Kayla M. Le Goff

Student; Social Media Addict; Professional Eater

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  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: Way more than I can list here but off the top of my head….M. Wells egg and sausage sandwich, Momofuku pork buns, Shack burgers, Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes, Sweetleaf lattes, and Torrisi’s roasted turkey sandwich.
  • Last bite on earth: Anything made by New York’s best cook, my mom.

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Daily Slice: Whole Foods, NYC

Depending on how hungry you are, the pizza is pretty well price. I paid a mere $2.66 for all the pizza you see photographed.

Meet & Eat: Kayla M. Le Goff, Serious Eats Intern

@famdoc My grandfather was from Brittany, France...I'm not an expert on French cuisine, but I do love me some gateau breton.

@carrie Thank you!

Cool Drinks, NY: Batidos at Tierras Colombianas in Astoria

The mora is worth going there for, but the food there is great too. Kill two birds with one stone!