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In Defense of St. Louis-Style Pizza

I like all kinds of pizza, but this is the pizza of my childhood and I love it. I've never heard it called St Louis pizza though, it was just pizza king pizza. I grew up in a funeral home and on nights me and my brother were shut in the basement living quarters during calling hours, pizza king pizza was our treat (bribe) to keep us quiet. It's best extra crispy, put through the oven twice.

The Food Lab: This Creamy, Cheesy Brussels Sprouts Gratin Just Might Be the Side Dish of Your Dreams

Thank you! This exactly what I've been looking for.

Use Your Potato Masher To Break Up Ground Meat in the Skillet

elangomatt, the kind of masher you have is what I use to break up the meat. In my opinion it works better.

Use Your Potato Masher To Break Up Ground Meat in the Skillet

I've been doing this for twenty years. I started doing it when I had a toddler and didn't have time to stand at the stove and break up the meat into tiny pieces. I've found the square style potato masher works the best, the meat doesn't get stuck in the tiny holes the way it does with the traditional round smasher.

The Ultimate Comfort Food: Slow Cooker Sunday Gravy

My cousin married an Italian American man and her in-laws have this every Sunday, anyone who wants to drop by can help themselves. They use chicken thighs (I think, some kind of chicken anyway), slabs of pepperoni and a pork roast. I tried to duplicate it, but it came out a greasy mess. I'll try this recipe to see if I have better luck.

American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

In Indiana that would have been called goulash. I don't think my mom ever made it. I only ever had it at school and that was more than enough for me.

Baked Shells With Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce and Italian Sausage

Forgot to give my rating.

Baked Shells With Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce and Italian Sausage

I made this tonight for dinner. My husband is out of town so I halved the recipe. My sixteen year old daughter kept going behind my back, eating the sauce directly out of the pan with a spoon. Than she asked if she could lick the pan after I poured everything into the baking dish. And here I was afraid she wouldn't like it because of the peppers. It was pretty delicious.

Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain

Guess what I'm making when we go camping in October? I'm sure this could work in a dutch oven as well.

Puppy Chow: The Must-Try Chocolaty, Peanut Buttery Midwestern Snack

Try freezing them, you won't be able to stop eating.

The Real Reason Sugar Has No Place in Cornbread

scalfin, I was with you up until that last bit. It was unnecessary and what does it say about you and your own prejudices?

The Real Reason Sugar Has No Place in Cornbread

I like my cornbread on the sweet side and even better, I like my cornbread dosed in syrup.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Puff Pastry

My Grandmother had an iron clad rule, one should never talk politics, religion or frozen puff pastry at the dinning room table.

Any love for soggy fries?

Not me, but you'd get along with my daughter. She tears off the crispy ends and eats the middle part of the fry only.

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

Instead of granulated sugar, I use brown sugar in the batter.

Cucumber-Tequila Cooler

We drank cucumber margarita's all last summer. Seems so strange, but they're so refreshing. We add a little triple sec.

Manner Matters: Crack Open That Bottle

I get aggravated when I bring a really nice wine for my host and they open "my" wine for all to enjoy. It's a gift to them to enjoy later and I often come out and tell them so!! If I'm asked to bring wine that's another thing entirely. I'm often asked to bring wine on thanksgiving for all of us. I always leave the remaining unopened bottles for my dad to enjoy.

How Do You Make Crispy Bacon?

Fry it until the fire alarm goes off. It works every time.

Cook the Book: 'Nom Nom Paleo' by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

Vegetables and meat.

Vegan: Fried Green Plantains With Guacamole

Just had these for the first time in Puerto Rico and had to come home and try to make them. They are so ridiculously easy. I fried mine in canola oil.

Why I Took My European Boyfriend to a New Jersey Chinese Buffet

I thought this article was hilarious! I think it's interesting people say they overeat at buffets. I find I'm the exact opposite. To me, it seems eating such a variety of foods makes me feel full faster. One plate and I'm done.

Cold Weather Comfort Food

Soups have become my comfort food. My favorite is this beer cheddar soup from delish I also like a corn chowder with chili's from the Pioneer woman.

Poll: Beets on Pizza, Way or No Way?

I've only ever had pickled beets which I love, but on pizza?? I don't think so, but I don't know how they taste without pickling them.

Help me with my picky eater!

I think some people are super tasters, their taste buds are more sensitive. I would suggest starting off with bland dishes if you cook anything new. Don't over salt and go light on the pepper and other seasonings. Maybe try a chicken and rice casserole, basically build on the things she already eats.

Weekend Baking Project: Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie

I live in Indiana and never liked the pie, it's to sweet. However my step dad loves it and he normally doesn't like desserts. Go figure.

Is the big Green Egg really worth it?

Our neighbor has one. The man uses it at least 4 times a week, sometimes for both lunch and dinner. I like smoked food, but I think I'd get burned out after a while. He'd probably do it even more if he didn't travel so much.

My husband wants one so badly. For one thing, I'm the one who will end up having to come up with the recipes and figure out how to work it. I don't mind since I do all the grilling anyway, but these egg things start at 800.00! Is it really worth that kind of price? I was thinking about getting him one for Christmas, which will really be a present for myself.

The relative that should only be in charge of non edible items

My Aunt S isn't the best cook. Several years ago she brought a rolled pumpkin cake to thanksgiving. It was actually quite attractive and I felt bad that no one (having learned from experience) was eating it.

I don't eat dessert on thanksgiving, not a fan of pumpkin, but I decided to have a piece because it looked like she'd worked hard on the thing.. It was dry, maybe old tasting. As I was choking it down she said she had bought it off someone who had bought it off someone else. Who knows where it came from? Hopefully it wasn't sold out of the trunk of a car.

Have you been guilted into eating something you regretted or have a relative who should NOT cook?

Soup starter for thanksgiving. Yea or nay

I'm having eight people for thanksgiving. I want it to be a little different, maybe a few less side dishes then usual with more standouts.

I've kicked around the idea of serving soup as a first course, but I'm afraid everything else will cool off as we eat the soup...or should I let the guests eat the soup while I finish dishing up the main meal? How does everyone else do it or is it not worth the bother?

Save yourself from a real kitchen disaster!

It was just a year ago we remodeled our kitchen. Put in solid hardwood floors throughout the downstairs, installed granite and other things. Friday night went down to the basement and there was water dripping from one of the canned lights, the carpet was saturated.

Long story short, the dishwasher has been leaking for at least 6 months. It was seeping under the hardwood flooring so I never noticed water although I now have an answer for my ear infection and eye infection that wouldn't go away.

My entire kitchen has been stripped down to the subflooring and that probably even has to go. Everything, including the cabinets have been removed. They broke the granite when they were taking that out. The basement was taken down to the studs.

This could have been avoided if I'd had a moisture detector under my dishwasher. I had one in the Cabinet under my kitchen sink, a lot of good that did me! Since this has happened to me I've talked to several other people who have had dishwashers leak and cause damage, although maybe not to the extent mine caused. By the way, my dishwasher is only 3 years old.

You can get 3 of these battery operated detectors for something like 35 bucks online. That's just a little cheaper than a brand new kitchen!! This isn't an advertisement, I'm not personally benefiting from the sale of moisture detectors, but heck, I'd said something to one of the contractors about getting more of them and he'd never heard of them so I thought I'd let all of you know who love your kitchen, Unless of course you want a new kitchen!!

That doesn't go together!

My 22 year old daughter had sushi for lunch. To wash it down she chugged egg nog directly from the bottle. It made me a little nauseas watching her. Not just the drinking from the bottle part! Egg nog and sushi don't seem to go together in my opinion.

What foods and or beverages have you seen people pair that just don't seem to belong?

The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home

We've been hearing an awful lot about Chick-Fil-A—the Atlanta-based fried chicken sandwich fast food chain—in the news recently, and it's not been about how awesome their chicken sandwiches are, which is somewhat unfortunate, because those sandwiches are awesome. I decided to figure out how to make them at home. Here's how it's done. And yes, you can even make 'em on a Sunday. More

Grilled Chipotle-Rubbed Steaks with Lime Butter

Compound butter is one of the easiest, yet most impressive ways to make a meal more delicious. Even though it's nothing more than softened butter with herbs or spices or other flavorings whipped into it, somehow it achieves a level of refinement that comes across as very impressive (for a barbecue, having a couple varieties to slather on everything makes for a fantastic party). More


Anyone who grew up the Lithuanian parents or grandparents is probably familiar with this potato casserole. Similar to German kugel or potato babka from Belarus, it is a simple dish of grated potato, onions and bacon baked with eggs until crisp. More

Cakespy: Blondie-Topped Brownies

Blondies or brownies? It's a delicious dilemma: they're both bar cookie classics, one rich in brown sugar, the other redolent of chocolate. But why should you have to decide? Because they taste so much better when baked together, in layers. More

Nordstrom's Tomato Basil Soup

This is what my wife asked me to accomplish: a) Recreate the tomato soup from Nordstrom, and b) don't mess it up. In case you're not familiar with this soup, it's rather famous, ranked regularly on lists of Best Tomato Soup Ever, enjoying something of a cult following for those who love tomato soup. More

DIY Irish Cream

Irish cream is irresistible. It's creamy and sweet with just the right whiskey kick. The best part about making your own is that you're in control of the flavor. Feel free to play around a bit with the recipe. More


A soft, cakey "crust" encases a big ol' smear of gooey cream cheese-based custard filling; when sliced into squares, it's sort of like cheesecake condensed into a bar cookie form. More

Cook the Book: Boston Cream Pie

While Boston Cream Pie does in fact hail from Boston (from the Parker House Hotel to be exact) there are a few other inconsistencies to this dessert. You see, it is neither cream-filled or a pie and if we're getting technical. We should probably be calling it Boston Custard Cake since that's exactly what it is. But when you're met with a big slice of chocolate glazed vanilla cake filled with an eggy yellow custard, arguing semantics just seems kind of silly. More

Sunday Brunch: Blueberry Banana Muffins

Muffins are a classic that can either be an asset to any brunch table, or just a sweet distraction between other bites. These banana muffins are somewhere in between banana bread and an incredibly moist blueberry muffin. The combination of sweet mashed bananas and tart, bright blueberries make these muffins a hit at any brunch (or picnic) where a bit of sweetness is needed. Serve them with piping hot milk tea and some soft sweet butter. More

Cook the Book: Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies were worlds away from Chips Ahoy and remarkable different from the classic Toll House version that so many of us find synonymous with chocolate chip cookies. Their incredible depth of flavor might make you pause and think about the ingredients. For a humble chocolate chip cookie that's a pretty incredible feat. More