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First Look: Union Square Donuts; Somerville, MA

Union Square Donuts is definitely not a mom-and-pop doughnut joint. It's housed in Kitchen, Inc., the shared commercial cooking space in Union Square. There's a folding table instead of a counter and though it all looks a little impermanent, the place is buzzing with energy. The staff, almost all of whom are wearing beanies and plaid, are friendly and look like they might just glaze doughnuts to the beat of Sam Cooke and French love songs even when they're not working. More

Toro's Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette on Coming Down from Beantown

Bring those percebes to Boston! We're ready for 'em and I hate seeing the NYC Toro diners get what we can't have.

10 Ice Cream Scoops We Love in Boston

@it'sthefood: This post was just about storefront shops, but I would *love* to write up Batch in a future post. Their stuff really is awesome. And Rancatore's is featured in the very first slide. I hadn't heard of Coop's until you mentioned but I will definitely check it out! You're talking about the place in Watertown, right?

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