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5 Ice Cream Myths That Need to Disappear

Great article. So much of food writing on the web seems to be the same ideas, rehashed over and over. This cuts out the BS. Can't wait to try an egg ice cream without tempering!

Meringue Is the Secret to Lighter-Than-Air Japanese Cheesecake

It's hard for me to trust this recipe when the cake is so clearly fallen in the picture. Most Japanese cheesecakes I've seen are much more evenly browned and level. Maybe it's the milk to sour cream shift?

The Food Lab: The Best Southern Fried Chicken

Very excited to try this recipe. My favorite trick for fried chicken that cooks through before the outside burns is to do Cornish Game Hen (which is only a small chicken anyway). Plus you get a better crust and skin to meat ratio!

Pair Vietnamese Noodles With Italian Flavors for a Seafood Pasta Salad That Never Ends

What would you recommend to substitute for lemon? I'm not a huge lemon fan. I get that it would be changing the character of the dish, but would something else be different and still delicious?

The Subtle Secrets to Making the Best Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Great article. I agree that straciatella is the way to go for chocolate, and layering is best for sauces. BTW here is my recipe for peanut butter magic shell, which is amazing on top of ice-cream, or layered in. 2 parts natural PB, 1 part salted butter. Melted together. Yes, butter on top of ice cream. Yum!

10 Common Crimes Against Cheese You Don't Have to Commit

What the heck is this supposed to mean: "Cheese is a living, breathing thing, and without proper oxygen, it will suffocate"? Obviously cheese is not alive and it does not respirate. So what does "suffocate" actually mean? It's an analogy that sounds "scientific" but actually offers such little value. Does "suffocate" mean develop off-flavors, change in texture, grow mold, change in moisture content?? Does anyone actually know or is this just yet another food-wives'-tale like "searing seals in the juices?" I'm not about to spend money on special cheese wrap on the back of such weak reasoning.

The Elements of Great Gravlax, the Easiest Luxury Food You Can Make at Home

I agree with JohnSmith2. Can you say more about what kind of salmon to buy? Farmed vs. wild? pacific vs. atlantic? frozen or fresh? "sushi grade" label or not?

How to Make Your Ice Cream as Dense, Rich, and Chewy as a New England Scoop Shop's

Is there a reason you didn't test the Jeni recipe, which contains no eggs but adds cream cheese, corn syrup, and corn starch? That's the chewiest recipe I've ever made. Is this one even chewier?

Ricotta and Black Pepper Gnudi With Sage and Brown Butter

Oh, wanted to say that I used Calabro ricotta and Bob's Red Mill semolina, in case that matters. I also wish I had used more expensive parmesan because the taste really comes through, but oh well!

Ricotta and Black Pepper Gnudi With Sage and Brown Butter

These mostly worked for me - they did not disintegrate in the boiling water but they started to stick in the pan of butter so I couldn't stir enough to emulsify the sauce, lest they break apart. If I made this again, I would only boil the gnudi and make something like a beurre monte separately. Time it so the gnudi go directly into warm bowls with the beurre.

Also, maybe I'm a big eater but I served this to three as a main and we all agreed it was more of a starter. Had to add a can of tuna to the salad to fill out the meal.

The Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs

The summary section says a damp paper towel is best for hardy herbs, but the article says a dry paper towel. Which one is correct?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I don't think it's "the worst" to note that something new doesn't look as intended (I doubt they intended a suitcase or briefcase). Sometimes when you stare at something long enough, it's hard to see. We users have "fresh eyes."

Sheng Jian Bao (Pan-fried Pork Soup Dumplings)

Could we get weight for this recipe? Or at least for the dough wrapper? Thanks!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Glad to see that Bravetart is still alive! It's always a tiny bit nerve-wracking when bloggers stop blogging without any explanation!

The Neverending Soup Pot: An Improv Routine to Kick Your Dinner Rut to the Curb

I think this post needs a little more food safety talk. It's one thing to make a pot of soup, cool it quickly, and heat up portions for the next 5 days. But to take the soup and heat up the whole pot 5 times, seems less safe. It's in the "danger zone" for a lot longer (5 times, not just once). I'm just speculating though.

Banana Pudding

It's because the author of the article, Robert Moss, doesn't seem to do recipes. I've only seen his articles on food history paired with recipes from the SE archive.

Peanut Atole (Hot Mexican Corn Drink With Peanut Flavor)

Single serve version. 2 TBS (32 g) peanut butter, 1/4 c milk, 2 TBS masa (20 g), 1 TBS brown sugar, .75 cup water, pinch salt. Whiz with a stick blender, microwave for ~2 minutes, stopping twice to whiz. Thin with additional .25 cup water if needed. I think this still serves two, since it is rich. Like a peanut butter Kix cream of soup!

Cheese Expert's Picks: 10 Essential Cheeses to Know and Love

Man, I wish I could get into stinky cheese. I find the idea sophisticated, and I'm curious about all the flavors I'm missing. But when something smells like feet or poop... I just can't bring myself to eat it. Is there a method to acclimatize oneself to stinky cheese gradually?

5 Vegan Valentine's Day Menus That'll Wow the Pants Off Anyone

All of these look fantastic. I actually lean more toward Paleo more than veganism (veganism is the only diet incapable of supporting human life without supplementation, and there are so many long-term, well-documented health problems associated with it) but I still love vegan recipes. They help me break out of food ruts and see new possibilities in veggies. Plus many of them are easily adaptable to be Paleo.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

I need some remedial help. So you put food in, with your chopsticks, but you can't use your chopsticks to fish it out? Or do you not put food in with chopsticks? What do you use then? And if you aren't supposed to get the food out with chopsticks, how are you supposed to get it out?

I also don't get how it's safe. I put in raw chicken. Then someone drops some greens right next to it. Now their lettuce is covered in chicken juices that are still part raw because they only dunked their greens for a second?

Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots

I used Kenji's NY pizza dough, but I subbed AP flour for bread, so I got a very tender, light, focaccia like dough. At 25 mins, the pepperoni were VERY well done. Just shy of black. I don't know if my oven runs hot or what, so next time I will either reduce the temp or not pre-brown the roni. (I used Boar's Head brand.)

Olive-Rosemary Spiced Cashews

Why not just use dried rosemary, pieces or powder? Is freshly dried tastier?

Planet Meatball: 20 Meatball Varieties Around the World

I have an example type that is missed here. Meatballs with rice. Like the US porcupine meatballs or Chinese pearl meatballs. Or do they not count?

@sar_t, the comment is because Italian tradition is to never mix fish with dairy.

The Best Slow Cooker Meatballs

What temp should the cooked meatballs be? I'm afraid 30 mins won't cut it if I make larger meatballs (or it will need less if smaller). Is there a target temperature?