Katie Potato

Gadgets: Mastrad Minute Cooker

Is it better than the more direct comparison of a covered glass / ceramic dish?

Swedish Dessert Comes to Red Rooster

There's an incomplete sentence there about the sorbet.

Does rhubarb actually taste bitter to people? I've never experienced it as bitter; only sour. But I know I'm non-PTC taster (that fun genetic experiment where you taste the strips of paper).

Snapshots from Mexico: The Best Things I Ate and Drank in Nayarit

I have that same question. I don't understand how eating works in places where Western tourists often get sick.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Hey… I'm sure those White Castle burgers have onions. Onions are toxic to dogs. Safer to not give them any!

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Squares

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

Yeah, Zingers, with that think layer of grooved frosting.

Have You Ever Tried an Opal Apple?

I love trying different apple varieties. Latest one I had was Lady Alice, which was amazing. Very hard and very sweet, with a sort of raisin undertone.

Cook the Book: 'Nom Nom Paleo' by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

I think a whole foods diet with no grains.

Mixed Review: Dr. Oetker Mug Cake Mix

After many, many experiments I have to say that NO microwave mug cake can beat a microwave cookie. This recipe is great:

Oodles of Eggs

Macarons? Make French buttercream with the yolks and the macaron shells with the whites. Buttercream freezes really well; not sure about macaron shells, but you could also make white cake with the whites, which also freezes well.

Quiche, fritatta, dutch baby, flan.

Eggnog with strong alcohol lasts a really long time.

A Day in the Life: J. Kenji López-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

4.5 hours of sleep and you function? I literally cannot even imagine.


Turn Leftover Hot Chocolate Into Soft Serve Ice Cream

Who amasses that quantity of leftovers? I mean, those things cost a lot of money. It'd be far cheaper to just buy the ingredients. Unless you can freeze one bit of leftover at a time until you have enough to spin?

Bouchon Bakery Gets Into the Canele Game

How do these compare to TJ's caneles? They're the only ones I've ever had and I didn't like them enough to go hunting for them, but maybe they are poor representatives.

Behind the Sweets: Hetty Arts Makes Chocolate Cassava Cake at The Refinery

Gosh, I really want to figure out that marshmallow ice cream recipe. So intriguing!!

Staff Picks: What's Your Recipe Deal-Breaker?

Searing meat at a high heat indoors. I just can't stand the smell, grease splatter, smoke, and eventual fire alarms. I can't wait till I have a kitchen with a proper fume hood.

Burger City Guides: Jamie Bissonnette's Favorite Burgers in Boston

In Harvard Square, my favorite is actually Flat Patties. I think their beef actually has flavor, while Tasty Burger's is bland. Haven't been to Charlie's (or Bartley's) in too long to judge.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Just wanted to say that I went ahead and added more brown sugar and flour to the dough (3 oz and 2 oz, less than my original calculation because I realized I had already baked some of the dough :), baked at 350, and they were much improved. In fact, now they look much more like the picture, so I'm not sure what is going on….

Thank you, Kenji, for your article, which made me feel confident enough that I knew the "cookie facts" and could alter a dough in this way :-)

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

These were hugely disappointing. Among the worst I've ever made. They baked up smooth and spread massively. They were not at all chewy (just very tender) and strangely bland. Not at all sweet. They reminded me of pancakes. And before I get any questions -- I'm sure I followed the recipe correctly and I did use a scale.

Comparing this to my preferred recipe by Jacques Torres, I can see there is proportionally more butter compared to how much sugar or flour there is in this recipe. I'm wondering if I can salvage what's left of the dough by adding more of both. 4.4 ounces more of sugar and 3.6 more ounces of flour would make the ratio the same. I'm just worried about over mixing, since I'd have to mix quite a lot to evenly distribute.

I would also bake at 350 rather than 325 to hopefully reduce spread.

But yeah, either something was lost in translation or Kenji and I have very different taste in chocolate chip cookies!

Taste Test: Is Better Vanilla Extract Worth the Price?

@cooking42... I grew up with McCormick's too, but I stopped liking it. I don't know if I got spoiled by higher quality extract or if they went down in quality. I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Taste Test: Is Better Vanilla Extract Worth the Price?

Another vote for Mexican. The Nielsen-Massey Mexican is my favorite for all uncooked scenarios (whipped cream!). But I'm surprised you are calling ice cream a cooked preparation. I always add my vanilla extract after the base has cooled (where again the Mexican shines).

Graham Cracker Figgy Pudding

Um, what do you do with the flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt that you stirred together?

The Food Lab: Hasselback Potato Gratin (These Might be the Best Potatoes Ever)

Maybe you should do a tribute to Sweden and make a mash-up between Hasselback and Janssons frestelse. Just add pickled herring :-)

Ya Lyublyu Chayhana Salom! Uzbek Food in Sheepshead Bay

You can't call this Eastern European food when Uzbekistan is in Central Asia ;-)

Hoosier Mama's Jeffersonville Pie

What do you do with the chocolate chips?

Know Your Sweets: Cranberry Sauce

The bit about the number of native fruits is not true. Paw-paws are also native. I think there are other berries too. Maybe those are the only commercially important ones.

Sous Vide Supreme Sealer?

Does anyone have an experience with the vacuum sealer that comes with the Sous Vide Supreme? It costs either $79 (if you buy the large machine) or $99 (if you buy the demi), so I'm wondering if I'd be better off separately buying a Food Saver around that price. So has anyone used it? Is it a good sealer for what you pay for it? Thanks!

Ideas for leftover carnitas*?

I made a big pot of carnitas* and am looking for novel ideas on what to do with the left-overs. We've had our fill of tacos, burritos and rice-and-beans. Anything non-Mexican carnitas meat would work with?

*The star is because, no, they are not real carnitas, confit in lard. It's a huge bone-in pork shoulder, hacked into about 6 pieces, coated with salt, pepper, and oregano, and slow cooked with a couple of onions until insanely tender. I usually shred the meat then broil it before serving to create crispy bits (but the leftovers aren't broiled yet).

Best Japanese cookbook?

What do you think is the best Japanese cookbook / website that will work for folks cooking in the US?

My boyfriend gave me a challenge.... cook and eat Japanese style, 3 meals a day, for a month.

I wouldn't know where to begin but I love a challenge! We like all kinds of food but don't have a huge budget, so sushi-grade fish will have to be limited.

Any tips?

Raw onion/garlic/shallot substitute?

Well, it's summer again and I'm in the mood for salads. I love making my own dressings but nearly every recipe I read calls for raw onion/garlic/shallots. Plenty of salads and other delicious things like guacamole call for it too. I just can't stomach them. Tastes great, but hurts my stomach and the breath lasts for days.

Any ideas for ingredient substitutions? Or ways to tone the onion/garlic/shallots down?

Did I find the single most pretentious food blog comment ever?

So, tell me, did I find the single most pretentious food blog comment ever? Here it comes...

"I prefer to season my pastured, grass fed meats and sustainable seafood using fresh herbs whenever possible."

Now all those things are wonderful, so I don't mean to tease, but all of them combined in that particular way... Wow. It was almost like a Mad Libs of food snobbery.

I'm just being silly, but sometimes just how earnest people are about food nowadays drives me a little crazy!

"Mushy" brownie recipe?

Any suggestions for a recipe for a brownie that is very soft and mushy? I'm thinking the dark, rich kind that has very little structure and chew, that basically liquidizes in your mouth. I'd be interested in a specific recipe, or technique. Perhaps less flour is what's called for? Thanks!