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Onion Dip Missing a Certain Zing

so funny. I made this too but used some sour cream + yogurt because I only had nonfat yogurt, and I added tabasco. I was nervous bc Heidi from 101 Cookbooks was actually a guest at the party and I had tweaked the recipe a bit... I'll try the worcestershire next time too!

A List of Food Bloggers Using Twitter

off the (meat)hook
Twitter: offthemeathook
Twitters about: everything! with lots of food-related tweets.

Meatpacking or Chelsea Neighborhood Faves?

spice thai is cheap and good with a nice decor, hipster vibe, good sangria

Hamburger Mary's, a Gay-Friendly Burger Franchise

The hamburgers are pretty good, around Fuddrucker's quality maybe- not amazing but tasty. Good drinks and brunch. The Palm Springs location is one of the nicest but San Diego has a great patio...

Viral Stride Gum Videos Featuring Matt Dancing Around the World

Not to be a hippie or anything, but all I can think of him when seeing him in these places is: is it worth the ginormous carbon footprint to fly around the world and make these videos? Seems a tad irresponsible.

Pictures of Bacon for Karen

Yeah, my name is Karen too and I was really confused by the headline at first, because I also love bacon. Yay

Misleading 'New York Times' Headline of the Week

I totally felt the same way when I clicked through to the article only to find it was about FRANCIS Bacon. Gosh darn it.

Tender steak!

London broil can be so delicious! Marinate it first. Put it in the broiler til medium rare. Slice against the grain as thinly as possible and it will be tender and delicious. The next day make a sandwich with the leftovers.

pasta salad for a crowd

look at she has some good ones on there to choose from!

Eating out in SoHo, NYC

Rice or Kelley & Ping for inexpensive great meals are my recs!

SE users: please introduce yourselves.

I'm kind of late on this but it is so exciting to learn more about people! For me: I'm Karen, age 31, born and raised in the wonderful food city of San Francisco, with 5 year stints in San Diego and Brooklyn. I was a pastry chef but I got sick of the lifestyle so I founded an
online t-shirt subscription company which makes cooking at home SO much more fun. I make a lot of mistakes when I cook which still surprises me. I write about food at off the (meat)hook and I really enjoy the good natured community of Serious Eaters- y'all are SO much less bitchy than chowhounders :) I love meat, and bacon. And butter, and salt.

How do you make fried matzoh?

Thank you all so much! I will have to figure out which of your methods I will pick, although let's be honest all of you saying "fry in butter" had me at "hello."

Cooking with liquor?

It's good to marinate meat in liquor- breaks it down and tenderizes it.

Ice cream ratios

You don't want too much liquid or it will get icy. What did you have in mind?

The best thing to do where applicable is to infuse the cream/milk with a flavor, eg cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, tea leaves, mint leaves, you get the idea. That will not affect the texture.

With liquor, be careful- you can add liquor but not too much- remember that liquor won't freeze, which is why you can put a bottle of vodka in the freezer and leave it there. So if you put too much liquor in, it will never freeze. E.g. if you make Bailey's or Kahlua ice cream or something.

Good luck and let us know what you end up making!

The Boundless Value of Disposable Chopsticks (and More)

Those are good tips, but I'm not sure you can "lay claim" to them- my grandma did the cheese cloth thing, and we were taught the tablespoon apple coring thing in culinary school years back...

Savory rhubarb recipes?

I know there are some Indian recipes with rhubarb in a savory context... but I don't have any specifics. Good luck!

"Drop It Like It's Hot"

Love all the comments, glad to know I am not the only clumsy one!

I dropped a whole upside-down cake on the floor... a little overachieving on the upside-down part I guess... but people ate it! And you know what... we lived to tell the tale...

Ice cream cake - can you help me make it?

I have done it before with a regular white cake- I have a tall sided pan, line with foil, spray with cooking spray, make ganache, pour it in the pan, put cake, ice cream, cake, ice cream, pour ganache over and let pour down sides. Freeze. To unmold carefully run hot water over the outside and flip onto a plate. Peel off the foil. It will be pretty and already iced with the ganache from top and bottom!

Another idea: I usually do it with a brownie, but what about a blondie?

Cookie Contest

Every single person who has tasted these (myself included) has later declared them their "new favorite cookie" - I swear!

Robert's Chewy Amazing Oatmeal Date Cookies

Real jambalaya??

People who say stuff like "Real Jambalaya does not have x, y, or z" are just silly. Who is to say what's real and not real?

Anyway who would be anti- putting together more and more delicious meats?!?! :)

Roscoe’s vs. Rosscoe’s: Battle of the Fried Chicken and Waffle Restaurants

The same thing happened in Oakland, CA, a few years ago. There was a "Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles" there but if you were a true LA Roscoe's aficionado it was clearly not the same thing. They had to change the name to "Home of Chicken and Waffles." So it's not as good as LA Roscoe's but on the plus side it's open til 4 AM on the weekends...

Meatwater: Hungarian Goulash and More!

It's funny how so many people thought it was real and posted as if it were... probably because the Meatwater website was so thoroughly convincing!

Hot & Spicy

You know what, I never could eat very spicy food- a little spicy, OK, but not really spicy- and then I spent about a week in Chengdu (China), in the super spicy Sichuan province. They are famous for their food, especially street foods, but ALL of the food there is filled with loads of hot peppers. At first it was pretty painful but then I started enjoying the food more.

When we got to our next stop, in NE China where there is a lot of Russian-influenced food... there I was throwing hot chilies on everything! It tasted so boring after I got used to the spice! So I think you can get used to it... maybe a trip to China or India is in order for you if you want to become a spice lover :)

(You can check out pictures and descriptions of the Chengdu eats in a 2-part blog post: Part 1 and Part 2.)


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