• Location: Medford, Oregon
  • Favorite foods: lobster, lamb, veal, brie, filet mignon, bracciole there's too much to list!
  • Last bite on earth: it would have to be surf and turf...

Manner Matters: Should You Tattle on Kids Sneaking Food?

gotta say this isn't your place and I'm a little shocked that this topic was even brought up.

The Best Food to Order at Panda Express

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

Make sure you go to North Beach for awsome pizza!

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

R you still going to be with SE?

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?

yep under the sink

Chef, the movie by Jon Favreau...

Me too I saw the trailer for it and it looks awsome!

Dinner Tonight: Warm Beef and Cheddar Sandwiches With Horseradish Sauce

that does look pretty yummy!

Brazo de Reina From 'Yucatán'

Sorry guys but these look gross.

A Sandwich a Day: Pork Belly Grinder at Aberdeen Tap

I know it doesn't look very appetizing at all same with the salad.

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

an apple maybe yogurt, pretzels and dip and sometimes pumpkin seeds.

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

I use brioche bread a couple eggs, cream, vanilla, ground clove, nutmeg, cinammon and then I let the batter rest about 15 minutes (learned that from Babby Flay) and then start the cooking!

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Veggie Burgers

I like veggie burgers too but lately I've been eating the Boca Chick Patties they have a southwest spicy one and a regular one and man they are damn good!

Video: All Bacon Burger on 'Epic Meal Time'

I agree with both of you guys this is so gross.

Behind the Scenes in Carrie's Home Kitchen

I find myself buying these things often as well not because I break them I have this strange attraction to spoon rests! thanks for sharing your kitchen Carrie I love the tile and cabinets too!

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

I actually like boboli I know it isn't frozen but it's as close as I can get to frozen and I can make it the way I want!

Let's vent, shall we?

vegetarians enough said.

Trader Joe's is Like a Bad Boyfriend...

love their cheese selections and they have really good brioche bread that I make my french toast with!

What do you think about Yelp/Foursquare?

I go to yelp quite a bit and have placed my own reviews I find it to be pretty helpful.

Cheap Eats in Austin: 10 Dishes We Love Under $10

sorry but some of that stuff looks kind of gross!

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

I know it's not New York but hey I don't live there I live in Oregon!

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

A place called Longi's in Maui. Lobster, filet, 4 bottles of wine, all kinds of appetizers and desert my mom my stepdad and I total came to about $650.00 that was our one night out the rest of the trip it was pretty small stuff!

Ed's Vegan Month Week 3: The Home Stretch (For Cousin Terry)

Ed sorry for your loss hang in there.

The Food Lab: Slow-Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb With Garlic and Rosemary

I love lamb it's probably my favorite meat! Thanks Kenji for this recipe it looks awsome!

'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' Viewers Choose Their Top 10 Burgers of all Time

Guy really are you serious this idiot is such a tool.

Serious Eats is Seven: Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy birthday guys keep up the yummy job you do!

red amaranth

I just bought some red amaranth (spelling?) lettuce at the farmers market and it's a pretty interesting leaf lettuce I have been using it in salads and some sandwiches but wondered if there are other ways to use it? thanks everyone!

Healthy eating site

Hi everyone at SE. My question is for the site. Would you guys ever consider adding a cooking light section to SE? the reason why I ask is I have been diagnosed recently with high cholesterol and it would be really helpful and great if you could possibly pass on some great recipes and tips for people like me who love to cook but have to watch out for the hidden fat, salt, etc in food. It's just a thought I was wondering if that would even be considered. thanks guys!

Egg salad without the yolks

Hi Everyone and happy almost Easter! My question is that since i have been diagnosed with hight cholestorol I need to cut a few things out of my diet does anyone know a good recipe for egg salad without the yolks? thanks much!

Cast iron skillet

I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers as to how to buy a cast iron skillet and how you season them?

does anyone have a good brand of gluten free breads and rolls and wraps out there?

Sauces for Chicken breasts

I was wondering if anyone had a quick recipe for chicken breasts that's flavorfull and somewhat healthy? I did look on Williams and Sonoma but most of their recipes can be kind of complicated and I just wanted something simple. thanks!

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