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Underbelly Chef Chris Shepherd's Guide to Houston's Best Restaurants

Some of his picks look interesting but his asian picks are kind of generic. FuFu Cafe is pretty mediocre.

A Chinese Mother's Fix-All Herbal Remedy

My mother also made tong when I was a kid. It had all kinds of stuff that was unknown to me. I remember gingko nuts being in it and those were my least favorite part. I hated being sick because no matter what I had tong was the answer. Also grass jelly, which I hate.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I can't make rice in pot either. My mom looks at me like I'm a disgrace to the Asian race. She says you gotta measure the water by sticking your finger in the pot like "Mt. Fuji" and then boil until you have "moon craters" then slap the lid on and turn down the heat. Seriously, how am I supposed to follow directions like that?

Taste Test: Asian Shrimp(y) Chips

I've been eating Calbee shrimp chips since I was old enough to gum one down. I love them so much that I won't even consider another brand (I'm glad your taste test backs me up). I like the texture and flavor of the fry it yourself ones more but I'm generally too lazy to break out the deep fryer.

Jjigae Question...

If you can find it Galbi jjigae is very good. It's meaty and hearty.

Why Do Some Folks In The Drinks Industry Like Cheap Beer?

For a large part of my life I worked on archaeological excavations in 104 degree heat. Those kinds of conditions make you dream about a cold beer, like a mirage! I've spent an hour talking to a dig buddy describing in great deal the merits of a chilled crisp beer. And in that heat no one wants a heavy beer with any kind of body or a high alcohol content. I also know for a fact that you can rehydrate quite successfully with cheap beer!! If you go to any archaeological site in America you will find all the ice in the camp has been procured to keep the beer cold. Screw keeping the perishable food cold, the damn beer needs to be colder than polar bear's dingaling. Coors and Bud Light has beer the chose of beer of archaeologists for decades...although if grant funding dries up people invariably downgrade to Natty Light.

Max and Eli Sussman's Korean-Style Short Ribs

Oh man! I've tried making galbi on my own with limited success, but this recipe looks great.

The Food Lab: How To Make Traditional Vietnamese Pho

I also take a pass on the hoisin/sriracha thing. But I've found I like a lot of lime in my pho, my poor mother watches in horror when I squeeze almost a whole lime into the bowl. We southern chinese make a similar soup with brisket, short rib and tendon in it, it's heartier and not as delicate as pho but it is also very very good.

What's The Best Airplane Meal You've Ever Had?

Korean airlines, hands down the best. Bimbimbop was the second best I've ever had! Plus extra gochujang helps make things tasty when your taste buds get zonked by the flying.

Pizzapartment, the Missing Storage Solution You Might Need

Yeah you're goona need a helluva marketing skills rep to hock that stuff.

3 Ways to Brew Better Coffee at Home for Under $500

My best friend's mother is a coffee fiend. She roasts her own beans! She's like the Most Interesting Man in the World, she doesn't always drink drip coffee but when she does she prefers the Technivorm. I grew up in her house and I got to say that it make the best "drip" coffee I've EVER had, the clean flavor profile it brings out in the coffee is amazing. And I'm a trained barista and been practicing for 12 years. I had coffee in dozens of countries. At home I use a takahiro pot or sometimes I breakout the syphon. I'm satisfied with these methods but I still harbor a secret lust for the Technivorm. This series of articles is great! It's really hard in the shop to get this level of information in the customers head but these articles are very well written and I have been directing people to this site. Serious Eats never disappoints!

Snapshots From Languedoc: Is This France's Next Big Wine Region?

I took an Anthropology of Wine class once and my prof also argued that Languedoc was going to be the next big thing for many of the same reasons you pointed out although my prof was inclined to rambling, whereas your argument is very clearly outlined.

What's Your Favorite International Soda?

Korean lychee soda, I can't tell you the name because there's no english on the can but it comes in neat mini cans, which is good because it's super sweet.

Snapshots from Singapore: 13 Singaporean Sweets You Should Know

Great photos, best food I've ever had in my life was in Singapore! Since I'm not a big fan of super sweet stuff so pandan flavored treats are a godsend. I'm with you in regards to the tofu, I've had similar stuff in Hong Kong and I've never found anything to compare in the US. Unfortunately my mom shoveled grass jelly into me anytime I was sick as a child so I find it difficult to eat when I'm not sick. People think of chicken soup when they're sick, I think of grass jelly!!

New Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout Cookie Bars

I tried the samoa and the thin mint. I agree about the samoa bar, the coconut smacked me in the face and the taste wouldn't leave!

Taste Test: Root Beer, the Regional Brands

Here in Houston, St. Arnold's root beer is the best!

Kristalbelli, Showy Korean BBQ Without Smoke or Soul

Kristabelli looks about as flamboyant as JYP! It's a long way from the tents on the streets of Seoul that I'm used to. But those vents under the table are an excellent idea!!

Cocktail 101: How to Survive a Hangover

I drink water the night before and take a tylenol. But the real secret is the next day. There's a slow cooked beef noodle stew from the southern part of China that I'm from. It's beef from the plate area near the belly and also beef tendons. The soup is very fatty and gelatinous, plus the addition of spices like 5 spice powder and star anise make it very tummy friendly. I usually drink a mango smoothie with it. Guaranteed to fix all ills.

Chichi's Chinese: Steamed Pork Ribs with Fermented Black Beans

A recipe for pai gwat?! I know what I'm making this weekend. Recipe looks awesome.

Taste Test: Jarred Pasta Sauces from Celebrity Chefs and Restaurants

Rao's is great! I can't always afford it because it goes for around $5 here in Houston. But when I'm really craving good marinara and I'm too lazy to do it myself I buy some Rao's.

Bake the Book: 'One Girl Cookies'

There's a little bakery called Mrs.Ginny's. They make great cookies and the cupcakes are great too.

How many is too many Strawberries?

I use strawberries for juicing and smoothies. If I"m using them for juice you can use up a pack really fast! Their cheap now and my local store sells berries from a farm nearby so I make hay while the sun shines.


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