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Manner Matters: Should You Tattle on Kids Sneaking Food?

Not only is this so far into "mind your own business" territory...this REALLY isn't the sort of article I want to see on Serious Eats (or anywhere).

An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

Talk could use an overhaul, sure, maybe with some threaded comments. But it will be missed. I don't use FB/Twitter, so I won't be participating in any of those conversations (even just browsing, as I realize I read more than I comment).

Photograzing too. I like finding new recipes there, and scrolling through via RSS every day.

Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

All of the above? Depends on what kind of sausage. Italian sausage crumbles are preferable to bits since it usually tastes fresher, but I do have an appreciation for the industrial on a Domino's thin crust every once in a while. Slices of any cured sausage (uh, pepperoni is A sausage, then there's Spanish type chorizo, or salami, or Chinese Sausage...), speaking of chorizo let's have some Mexican style on pizza. Choriqueso pizza with caramelized onions sounds good.

Eat This Now: Soufflé Potatoes (Fried Puffed Potatoes) From Antoine's in New Orleans

Pommes de terre soufflees! Love these things, love Antoine's...sadly haven't been there in several years.

Open Thread: What's The Unsexiest Food of All Time?

Underwood Deviled Ham, or any of their other range of canned mechanically-separated maybe-this-was-meat-once products. Looks like canned wet catfood. Smells like canned wet cat food. My grandmother liked it.

Grandad, on the other hand, preferred Vienna sausages. Truly unsexy food.

Start with a graham cracker pie crust....

Chocolate peanut butter pie or a s'mores pie or butterscotch - any sort of pudding/cream pie usually.

Garlic Powder and Garlic Chips

Garlic salt on the outside of a grilled cheese is just the best. Makes good garlic bread/toast too - my Mom always did it that way, butter and garlic salt under the broiler.

I don't like the jarred chopped garlic, because I think it tastes wrong, but I have nothing against the powdered stuff.

dishwasher vs. hand-washing dishes?

Shared kitchen: dishwasher. I hate cleaning up after other people. Shove that crap in the dish washer and walk away.

By myself, it would depend on my mood. Sometimes I don't mind washing by hand, but I'd miss the DW if it wasn't there. So, dishwasher it is.

Pairing ingredients with fennel

Fennel and cream are delicious together, as in a pasta sauce. You could do a pink vodka sauce with fennel and cream or a cream sauce with roasted fennel and Pernod. If you want a couple of other suggestions, I also like fennel with shrimp and carrots or corn (sweet vegetables - maybe sweet potato?) and I'm planning on using it in my dressing/stuffing with Italian sausage and chestnuts. Fennel is really delicious roasted. Would be good served as a gratin, baked with cream and parmesan, too.

/favorite vegetable

Favorite Non-traditional desserts for Tday

Plum cake (bundt, like spice cake with cream cheese icing) and chocolate peanut butter pie and black walnut pie.

Do you have AND use a deep-fryer?

A dutch oven, wok, or large heavy bottomed pot will do. An electric skillet with temp control can work just as well for smaller foods (think french fries, not doughnuts). Don't forget a thermometer, and probably a funnel for pouring out the oil. For oil containment, an old empty coffee can with lid or the original container if you used it all.

(Though for fried chicken or morels, I'd go with pan-fried over deep fried every time.)

My Mom has a little Fry-Daddy (old, round, greasy) that she uses for fried fish. Rarely used, but it works great.

Taste Test: Powdered Gravy Mixes

I'd have added McCormick's brown gravy mix. It's better than their turkey gravy, at least IMO. Though I can't argue with Knorr products (mmm, cold spinach dip made with vegetable soup mix) and I also like their little stock tubs.

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Chewies and Cream at Leopold's, Savannah, GA

I had forgotten about this place! But the mention of the Trustees theater next door brought it back - and they do make some great ice cream.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

Green bean casserole. Canned or my made from scratch version.

Maple syrup

I put maple syrup in my iced coffee.

Maple creme caramels?
Maple glazed doughnuts?

Poll: What's Your Favorite Pizza Mashup?

I've had a good pizza burger...the catch is it's pizza-on-burger, rather than burger-on-pizza. Basically, sauce and cheese topped burger. Messy and good. The other way around doesn't work all that well, especially for someone (read: me) who doesn't like "hamburger" aka unseasoned, chewy ground beef chunks as a pizza topping.

Candy Corn M&Ms?

Tried them last year (maybe two years ago?) and they. were. terrible. Awful. Tasted like sugarsugarsugarsugar and nothing else - just way overpoweringly sweet, and I like my sugar, white chocolate, and candy corn*. It was actually my Grandma that bought 'em, she made the rest of us try and everyone hated those things.

*Brach's only, made with honey.


Chocolate peanut butter pie. PB cream cheese frosting. PB cookies with or without oats.

I Admit It: I Made Too Much Chili

Make cheese or vegetable enchiladas with the chili as a sauce on top

Seconding baked potato, or even sweet potato

Frito chili pie (fritos, chili, cheese, raw red or green onion, sour cream, and I always add sliced black olives)

Use as pasta sauce (I'd do a short shape), even in a baked dish


Pick out the meat and make tacos or sandwiches, then use the leftover liquid as soup base

As a sauce over a plate of rice and broccoli or other vegetable (like it's a stew, or in the style of curry rice)

Sticky muffin top

The problem here is that this recipe is for cake/cupcakes and not muffins - they are different! Muffins are more like a quick bread (more flour than sugar) than cake (more sugar than flour), which is why they have a different texture and you're getting that moist/sticky top.

If you want a true muffin, you will need a different recipe.

The Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles

I guess my favorite toppings for ramen are more popular with udon, but let me mention them anyway: Aburaage, atsuage dofu, and hanpen.