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Looking for some suggestion..

Portland in Oregon. Something in the center of the city near the 'Pioneer Courthouse Square' .. nothing too expensive !! reasonable :)

Cary Sugar Question

Thanks everybody so much :)
@Jerzee : I know , should do my research a little on sugar. Please share with me any article if you feel might be interesting
@dbcurrie : So Gyan should be pronounced as g-yaan.. i guess ! don't know how to explain pronunciation much :D

Cary Sugar Question

Thanks a lot for those comments .

Cary was a typo .. i wanted to write Crazy :D
Gyan means lesson in Hindi. I am so used to using the term gyan, that I just didn't realize :)

Cary Sugar Question

lets say cookies .. i have seen that they use only brown sugar .. mostly ? right ? Now if I am making a cake, can i substitute white sugar with brown ?

Again , lets say I want to caramelize some fruits , should I use brown or white ? I really don't know the difference at all !

Shrimp stuffed Ravioli with Pesto Sauce

see, that's the thing! I want to share the recipe via my blog. Do you know how to do that ? Like in foodbuzz we do, we provide the the link of our post and people can directly go to the blog and see the recipe .. i don't know how it is suppose to be done here !

Addicted to Garlic !! How bad is it ?

oh yeah !!! Onion too ..I use that a lot ! But then I am an Indian and most Indian food cannot be prepared without onions .. I guess that's why I never realized it .. it was a part of the system .. unlike garlic :P

Addicted to Garlic !! How bad is it ?

* have ... this is what happens when you type while lying in the couch :P T

Addicted to Garlic !! How bad is it ?

Nice to know I am company ;)

What to Do When You Add Too Much Spice

This is absolutely great. It happened with me a couple of times. I tried milk, coconut milk, sometime I just cut a medium potato in half and dip it. It socked the heat and later I take it out and use it in some other dish. I have also tried all purpose flour, just a spoon can take away a lot of heat.

San Francisco: Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market in San Francisco

I will have to visit this market coming weekend :)

Dinner Tonight: Murgh Keema (Ground Chicken Curry)

This is nice and simple recipe. I will surely try. Although I might add about 1tbs cumin powder and 1tbs garam masala powder to bring up the spice .

Cary Sugar Question

So here is the deal, I am not a professional baker or cook or chef. Just another food blogger, who started the cooking craziness just about 2 months back .. or 3 ? whatever !
I need help guys .. when to use brown sugar and when should we use white sugar ... seriously ?? does it make too much of a difference !! Give me some gyan here .. please !!

Shrimp stuffed Ravioli with Pesto Sauce

For back up, I had few frozen foods in the refrigerator and pizza delivery on my speed dial. For stuffing, I used Shrimp and Portobello mushroom and made a basil pesto sauce, which is one of our favorite pasta sauce.

Addicted to Garlic !! How bad is it ?

I was never that big a fan of garlic but recently, I have started adding garlic to all my dishes. I just love the aroma when it starts sizzling in hot oil !! I use it in curry , in salsa sauce, in pizza , pasta .. every possible dish I cook... not in desserts .. no ! LOL !!
In India you get this garlic pickle , tiny cloves of garlic dipped in oil and some masala and we saw that in an Indian Store and immediately picked it.
How bad is it ?? !!

Tangy Spicy Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

Remember the nursery rhyme that goes, "Little Miss Muffet, Sat on a tuffet, Eating her curds and whey..."? Guess what she was eating cottage cheese ! :) In fact, a little known fact about cottage cheese is that's how it got it's name. It was named "Cottage Cheese" because it was made in cottages, which are small country houses. That was my lesson for the day !

Paneer as we call it in India is a very common dish among North Indians and if you Google, you will find a zillion ways of preparing them. My initial plan was to prepare chilly paneer but then yesterday night we had some real spicy dinner; so I thought of making it tangy with a little bit of kick! ;)