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My Pie Monday: Chive Blossoms, Potato Pizza, and More!

@Tipsykit: I just sweated a little finely minced onion and garlic in olive oil, added heavy cream and reduced slightly. I didn't measure anything but you need very little of it for a 12" pizza.

Your first pie looks great, btw. The Kenji fool proof pan pizza is all kinds of awesome.

My Pie Monday: Chive Blossoms, Potato Pizza, and More!

@ Adam: I've been experimenting with both. I have a hard time with my metal peel so the cold start is much easier for me. It is essentially Kenji's fool proof pan pizza on a flat pan.

My Pie Monday: Chive Blossoms, Potato Pizza, and More!

In regards to the "cold start". I've been preheating the oven to 500 with the rack as low as it goes. Make sure I have some oil under the crust and it fries up nice by the time the top is ready.

Squash Casserole from 'Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking'

I like to start the onion sautéing in a pan big enough to hold the squash. When the onion is about half done, pile the cut up squash on top, put a lid on it and let it steam a while. Take the lid off, stir it up and cook uncovered until most of the water is gone.

It's real good to eat just that way. Add some green beans, a sliced tomato and some cornbread you are good to go.

Enough, Paula! Nominations for our next Southern cooking star...

I like John Edge and the Lee brothers.

FN already has the Neely's, buried somewhere, I think. They kind of get on my nerves.

too much basil (Thai and sweet/Italian)

I have been reading this thread with interest because I planted a thai basil this year for the first time. So far have added some to a curry and to laab.

Have been growing sweet basil for many years and you must be brutal with it. Keep it pruned back. Even if some (or a lot) goes to waste.

Help! Incapable of thinking or decision making.

hamburgers, at home

You are welcome.

Pizza Hut Strikes Again, Unveiling 'Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas'

I would eat it. I don't cull much.

I wonder how many of the square Wendy's meat patties would fit on one rectangle?

The Burger Lab's Toppings Week 2013: Pepperoni Garlic Bread Burgers

My hamburger pizza is the most awesomest pie ever. Check mail for inbound slice next week.

NPR Tackles the Monstrosity of Wendy's 9-Patty T-Rex Burger

Don't get the appeal of this or any other sandwich stacked up that high. I would just eat the three triple burgers as they came.

Should I buy lodge cast iron pizza pan?

I like mine a lot. You could use it for lots of things other than pizza.

What's new around Savannah, GA...

Two fairly new places are A Lure and Local 11 ten. I've read good reviews about the former but have not been, the latter was very good on our one visit.

My Pie Monday: Squash Blossom Pizza, Potato Pie, and More!

@Dan, would appreciate some more details on the potato pie. I've got new potatoes in my garden now that I need to use up. Yours looks delicious.

Excellent Homestyle Cuban Cuisine at Jose's in Bradenton, FL

Wonder if you could get the piccadillo without the hardboiled egg? Looks like the kind of thing they would make a vat of first thing though.

We are going to be down there in the fall and will check this place out.

Tell me I can cook fried chicken?!?!

You do not need two inches of oil in your frying pan though. If it's 3/4-1" deep before you put the chicken in it will be plenty. Maybe less, if it comes half way up the chicken parts you are good to go.

Tell me I can cook fried chicken?!?!

The recipe above will work like a champ. As long as you don't walk away and forget about it, your house should be safe. Your stove will be greasy though.;

Open Thread: How Do You Say These Food Words?

Having lived in rural Georgia all my life, I put one or two more syllables in most of these than the rest of ya'll.

Braising Pork in Milk

Click the link; casserole at the bottom of the last picture, what is that?

Of Course Shopsins Makes Great Onion Rings

We used to eat at a place that did an onion loaf that looked exactly like the one in Jamie Feldmar's post. It was ridiculously good.


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