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Win a Copy of 'Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food'

stir fry - whatever i have handy - on top of brown rice (pre-cooked & frozen).

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

My current favorite comfort food is a bahn mi with ground pork, loads of pickled carrots & watermelon radish (the color is divine) and sriracha mayo. Just a minute - gotta go make a new shopping list!

Win a Copy of 'Salad Samurai'

buffalo roasted cauliflower on spinach with homemade bleu cheese dressing!

Win a Copy of 'Extra Virgin: Recipes and Love From Our Tuscan Kitchen'

All the recipes from my family that we have made-up names for - easy beefy, tuna buna, lincoln life burgers, and episcopal salad.

Win a Copy of 'A Change of Appetite'

Pretty much anything from my garden. I occasionally get complaints that little makes it into the house because it is eaten raw on the way in (though some sneaks into my lunch box).

Win a Copy of 'Vibrant Food'

carrots straight out of the garden. They're like a little miracle - all light & fluffy on top and bright & crunchy solid below the ground

Coffee, Banana, and Hazelnut Morning Shake

This was a great pre-boot camp breakfast. A little protein, fruit, coffee and my-oh-my so delicious!

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

Excited about the fewer NYC/Chicago posts - I don't need to know about what cooking classes are going on this weekend halfway across the country.

Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

Chicken thighs and lentils with pear tart tatine from a trip to my aunt's in Paris.

Behind the Scenes In Kenji's Home Kitchen (A.K.A. Home of The Food Lab)

I found out recently that you should not be storing Frank's in the fridge. opened up valuable fridge door space for us (since we had two big bottles)

Cook the Book: 'Kitchen Confidence' by Kelsey Nixon

what i call "crazy pasta" - pretty much olive oil, greens, meat, and cheese. Whatever I have around.

From the Archives: Kale, Apple, and Pancetta Salad

This is my favorite kale recipe, one of the few that the husband will eat. I generally don't repeat recipes, but this is in my permanent list!

Bake the Book: The Model Bakery Cookbook

cakes - of whatever kind I felt like that day, and rolls.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'Cooking Measurements Tea Towel'

For my wedding gift bags - missed a scoop of flour in chocolate chip cookies. Ended up with big puddles in the oven!

Looking for Kuwaiti Schwarma Recipe

I live in the burbs west of the cities - had been thinking holy land would be a step in the wrong direction, but that's an idea, lefselove :)

Bake the Book: The Irish Pantry

Grains, beans, honey, oils, vinegars, and nut butters/tahini

Bake the Book: Puddin'

Banana, which my husband won't eat, so i have to eat it all myself! (evil laugh)

Looking for Kuwaiti Schwarma Recipe

We're in Minnesota, so a bit of a drive to Chicago :) lapsangsouchong, thanks for the spice profile, that's a great place to start!

Cook the Book: 'One Good Dish' by David Tanis

i make an awesome baked wild mushroom risotto

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: 'Round Things Are Tasty' Tote Bag

doughnuts. there is a ban on them around my house because it's the one area i have absolutely no self control (or one of a few....)


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