY area that serve Korean BBQ (kalbi/short rib, specifically) with the thin, square dduk (rice cake) wraps? I believe it's referred to as "dduk bo ssam"?

I know any Korean BBQ joint will give you the lettuce to make little wraps, but very rarely do I find one that give the thin rice cake wraps.

Quick breakfast to go?

heading out to north fork long island this saturday morning and want to pick up a quick breakfast on the way out. could be a delicious sandwich or just some pastries/muffins. location isn't much of an issue, as i'll be driving. any good recommendations?


Blogwatch: Sichuan 'Popcorn' Chicken

Beijing-based blogger and cooking instructor Diana Kuan, of Appetite for China, shares her recipe for Sichuan favorite laji jiding. Chicken pieces are shallow-fried for some serious crunch, before being stir-fried in a pungent sauce containing—yikes—eight to ten dried chilis and a handful of Sichuan peppercorns. Diana describes the crispy, spicy chicken dish as a "more sophisticated version of kung pao chicken"; my cohort Tam calls it "a lip-numbing form of popcorn chicken." Kung pao popcorn chicken—how can you go wrong? (KFC, take note.)... More

Serious Eats City Guide: Chicago

We asked Michael Nagrant, our normal Chicago go-to guy, to handle this week's Serious Eats City Guide. From deep-dish pizza to the best taqueria and meatiest Eastern European butcher, Michael tells how a missionary of the delicious should visit Chicago. As always, chime in with agreement, or feel free to alert us to any Chicago eats we've overlooked. More