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  • Last bite on earth: Homemade gnocchi in arrabiata sauce, followed by the largest bowl of chocolate hazelnut gelato you've ever seen in your life. And wine. Lots and lots of Spanish red wine.

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3 Delicious Ways To Spike Your Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with Goldschlager is surprisingly delicious also.

36 Hours in New Orleans: Where to Eat

When I was in NOLA last year we had brunch at a place called Muffa's on Esplanade EVERY DAY. It wasn't necessarily the best food I've ever eaten, but as far as hole-in-the-wall, $2-bloody-marys, open-24-hours, friendly, neighborhood bars go, it was a gem.

Weekend Cook and Tell: You Say Tomato...

I'm one of those bizarre people who doesn't actually LIKE raw tomatoes. What I DO like is stewy, saucy, cooked tomatoes - especially when they're cooked to be bruschetta.

One Day in Philadelphia - Where Should I Go?

DEFINITELY hit Eulogy if you are even remotely interested in beer. Their food is pretty good too, but let's be honest - it's totally about the beer.

Roadtrip from NJ to TN, where do we eat? HELP!

SHEETZ if you're in any kind of hurry. Their MTO (Made to Order) section is great - kind of like a Wawa if anyone is familiar with that...

Also, there are ZERO rest stops worth visiting in West Virginia if you're heading through there, so get any stops out of your system in Pennsylvania!

one day in brooklyn, places to eat? drink?

Sorry, this isn't going to a very classy suggestion, but my BF and I loved it when we visited: the Brooklyn Brewery does free hourly tours (definitely on Saturdays, not sure about the other days), plus they have an extensive bar/seating area with cheap (~$3) pints. It's really unique, especially if you've never done a brewery tour:

Weekend Cook and Tell: You Ate Where?

@dbcurrie - I am SO with you on the out-of-the-way jerk chicken places in Jamaica. We did virtually the same thing when I was there and it was INFINITELY better than anything else we ate that week. Fantastic.

Also, Boyfriend and I spent a weekend in the Poconos (PA) skiing this winter and (despite the fact that we were ill-prepared for EVERYONE only accepting cash) we had the best pancake breakfast. Just very simple, buttermilk pancakes, but they were WONDERFUL.

Cook the Book: 'Ready for Dessert'

Anything chocolate. Or cheesecake. Or, preferably, BOTH.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Make it Cheesy

Cheesecake! It cracked like there was no tomorrow because I'm too impatient to let it cool properly, but hey - it's the taste that matters, right?

Recipes for cookies that hold up well in the mail?

I mail my BF boxes of cookies all the time - biscotti is GREAT to send in the mail, as are the shortbreads everyone else has been suggesting...good luck!

Blizzard Food

I'm SUCH a baker when it's cold and gross outside. Last weekend I made biscotti, cookies, AND bread.

New Orleans Restaurant Recommendations

Ditto the Port of Call burger. There's also a tiny little shabby-looking bar across the street from Port of Call called Buffa's that serves $2 bloody marys and mimosas.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Double Dip




Dinner Tonight: Beginner Almond Shrimp Curry with Tomatoes

I LOVE this book. Everything in it is so easy and so delicious.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Pies Reconsidered

My boyfriend had a great lamb and mint pie when we were in London a few weeks ago. His first one ever....he loved it!

What Are Your Best Vending Machine Memories?

Brussels - Chocolate-covered Belgium waffle vending machines
Italy - espresso vending machines
America - pure and utter crap

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Cooking?

Ok, I know this is TOTALLY not what you meant, but MY GOD did it burn: I made the ENORMOUS error of cutting a LOT of chili peppers up without putting gloves on. NEVER AGAIN.

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

Oh my god I got GOOD KNIVES. I kid you not, at 8:30am I was chopping anything I could find. THEY'RE AMAZING!!

Also, an espresso machine, Illy espresso, and BEAUTIFUL espresso cups.

Plus, Paul Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads and the 660 Curries cookbook. Can't wait to get cooking :-)

Weekend Cook and Tell: Winter Vegetable Blues

Squash curry. So warm, so easy, so delicious - and freezable so I don't have to eat the same thing all week.

Sugar-Free Cookies Tips?

My mother and I both use Splenda pretty frequently, and I honestly don't think it tastes much different. Maybe it's just years of eating it subbed in for part of the sugar in recipes. My advice is this:

If you're concerned about how it'll taste to people like you (who aren't used to the taste of Splenda), only sub half of it. It really won't taste dramatically different.

Don't sub it for powdered sugar or brown sugar - only granulated white sugar (it doesn't dissolve the same as confectioners, obviously). And don't waste your money on Splenda brown sugar - it's just brown sugar mixed with Splenda.

Lastly, shoot for something that's not sugar-centric. Oatmeal cookies are good, for example, because there's a lot of other stuff going on. Some like, say, candy or meringues, on the other hand, would be a big no-no. And sugar cookies? Clearly the taste is going to noticeably change there. I've also found that quickbreads (especially those with fruit) are a decent place to sub out some of the sugar.

I hope that was helpful and not just...ramblings. :-)


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