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Frozen fruits

when thawed frozen strawberries' texture turns to mush - they do not hold their firmness - I am afraid they will not photograph the same as fresh - if they are not completely thawed you might get away with a better shot.

Carmine and the Starbucks Controversy

are the vegans also eating organic veggies? They don't even want to know what bugs have been doing in their veggies

Looking for BBQ/Meixcan Rec's in Irvine/Dallas Area

ARG! The DFW Airport is NOTin the greatest location for food - tons of chains around there and nothing that great honestly. I did find a Railhead BBQ place "inside" the airport - go there! It's located at D18. The original Railhead is located in Fort Worth.

Sugar=The Devil?

edit : 4 dark chocolate dove pieces (the square ones) --- good grief

Sugar=The Devil?

Today I have had 36 ounces of coffee (each 18 ounces had 2 cream 2 sugar), had 6 pcs of red licorce, 6 M&Ms, 1 granola bar, 6 ounces of chocolate milk, 1 bite of brownie, and 4 dark chocolate dove bars. Personally, I feel great. I find when I eat "healthy" I feel less than great - because "healthy" for me usually means too much fiber in my diet (veggies, fruits, grains). Fiber doesn't like me.

Oh I also had a lot of water too :)

Joe Alternatives: A Cup of Hot Brown, Hold the Coffee

Every year I get a crazy idea to give up coffee - I always regret it and return to coffee

Super Bowl Help - need some creative suggestions....

mac n cheese? ok fancy mac n cheese....quesadillas (non spicey

Paleo Diet?

I have tried it several times - but I do not have any intolerances so I miss bread and pasta too much to continue long term

Challenge: Post Your Best Wing Recipe.

Jedd63's recipe is spot on but I do add some garlic to the sauce and leave out the blue cheese dressing and celery.

Foodisphere Erupts Over Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement

I honestly do not care what anyone is this whole world eats. Eat what you want, live how you want, be who you want. I will not judge you. If you get a disease from whatever you are eating and do not have health insurance - I'll still pay my taxes and you can still go to the county hospital.

Grains are bad for you!?!

gave up grain (among other things) for 2 weeks - lost 8 pounds. For me it isn't a sustainable way to live - for one I missed pasta and real bread.

cooking for ultra-healthy significant others.

You would have to ask my husband - when he has to deal with my food phases. Currently he is pretty happy as I am in my "I will eat what I want! phase. Good Luck!

menu help for a 4-day reunion

Salads! great filler for those in-betweens that are hard to fill, - lettuce based salads, pasta-based salads (minus weird white dressings LOL)

Have lots of pretzels, chips, salsas, dips, crackers handy too!

I like heddy's idea of tacos - create a "taco bar" with all the toppings you can think of and let everyone build their own

Best Thing I Ate Over July 4th Weekend

jalapenos stuffed with pineapple cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and dusted with cajun seasoning. Baked then broiled then perfect

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 169: At a Crossroads

workout and don't eat everything - taste of course and then stop.

Food log apps?

"food logs"are hard to come by in "appworld" but you can download the app "catch note" or use the standard issue notepad on any smartphone.

If you want calorie counts - lose it is good and free

Eat out or stay in and cook, which do you prefer?

fall/winter = cook and bake and eat in

spring/summer = eat in but I'm not cooking (BBQ, Central Market's chef's case, eat out, etc)

Chicken Juices Cross-Contamination, Fact or Hysteria?

I have had food poisoning - not fun. What if you stick the tongs in the fire? Wouldn't that kill the bad stuff? Then again - I don't eat alot of chicken anyway.

Attn. tea snobs: recommendations?

Try Adiago Teas (

or check is Tea Forte might have something...

Your food budget

it varies 120-140 a week - that is for 2 people and includes dry goods (soap,etc). it does not include dinners out.

Looks good,I wanna like it,keep trying it,but it never satisfies

the only thing I can really think of is cilantro and eggnog -- have attempted both many times - ICK!

Red Velvet virgin

I have made the below recipe entirely by hand without the assist of any mixers. It was very tasty