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Bakery in San Juan Capistrano?

Thanks Korenni.
The texture was kind of halfway between a quick bread and a yeast bread. I will do some experimenting. My parents live part time in Carmel. I'll ask if the alligator bakery is still there.

Thinner Chinese Hot Mustard

Thanks Breezy!
And Boobird, thanks for the link. Also, Boo Bird is one of my nicknames!

Thinner Chinese Hot Mustard

Thanks for the dry mustard tip Marble! I think I have some.

And--duh!---I totally forgot about Philippe's! I dropped a jar of that mustard and my 3 month old puppy started lapping it up! He was shockingly unfazed by it, but it scared the bejeezus out of me! Thanks for the reminder! Philippe', here I come!

Secrets? Tips? Your best Garlic Bread

Goodness BooBird---you are passionate about your bread!
I have so many ideas in my head!
I'm mooshing several suggestions together to create an epic pull-apart loaf that is destined to be the star of the dinner.
Thanks to you all!!!

Searching for a cookie

I'm a bit confused. Was it store-bought? From a bakery? Homemade?
What do you mean by 'double oreo'?

Secrets? Tips? Your best Garlic Bread

I love the suggestions!!! Thank you! I feel like I could take a tip from each and Frankenstein something otherworldly.
I never would have thought of adding hot sauce. I have a great locally made garlic hot sauce...yum!

I am a Xmas cookie swap freak...

Oh Poor Old Mama, I am with you!
My parents get a mixed plate every year from a friend and the peppermint in the chocolate cookies seeps into all the others. Yuck!
And powdered sugar migrates and the whole thing is a mess.
What to do?

Do you have a pastry blog you go to?

I like and

Lazy Cookie Baker Tidbit Tip

Hi Tiny Red,
I do use flax when baking for my vegan friends, but my husband always detects a "weird taste." You know how some people are...He's very sensitive to my 'hippie food' (as he calls it). So funny.

Lazy Cookie Baker Tidbit Tip

I just made a sugar cookie version with a layer of Biscoff filling. They are for my vegan veterinary's office. Perfect!

Food Podcasts!

Oh, and almost all of the podcasts on Heritage Radio Network. Look at their website to narrow down your's overwhelming!

Bernachon chocolate bar

I have scoured the internet for the last year trying to find a US retailer, but have had no luck. David Lebovitz is obsessed, too.
Perhaps he will start importing it and open a little shop!
Good luck and enjoy the chocolate memories.

Seeking cookbook subtitle suggestions

I wonder if spam would be good cooked in leaves...

Cereal Treat Question

Mmmm...Golden Grahams!
Now I want to try every cereal.
Project this weekend!!

Favorite On-The-Go Bars

Quest bars are YUM! Heat 'em up a bit and, ohmeegosh...
If they weren't so expensive I would probably end up living on them.
Good reviews here:


Cakespy: Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwiches

It only took Carl's Jr. three years to put your idea into production!
Way to hustle, CJ!

Cereal Treat Question

Thanks for chiming in, Traveller.
I think I'll try it.

What's the best chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Editing my above post to note that I use bread flour instead of all purpose flour. It adds a texture and 'heft' to the cookies that I love.


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