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Fresh Water Chestnuts Are a Thing, and They're Amazing

huh, I always did wonder why they were called water chestnuts when their appearance, taste, and texture were completely different from chestnuts. Turns out they look similar unpeeled!

Hello, Tamago Kake Gohan, Your Time Has Come

manhat--never tried it, but I think it could work with the "cauliflower rice" that's used in some low-carb cooking (basically, grate or food-process some cauliflower and heat by baking, frying, or microwaving.) And you can always give the rice (or rice-like-substance) and egg a 15-second zap in the microwave if it puts you off--it does lose some of the lightness of the texture and flavor and get more cooked-eggy, but it's still good in its own way. (But even without cooking the mixture further, the rice is supposed to be hot enough to cook the egg slightly, especially with the mixing/whipping action--it really doesn't taste raw, IME)

Hello, Tamago Kake Gohan, Your Time Has Come

Grew up in Hawaii and picked this up from Japanese friends and classmates. It's a great breakfast for folks who aren't "breakfast people"--takes almost no prep time, is filling without being too heavy, and gives you a nice mix of protein/fat/carbs. I'm Korean and hence think nearly everything tastes better with some sesame oil and kochugaru (or cayenne, in a pinch), so I usually add that along with the soy--not authentic, but delicious.

Also, one time I didn't have any cooked rice and I made this with oatmeal because it would cook faster. It was (surprisingly) good!

The Millionaire's Turkey: A Father-Daughter Story

(I mean, I'll be honest, I thought this was just so-so--in particular, I thought it fell into the trap a lot of personal writing about addiction falls into, where the writer talks about how much they were using as a shorthand for what they were feeling. But the folks who were so offended by a story that is about how food intersects and reflects life--on a site that's had these kinds stories for years--is eye-rolly to the extreme, and it does not seem at all coincidental that all of the sneering is on the story about a queer woman coming to grips with living in an abusive household and not on, say, Daniel's story about why he stopped working on Thanksgiving, which is no less personal and no more recipe-related.)

The Millionaire's Turkey: A Father-Daughter Story

wow, there sure are some fragile souls in these comments.

Light and Tender Potato Gnocchi With Sage-Butter Sauce

this dumpling week has lasted about 15 days by now NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING DUMPLING YEAR 2K15

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: What Happens When a Restaurant Dies

those of you who read an article detailing a systematic illegal campaign of harassment designed to force someone out of their livelihood and decided to reserve all your ire for minimum wage employees padding out their "severance" really need to examine your priorities.

How to Make the Best French Onion Soup

Browning bones for beef stock adds maybe 10-20 minutes with the oven on, which, yes, is an extra step, but not a terribly onerous one for someone who is already taking on making stock or caramelizing onions. I'm sure that chicken stock gives perfectly fine results, but I was also confused by beef stock being called "too hard" in a french onion soup recipe.

The Food Lab: How to Make Potato Leek Soup the Easy and Easier way

Mmm, raw potato and hot metal, two great tastes that taste great together.

Curious About Byrrh? Make This Simple Cocktail

in heaven there is no byrrh
that's why we drink it hyrrh
when you are gone from hyrrh
your friends will be drinking all the byrrh

Ask a Bartender: What's in Your Well?

Yeah, when I think "decent quality for well liquor", I'm thinking more along the lines of New Amsterdam, not Tanqueray.

Dinner Tonight: Sloppy Jessica, or Mac-and-Cheese-Chili Pizza on a Bun

oh my god if I never have to hear someone be a pedant about chili and beans again it will be too soon

It's not cute and it's not clever.

Are Shooter's Sandwiches Really Worth a Damn?

Any time shooter sandwiches come up, someone brings up the food safety thing, but it seems to me that the most dangerous part isn't actually leaving the food out for a few hours after it's cooled to room temperature, but the practice of layering hot steak and mushrooms into a foil-insulated bread bowl, where they will stay in the bacterial danger zone for a relatively long time whether or not it's refrigerated.

There's a Spanish Chain Called Taste of America and This is What They Sell

@DukeOfOmnium: Sugar, I'd assume. Mostly beet sugar, I'd guess, given that beets can grow pretty much anywhere for cheap. Corn products are particularly cheap in the U.S. due to domestic subsidies, and there is some knock-on effect to countries that import a lot of corn-derived products from the U.S., but that's primarily Mexico (although, confusingly enough, the tariff waivers that come with NAFTA mean that Mexico also exports a significant portion of its domestically produced sugar to the U.S.)

The Vegan Experience: Crispy Kung Pao Tofu

@tea-and-syncope: I like to take a bite, take a small nibble off a piece of chile, and repeat. But I wouldn't try to clean the plate in the picture there. I'd say try things out and find something that works for you, but I wouldn't particularly advise eating a whole one all at once.

I Brought Cinnabon Vodka Home for Thanksgiving

At a Halloween party I went to two years ago, someone brought out a bottle of the pumpkin pie Pinnacle. I remember cautiously tasting it mixed in with something else (can't recall what), and declaring it "good, in a bad way", and pouring myself a full drink of Pinnacle and whatever we decided to cut it with. I recall nothing of the night past that point.

Gruyère and Emmentaler Macaroni with Ham and Cubed Sourdough From 'Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese'

With Gruyère and Emmentaler intertwined in a heady embrace, we toss Black Forest ham into the mix, making for a sultry ménage à trois of flavor and texture.

why do food writers do this

Anchovy Taste Test: Salt-Packed vs. Oil-Packed vs. Paste

excuse you Unbreakable is a highly underrated film, and lends itself much better to future watching than The Sixth Sense

Would You Try Water Made from Juice?

Fair enough! Scotch and Koa as a peace offering? (It is just a Scotch rocks with more plastic waste.)

Would You Try Water Made from Juice?

Wait, bad science is not a reason for saying something's a bad product? They're making claims, some which are outright contradictory (as livingawesomely pointed out), and some which are literally too nonsensical to even be wrong ("at a molecular level, it is juice.")

Besides, lots of people do leave critical comments on articles about fast food, industrial ag, etc. Your complaint is misplaced.