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Making Healthy Living Possible

Spam smoothies for all!

How to Make Macaroni and Cheese Waffles

DANG!! I want this for dinner tonight.


hahaha!! Good one Tupper!

What should I put in a piñata?

I have a few tips for adult pinatas:
- it gets really heavy, especially with booze, you don't need to cram it full to the gills. Also you may want to reinforce the inside with some additional cardboard or something on the bottom before loading up
- plastic bottles of course
- if the person with the stick is not compromised somehow (blindfold, or inebriated), it only takes like one whack from an adult to bust a pinata. that's no fun, make it a challenge
- once the pinata is busted, get the stick away from the whacker asap because they will keep swinging but people will be diving to get the goodies.
- little toys, mardi gras beads, etc are fun, be sure they can take a beating
- you can do little baggies of cookies or treats. just be sure they are more chewy than crispy
- if you get store-bought candy, get things wrapped with a seal (e.g., don't put Hershey kisses in there because the foil will come off)
- again-- you don't need to fill it up completely! if you want more fluff, put in crepe paper, party hats or something

ok last thing-- a friend of mine from El Salvador told me a story from when she was a child. She went to a party with a pinata and it was filled with live crabs. surprise! haha

Ham Hocks and Crowder Peas From 'Down South'

@TexasDee- I agree, those don't look like the crowder peas I know (in GA, we call them zipper peas sometimes). The ones in the photo look something closer to black eyed peas.

Why I Love Hotel Bars

There is a Holiday Inn bar (top floor of about 15 stories or so) in my city that happens to have the best view of the cityscape, and baseball game fireworks during the summer! I love it, and it's never crowded, and you meet interesting people there. Meh on the food but the beer selection has improved recently with some good local craft options.

I'm quitting the site

I just wanted to add, it's so strange to me when folks get upset about what other people eat or don't eat. Diet is personal and we are all super lucky to be able to choose what we eat. So what if a person doesn't eat some particular food, it doesn't detract from your love of that food. They are not vegan-ing AT you, they're just vegan-ing. who cares. It's fun to talk about our diversity! :) love all you guys! y'all make my day on a regular basis.

Life choices based on food?

Congratulations @Autumn Produce! Follow the food! :)

Life choices based on food?

One of the big reasons I chose my field of study (marine fisheries management)is that I'd always get to eat great seafood, because I would always have to live on the coast and I would always need to know the local fishermen. So far it is working out very well.

Also my boyfriend is a chef.

Charleston: Circa 1886 or The Grocery?

I don't know if this is too late, but my meal at The Grocery was the best I've had in Charleston (I'm a local). Hands down WOWZA. You'll love Two Boroughs also if you hadn't been before.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'The Various Varieties of Fruits'

Look at These Talking Eggs. Just Look at 'Em.

@Narters I saw that one on Vine and was about to mention it! These crack me up (harhar)

New Year's Menus

Better get some collards in there! Collards = $$$$ for the new year.

Food gift baskets for a sick friend?

It's citrus season and there should be some awesome baskets available with interesting varieties of oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines oh my!

Epic Road Trip California to Florida and back

In the FL panhandle, if you are driving near the coast: in Grayton Beach (~30 mi from Panama City Beach) there is a fantastic place called the Red Bar. lots of seafood and other specialty dishes. Quirky.

If you are going I-10 East through Tallahassee to 75 South to the FL Turnpike, stop in Gainesville FL and hit Satchel's Pizza. It's a funky place with lots of folk art, great pizza and calzones, amazing salad. [Go Gators!]

If you are going I-10 East to 95 South/ A1A, there is a great little pizza place called Kelseys in Port Canaveral. Continue to Titusville for Dixie Crossroads for rock shrimp and other local catch. The northern to central Atlantic coast of FL is pretty much the only place where rock shrimp are harvested in the eastern US. If you've never had rock shrimp, they are served broiled and taste like little lobster. [note, sometimes Dixie Crossroads doesn't have local rock shrimp so you should call before.]

When you get to Ft Lauderdale, you will have your choice of amazing Cuban restaurants. YUM! Have a guava pastry for me!

Apple Season

You can put sliced apples, a little sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg in that pillsbury crescent rolls dough and bake them, and get a really tasty and simple dessert.


how about hot beverages for the winter? coffee and baileys, spiced rum and cider, peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate, things like that.


you could also go for a mocktail and get a sprite with a splash of bitters and splash of coke. Or soda with lime.


Tom Collins (with gin) and I second getting a hard cider. There are craft ciders available in lots of places and they are fantastic! I love ciders, man.

Open Thread: What Strange Yet Delicious Toppings Do You Like on Your Burger?

fried green tomato, please and thank you!

Carolina Gold Rice

Yes, they sell it all around town here in Charleston. I will be honest--it's tasty but if I don't find it especially different, and I've served it to friends/family and no one has ever commented on it being outstanding or anything. For me, it's too expensive to buy regularly ($7-8 for 2 lb bag). You could doctor up another (less expensive) fluffy type of rice and it would be the same. My two cents.

Crockpot Convert

My mom used to season a whole chicken and wrap in foil, then into the crock pot to slow cook all day. Amazing! Also pot roast is great and I have made lasagna in a crock pot. I also use it to cook beans and boiled peanuts--anything that takes a few hours. Southern-style chicken and rice.

Extra Flaky Fried Chicken

Corn flakes in your breading work well too.

Some kind of dish with fish and mashed potatoes?

What's your favourite "road food"?

Boiled p-nuts, especially if you can buy them from someone selling them on the side of the road. Road peanuts always taste the best.

Book recommendations for a newby griller

Hi All--
I just bought a gas grill on the cheap from some friends who are moving to a little apartment in a big city. I have never owned a grill but I'm really excited. I'd like to get a book of basics and easy recipes for the grilling neophyte. Any recommendations?
ps- I know I can find all kinds of info on the interweb but I'm a book type of gal.

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