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The Neverending Soup Pot: An Improv Routine to Kick Your Dinner Rut to the Curb

I think this post needs a little more food safety talk. It's one thing to make a pot of soup, cool it quickly, and heat up portions for the next 5 days. But to take the soup and heat up the whole pot 5 times, seems less safe. It's in the "danger zone" for a lot longer (5 times, not just once). I'm just speculating though.

Banana Pudding

It's because the author of the article, Robert Moss, doesn't seem to do recipes. I've only seen his articles on food history paired with recipes from the SE archive.

Why My Fridge Is Never Without Shirataki Noodles (and Yours Shouldn't be Either)

I want to know WHY they smell. What's the science behind that?

Peanut Atole (Hot Mexican Corn Drink With Peanut Flavor)

Single serve version. 2 TBS (32 g) peanut butter, 1/4 c milk, 2 TBS masa (20 g), 1 TBS brown sugar, .75 cup water, pinch salt. Whiz with a stick blender, microwave for ~2 minutes, stopping twice to whiz. Thin with additional .25 cup water if needed. I think this still serves two, since it is rich. Like a peanut butter Kix cream of soup!

Cheese Expert's Picks: 10 Essential Cheeses to Know and Love

Man, I wish I could get into stinky cheese. I find the idea sophisticated, and I'm curious about all the flavors I'm missing. But when something smells like feet or poop... I just can't bring myself to eat it. Is there a method to acclimatize oneself to stinky cheese gradually?

5 Vegan Valentine's Day Menus That'll Wow the Pants Off Anyone

All of these look fantastic. I actually lean more toward Paleo more than veganism (veganism is the only diet incapable of supporting human life without supplementation, and there are so many long-term, well-documented health problems associated with it) but I still love vegan recipes. They help me break out of food ruts and see new possibilities in veggies. Plus many of them are easily adaptable to be Paleo.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

I need some remedial help. So you put food in, with your chopsticks, but you can't use your chopsticks to fish it out? Or do you not put food in with chopsticks? What do you use then? And if you aren't supposed to get the food out with chopsticks, how are you supposed to get it out?

I also don't get how it's safe. I put in raw chicken. Then someone drops some greens right next to it. Now their lettuce is covered in chicken juices that are still part raw because they only dunked their greens for a second?

Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots

I used Kenji's NY pizza dough, but I subbed AP flour for bread, so I got a very tender, light, focaccia like dough. At 25 mins, the pepperoni were VERY well done. Just shy of black. I don't know if my oven runs hot or what, so next time I will either reduce the temp or not pre-brown the roni. (I used Boar's Head brand.)

Olive-Rosemary Spiced Cashews

Why not just use dried rosemary, pieces or powder? Is freshly dried tastier?

Planet Meatball: 20 Meatball Varieties Around the World

I have an example type that is missed here. Meatballs with rice. Like the US porcupine meatballs or Chinese pearl meatballs. Or do they not count?

@sar_t, the comment is because Italian tradition is to never mix fish with dairy.

The Best Slow Cooker Meatballs

What temp should the cooked meatballs be? I'm afraid 30 mins won't cut it if I make larger meatballs (or it will need less if smaller). Is there a target temperature?

Spicy, Seared, Smothered, Stacked: An Introduction to Mexican Sandwiches

Ah, man these look amazing. And kind of a little reminder that Mexico has the world's worst obesity record at the moment!

Blue Cheese, Pear, and Hazelnut Smørrebrød (Danish Open-Faced Sandwich)

Half a teaspoon of butter? Yeah, right ;-)

Use Your Waffle Iron for Seriously Crispy Tofu

Do you think you could poach the tofu first? It's amazing how much better poached tofu tastes than raw tofu, even if you fry them both the same way afterwards.

A Cookie a Day: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh, yes, I remember these. I wrote the crabby comment saying these were the worst I ever had. But it was still really valuable for me -- I learned I like my cookies with more sugar and more flour, proportionally, than this recipe. Like these:

Next up is to try to get the browned butter into a recipe with more sugar and flour. Best of both worlds??

Starting a Tradition: What Thanksgiving Starters Tell Us About American History

I loved this article. Great writing and so fascinating!

Thanksgiving Pie Head-to-Head: Classic vs. Extra-Smooth Pumpkin Pie

The recipe linked calls for evaporated milk, not sweetened condensed milk like it says in the article.

Colombian-Style Salt-Crusted New Potatoes

These were really tasty and easy. Pro-tip: if one of them explodes in the water, do NOT eat it. WOW salty!!

How to Carve Any Photograph Into a Pumpkin

I'm a Halloween baby too! Best holiday to have a birthday on... no family dinners to miss, no presents for anyone else, no romance. Just fun!

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

I just have to say that I never make french toast this way any more (milk and eggs mixed) after I tried the Mark Bittman Spanish French Toast method. Dip the bread in sweetened milk, then eggs. Such a small shift, but it come out so different - creamy and custardy inside and a crisp outside.

How to Cram Apple Flavor Into the Perfect Fall Cocktail

Can you explain why you chose the brands you did? Would help with substitutions if we can't find them.

How to Make Rich and Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo That Won't Weigh You Down

LOL! Thanks for calling out Pioneer Woman. I think that women is the next Paula Deen in terms of contributing to obesity in America. I get why she cooks the way she does -- her family members all do long days of manual labor and need the calories -- but I'm sure the same is not true for the vast majority of her fans.

Pawpaws: America's Best Secret Fruit

Oh man, I would love to try a pawpaw some day. But I've never seen them in eastern MA.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: My 18-Hour Work Day

Surely you could have written a macro or script to convert the Ns to Ys?

Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

I love this idea. And sadly, I'm pretty sure that if I tried it (just on Facebook) no one would come. I have the kind of friends that need like... a month notice? Six weeks?


Sous Vide Supreme Sealer?

Does anyone have an experience with the vacuum sealer that comes with the Sous Vide Supreme? It costs either $79 (if you buy the large machine) or $99 (if you buy the demi), so I'm wondering if I'd be better off separately buying a Food Saver around that price. So has anyone used it? Is it a good sealer for what you pay for it? Thanks!

Ideas for leftover carnitas*?

I made a big pot of carnitas* and am looking for novel ideas on what to do with the left-overs. We've had our fill of tacos, burritos and rice-and-beans. Anything non-Mexican carnitas meat would work with?

*The star is because, no, they are not real carnitas, confit in lard. It's a huge bone-in pork shoulder, hacked into about 6 pieces, coated with salt, pepper, and oregano, and slow cooked with a couple of onions until insanely tender. I usually shred the meat then broil it before serving to create crispy bits (but the leftovers aren't broiled yet).

Best Japanese cookbook?

What do you think is the best Japanese cookbook / website that will work for folks cooking in the US?

My boyfriend gave me a challenge.... cook and eat Japanese style, 3 meals a day, for a month.

I wouldn't know where to begin but I love a challenge! We like all kinds of food but don't have a huge budget, so sushi-grade fish will have to be limited.

Any tips?

Raw onion/garlic/shallot substitute?

Well, it's summer again and I'm in the mood for salads. I love making my own dressings but nearly every recipe I read calls for raw onion/garlic/shallots. Plenty of salads and other delicious things like guacamole call for it too. I just can't stomach them. Tastes great, but hurts my stomach and the breath lasts for days.

Any ideas for ingredient substitutions? Or ways to tone the onion/garlic/shallots down?

Did I find the single most pretentious food blog comment ever?

So, tell me, did I find the single most pretentious food blog comment ever? Here it comes...

"I prefer to season my pastured, grass fed meats and sustainable seafood using fresh herbs whenever possible."

Now all those things are wonderful, so I don't mean to tease, but all of them combined in that particular way... Wow. It was almost like a Mad Libs of food snobbery.

I'm just being silly, but sometimes just how earnest people are about food nowadays drives me a little crazy!

"Mushy" brownie recipe?

Any suggestions for a recipe for a brownie that is very soft and mushy? I'm thinking the dark, rich kind that has very little structure and chew, that basically liquidizes in your mouth. I'd be interested in a specific recipe, or technique. Perhaps less flour is what's called for? Thanks!