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We enjoy challenging recipes, growing our own fresh ingredients on our farm, and playing old-time fiddle music (and dancing in the kitchen!)

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  • Favorite foods: Any kind of pasta, pretty much all vegetable dishes, pizza, and Asian cuisine.
  • Last bite on earth: pizza

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growing herbs... I'm torn!?!

We've been growing our own fresh herbs for about 15 years now. I would suggest (if you have room in your yard) beginning with some evergreen varieties that will last you for years, like Rosemary, Bay Leaf (nice compact trees), and Oregano. We add a little mushroom compost to the Oregano bed and hoe it in every year in the spring. Otherwise, not much work involved in these other than watering during dry spells. In pots you can also keep Thyme, Sage, and Marjoram going for many years. Then annually we start basil and parsley in the spring, and cilantro in the summer (we're in Florida, and seem to have trouble keep cilantro going once the weather turns warm). Those ought to get you started! You'll love being able to walk out your back door and pick your own herbs.


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