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Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

I love all pie but cherry is my least favorite.

Bake the Book: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Book of Pie

Pumpkin pie is the best!

Bake the Book: The Seasonal Baker

Bake the Book: 'People's Pops'

Highlights from the 2012 Sweets and Snacks Expo

Slide number 2 looks like the German version of Percy Pig. Percy Pig has his own mini empire of candy at M&S.

Bake the Book: 'The Sugar Cube'

Brownie Sundae from The Choc Star Van.

Bake the Book: 'Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts'

Chocolate brownies!

Bake the Book: 'CakeLove in the Morning'

Scoop the Book: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones from Bi-Rite Creamery

White Chocolate or Coconut

So You Miss Deep Fried McDonald's Apple Pies?

The UK is better than the US in this department! Fried pies all the way!

Bake the Book: 'Joy the Baker Cookbook'

Bake the Book: 'One Girl Cookies'

Macarons at Laduree!!

Bake the Book: Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I can't get this photo to pin properly on Pinterest. :(

Bake the Book: 'Entenmann's Big Book of Baking'

Bake the Book: 'Handheld Pies'

Mini Banana Cream Pies!

Bake the Book: 'The Butch Bakery Cookbook'

I made some manly maple and candied bacon cookie cups with maple mousse that were delicious!

Bake the Book: 'Sweet Auburn Desserts'

Red velvet cake for sure!

Bake the Book: 'Momofuku Milk Bar'

A bakery with nothing but fluffy cakes!

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