Kahlua dessert

That sounds like a good idea for the Kahlua mousse over pressed cookies. Definitely real whipped cream (I also hate cool whip!). I'm also willing to hear the favorite Kahlua dessert of any other Kahlua lover....! Bring it on! I'm making dessert tonight! :)

How to keep leftover avocado?

I really love adding avocado to my sandwiches daily, but I need suggestions for keeping the remainder of the fruit fresh in the fridge! What is the best way to preserve the rest so that I can enjoy an equally delicious avocado sandwich the next day? And how long will it last in the fridge?

New and exciting cheeses?

I saw the Ted Allan show 'Food Detectives' this past week, and they did an interesting segment on the making of fine (moldy) cheeses. I'm pretty new to the whole wine and cheese scene, but I'm pretty sick of the common grocery store staple cheeses. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheese/wine pairings to get me started? What about classic recipes that highlight a particular new and exciting cheese? Enlighten me. I thirst for culture :) I'm open to trying anything...even the stinky cheeses!

Kahlua dessert

I'd consider myself a foodie, but I have to say I've been lusting for a dessert I had at a get together last year. It was simple, rich and one of the best desserts (admittedly) I have ever tasted. I don't know what to call it to seek out a recipe - it had almost a chocolate chip cookie base (that tasted like the cookies were soaked in Kahlua), a rich pudding like middle layer with chocolate chips in it, and a whipped cream layer on top. I fell in love. It must have been the Kahlua! I have thought about that dessert ever since, and have no idea who brought it to the party (so I am unable to get the direct recipe). Does anyone have any insight as what I might call a dessert like this? Or steer me toward a recipe? It wasn't really a trifle, or a tiramisu, or a pudding cake.....but it was embarrassingly the tastiest dessert ever. I must have it again!

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