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Kara Baskin

Kara Baskin

I'm a writer, editor, and dim sum addict.

I'm a writer and editor with an abiding passion for nachos, dim sum, egg rolls, tuna tartare, and lamb vindaloo. I am a regular contributor to The Boston Globe. I also write Boston.com's Restaurant Hub blog, among many other things. Until recently, I was the Boston editor of New York Magazine's Grub Street Boston site. I've also written for Slate, NPR, and The New York Times. I've had a lifelong crush on Mick Jagger, and I love "Murder, She Wrote."

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  • Location: Boston
  • Favorite foods: Clams with black bean sauce; movie theater nachos; lamb vindaloo.
  • Last bite on earth: Shrimp noodles from East Harbor in Brooklyn, NY.

5 Boston-Area Chinese Buffets That Are Actually Quite Tasty

A Chinese buffet isn't always the provenance of the drunk or the desperate. A good buffet can be a glorious smorgasbord once one locates the redemptive dish: a pert dumpling here, a hefty egg roll there. The key is to hone in on what the buffet does best and load your plate accordingly (and repeatedly). Here's a cheat sheet. More

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