Retired teacher of special needs students for over 30 years. I have worked with toddlers through adult education

  • Location: midwest/east central Illinois
  • Favorite foods: rare steak (just make sure that it is dead), seafood, any food with "heat", I'll try just about anything once
  • Last bite on earth: BLT with heirloom tomatoes

Inexpensive and Unique Rajasthan Excursion by Using Vehicle Hire

Another first-time user thinking that we enjoy Spam and would appreciate his/her information. Not!!!

Deviled eggs

I gave up making deviled eggs for just a brief period of time and bought them at my grocery store deli. My son said that that wasn't my recipe......oops! My recipe is pretty average except that I use sweet pickle relish and just a little of the brine. Lately, I have been piping the mixture in to the bases but that doesn't affect the taste. One year, I grabbed the chili powder instead of the paprika. They loved it. I'm toying with the idea of adding crumbled bacon and Spanish smoked paprika. I'm really thinkin' that might be good.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I love the pics of critters....thank you. I am also very, very fond of all-things SE. You guys have so much fun and I am so jealous. Thank you for often makes my day.

Best Ways to Save At High Quality Restaurants

I have no business answering this post as I do not live in the area where you have a concern. However, we here in the Midwest are not as naive as some people may think. This was your first post, ever, and I assume that you very well may have another motive. I agree with Beetsnjams - "Go away".......please!

Traveling Mac and Cheese questions

I have one of those insulated containers, but it is specifically for one dish which was purchased at the same time (think Corning ware outlet). When my food won't fit the dish, I use several (I mean several) layers of newspaper to cover my dish. If that takes care of the heat concern, then maybe just a tad bit extra liquid will account for possible (okay, inevitable) pasta absorption. Use the recipe that you are comfortable with as this is not a long time between oven (stovetop) and serving. Good luck, my friend!

My special hot dog available this month only..

Man! That looks good. For once there is more dog than bun. After all, it's the dog that counts plus the accoutrements

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

Our latest move, left my disabled husband and my son in charge of my new kitchen as I was left behind to supervise the actual move from one home to the other. They did a pretty remarkable job except I moved the spices away from the stove and gave a prime top-drawer to serving utensils instead of the diabetic drawer. He's a wheelchair so it hasn't compromised his ability to access. I am now trying to decide what needs to be left in a somewhat smaller kitchen and placed in the the open-shelving in the basement.

Grating and freezing cheese is a great idea!

Grated cheese almost never gets frozen in this household. I just grate what I think I will need until the next grating session. I have a recipe for Easter bread that involves Asiago, Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano.....that is the only exception. I need to fill a quart jar with the three cheeses in equal proportions. Since I make multiple loaves, I do pre grate the cheeses and freeze. That is only like a week or two before I bake the bread. Perhaps, I don't need to freeze it but I do not want it to lose any flavor.

You, my friend, need to do what works for you. You will get no abuse or jokes from me!

Oh My Spaghetti Pie

I missed Pi Day as well. Thanks for sharing this @bobscatsteph3. It really does look delicious!


You all amaze me. Isn't it incredible that we would "fall-in" with a trusted contributor and not at all think that it is Spam? I just love it, as does Lorenzo. Thanks @Tupper Cooks!

Snag the best seat in the house! Cambridge and Boston

I am hesitant to respond.....since I live in Illinois. However, I question if your post is of a community service nature or a self-serving nature. Should it be of a self-serving nature, perhaps it would behoove you (especially at this site) to pay for the advertisement as countless others have done in the past. Just sayin'.

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

I have used FatBuztard's method for years. I steam the entire head in a covered and vented microwave container with just a few tablespoons of water. Then I remove it, let it set and then cut it into wedges (think cooked cabbage wedges). Still in the same container, I separate the wedges just enough to pour the cheese sauce over, around and through. I then just zap it long enough to get the two ingredients at a common temp......just 30 sec. or so. It is so easy and to die for! Good luck CJ McD!

Is "Serious Eats Dating" a joke or parody or what?

You know, I just passed on it as an opportunity for others. I have been married for 47 years and it just doesn't fit my needs nor desire. I do not need to know the best places to eat in NYC, Austin, nor Outer Mongolia...nor do I have any desire to build a pizza oven in my back yard. I am so happy to belong to a site that is ever so diverse and interesting and so accepting to others. Deal with it!

How the Heck Does One Report Spam on this Site??

Most of us are fairly astute at recognizing spam. What concerns me is when it gets to my personal email and it hasn't been eradicated. I.E. my cousin made $5000 last month on her computer. It has nothing to do with the response that I had made to the person that initiated the question or concern. It troubles me but, to be honest, it hasn't caused me any monumental problems.........I just wish that it would stop.

Tamales...warning rant follows

Fred - We are fortunate to live in an area with a thriving Hispanic population. Not only do we have restaurants with authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex offerings (not all of them are chains by any means) but we also have grocers that make tamales fresh daily (and not too sodium packed). I have never made them, nor do I feel the need. I feel your pain but can not necessarily relate. Please color me spoiled if you like.

How Do You Make Crispy Bacon?

I also go with the Amandarama suggestion. Patience is the key. When I have a lot to cook, I do the oven bake routine. We only use the fire alarm method for pizza in the oven. ;)

Worth the wait?

Oh, Korenni! Now, I just must have a cold tongue sandwich with leafy lettuce and a thin smathering of fresh ground horseradish. I'm so sorry; I digress.

I don't mind waiting if I am seated and can converse with my party. It usually doesn't bother me except at home when I have to let the lasagna stand or the steak stand because the aroma is so tempting and alluring.

One doesn't always knows if a dish is worth the wait until it arrives. I'm usually fairly tolerant if someone else does the prep and the dishes.

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

Lemon Meringue pie for me. It is husband's favorite, so I make it often.

Thinner Chinese Hot Mustard

I am in land-locked East Central Illinois. For years, we have used Coleman's dry mustard. We used to dilute it with water but have found that dry white ain't all that bad. I frequently order from Penzy's so I may even look into their offerings for this. I haven't bought the jarred prepared stuff in decades. Good luck my friend.

OMG how many more ads can be fit on this page!

Okay, I admit it. I occasionally open said advertisements. I do this especially if I have the time and am looking for new ideas. I also do this as I know that the "clicks" may help the site pay the bills. Without exception, the ads are non obtrusive and not invasive in any way. I have no problems with them and am pleased with the expanded content on the site. It often doesn't apply to me personally but I appreciate the scope of this site.

Let's vent, shall we?

I hope that I am not too late to the "party" but I agree with posters that complain about people, who review a recipe and give it a low score when they have made numerous changes to the original recipe. It is not fair to the contributor. I don't give a damn if your family doesn't like "heat" and you have made your own personal adjustments. I don't even need to know your family's allergies. If you didn't follow the recipe and didn't like the results.....then perhaps you should pass on making a review. Duh! We, of necessity, make adjustments to recipes but for God's sake don't blame the contributor. Well, thank you, Nick. I feel better now.

Chocolate Storage Mishap?

A lot depends upon how they are wrapped, I suppose.. I'm not sure that your chocolates have been compromised in any way. In my opinion, refrigeration is not a really bad thing especially in an 80 degree environment. These sound as though they are really special chocolates so I may not know what you need. You seem to be worried about refrigeration as opposed to freezing. Go with the least and refrigerate. I hope that others can help you even more but I don't see that refrigeration would hurt until some expert tells you otherwise. Good luck my friend!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Love the Critter pics. I am allergic to cats so I do so enjoy their pictures. Must try the White Castle burgers in my waffle iron. They are a significant part of my growing up in South Suburban Chicago.

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

I have a similar recipe using Chai spice tea. I made them using a baby foot cooking cutter for a baby shower and called them "Chai Babies." I can't wait to try these! Thank you!

I'm quitting the site

I've never been deleted, although on a high school class site, I wish that I had been. @meatntators, you are welcome back as far as I'm concerned as long as you play nice and respect your fellow contributors (no matter their food preferences). Goodness knows, we all screw up on occasion. You strike me as the kinda guy that would "man-up," take your licks, and bounce back appropriately. Best wishes to you with what ever you choose to do.

Have you ever been just a little sneaky?

Okay, my mom used to leave just a few lumps in her mashed potatoes so that guests would not think that they were instant potatoes. At a restaurant that we love, my BIL ordered cottage cheese. The owner, a friend, said that the chef had used the last of the cottage cheese to make the bleu cheese dressing look more bleu cheesy. One was to avert bad opinions and one was to promote good opinions.

So, my friends, do you or do you know of others, who have little tricks to make others think better of you or your products?

Since we are among friends, I will admit to using Rhode's round ball dough to flatten and make pasta fritta. No one has ever done anything but rave about my using an old family recipe.

Come on...bare your souls....this is an anonymous venue!

What won't you allow in your kitchen/pantry?

I am a senior, home cook with adequate computer skills such that I can search most of my questions and concerns else where (and often here). So, I usually contribute topics that have a more personal and a more broad interest. In a recent topic about the "best ribs ever" one person said that Liquid Smoke was never in his/her pantry.

So, good people, what are 3-5 things that you will not allow in your kitchen/pantry. Mine are mostly for health purposes but yours may be otherwise.

I especially will not allow trans fats (that eliminates my favorite Kitchen Cooked potato chips). Others include processed cheeses and overly processed foods. I have no qualms with using a bottled spaghetti sauce as a starter but some of you may.

Please share your absolute rejects and offer a reason, if possible, as I may also join you.

My mea culpa moment! My pantry door was left open....

I have a reputation for being a pretty good home cook....certainly not professionally trained. My specialty is Italian and hub's relatives are so pleased that I have continued many of their traditions. Imagine my chagrin when he left the pantry door open and they may have seen a jar of Ragu light with basil and no sugar added.

What's in your pantry that you would rather others did not see? Be honest, we are all friends here.

FYI - Pioneer Woman will have a program on Food Network

Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) is going to have a show on Food Network. I didn't think too much of it until I saw all the the responses to @killatofu in search of stuffed jalapenos. Actually, I learned of her blog from SE. I assume that many of us follow her. I do not watch any of the programs on FN but often search for recipes on FN. That's where I saw the announcement. There were some really negative responses on a blog on Food Network but I just wanted to pass it on. I personally don't care how long she was actually a "city-girl" nor do I care if she passes other peoples' recipes on. She never represents them as her own and always gives credit to others. Your thoughts?

Regular yeast vs. quick-rise..please weigh-in

For years, I was a working mother, antique dealer and a teacher of special needs students. I drifted toward the rapid rise yeast to make my life easier and still continue my home-made preferences.. Now that I am retired, is there any recommendations that you have as far as finished product is concerned that would draw me back to regular yeast? Is there, indeed, a discernible difference? I am totally

Famous people, famous food quotes

I did a search on this website and found that this topic has not been addressed since 2007 and there were only 10 responses. I would like to hear your very favorite food quotes from your very favorite people.

May I submit mine from my very favorite food person Julia Child:

I like to cook with wine; sometimes I even put it in the food.

The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.

I think that every woman should own a blowtorch.

Well, I hope that you get the idea. There's a lot out there and I would so like to hear more!


I'm new and so were you at one time. Help me be a good member.

I have been a lurker for over a year (recently retired). When dixielea wanted a name for her nurses' cookbook, I was so inspired I decided to join right then and there! I wanted to do a play on TLC (tender loving care) only I wanted to suggest that she use TLC (tender loving cooking). TLC is a nurse thing, right? It just seemed brilliant at the time. But, when I finally returned to Start Talking (after having enrolled), I could no longer get on for a comment, much less find the question. Okay, I have so very much to learn. I readily admit it.

I know not to be a "shill," I know not to "plug" my blog (if I had one), and I know not to write in caps unless I am yelling. So what else can you tell me to help me be a good little member? How long do the questions stay active? What do I need to keep in mind especially with time limitations for responses, etc. Please share your unique problems when you first joined...I would really be appreciative and you will save me (and perhaps many others) a good deal of frustration. If this has already been discussed, then tell me how I could have found this out :).

You have all brought me so much information and joy. I am happy that I finally signed up as a member of this fun and informative community. You all are all GREAT!

Caramelized Onions in the Crockpot

I was putting up a bunch of these today and thought that some of you Serious Eaters might be interested in trying them. I started with five pounds of Mayan Sweet onions, peeled then sliced them thin in the food... More

Bread Baking: Three Doughs Braided into One Loaf

This recipe is a three-fer. Yup. Three different bread recipes in one. I was already baking two loaves for other people, then decided to make a third for myself (why not, right?). But instead of making a triple batch of one dough, I made three different doughs—rye, white wheat, and oatmeal—then combined them in a braided loaf. More

The Crisper Whisperer: Zucchini Pancakes

It's that time of year again. The time when residents of carefree, throwback towns start locking their front doors and parking their cars in the garage. The time when lucky children find green, woody baseball bats by the dozen strewn atop the compost heap. The time when perfectly reasonable people are driven to silent, guilt-ridden, unreasonable ends. In other words, it's zucchini season. Savory, crave-worthy zucchini pancakes to the rescue. More

Seriously Asian: Velveting Meat

The Chinese technique of velveting meat is an oft-used yet underappreciated one. It refers to the coating of meat pieces in cornstarch, egg whites, wine, and other seasonings such as garlic and soy sauce, to make it more tender. Learning how to velvet meat is as integral to Chinese cooking as say, browning meat is for the French or Italian. More