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Singapore-Style Soft-Cooked Eggs With Kaya Jam and Toast

...recipe is missing the cube of salted butter slabbed onto the kaya toast, at least done the traditional way. also, what bread did u use in the picture? thks


I made palak paneer with feta cubes. They hold their shape whee when cooked. They do have their own rich briny flavor compared to paneer which really is more cottage cheese in taste.

Warming up cold-brewed coffee

So i have some coffee powder sitting in the fridge right now. we'll see how it goes. at this point, i cant shell out even 10bucks for any coffee equipment, so no press, chemex, grinder, dripper etc.
if Anyone has any idea to brew hot coffee hacker style? Please, share!

Protein for Bodybuilding

Vital wheat gluten for seitan ; tvp/textured vegetable protein, milk, cottage cheese

Recipe pet peeves

Lack of pictures (don't believe that the author really did make the recipe without photo evidence); serving size( esp. Baking recipes tht do not specify pan size); ingredients listed in random order

oat nutrition: steel-cut, rolled or doesn't matter?

There are numerous studeies on the relationship bw oats and cholestrol, this one i linked here is a more recent study, they have the full study there in PDF .

Pretty sure your friend's claim is more of hearsay than science based.

oat nutrition: steel-cut, rolled or doesn't matter?

soluble fibre , which is present in oats, has shown to lower cholesterol( specifically LDL or low density lipoprotein cholesterol - the so called bad cholesterol; though i have my own reservations wrt to this). the type of soluble fibre is called beta-glucan.

steel cut oats may be more "whole" but that I have yet to see any studies have proven steel cut oats to be more nutritious. Maybe ask your friend where she derived her conclusion from.

The Vegetarian Agenda--How to Push It

Agree w dashofginger

There are many great vegetarian dishes, I even enjoy mock meat like seitan, but meat and seafood have a different texture, taste and mouthfeel that cannot be found in vegetarian only food.

Think about it the other way, have you ever had meat so delicious and good that it can convince you to give up all vegetables and be a carnivore ? No matter how freakin good that meat/fish dish was, I doubt it is good enough for one to say that they can permernantly not ever touch vegetables again.

Name Six Herbs/Spices

Chili powder
Sichuan peppercorns
Dried Lemon peels

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

yogurt/fromage blanc sauce base, fresh chilies, onions - all before hitting the oven.


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