Inda kitch

Ft. Lauderdale dining

Looking for lunch & dinner recommendations - will be there in June. Casual, water\beach front is great. Grilled fish, meats, off the beaten path that isn't touristy is what I preferr.

In downtown LA for 2 nights!

Looking for a recommendation for chinese - china town is fine. Am feeling the hunger pangs of missing R&G Lounge in San Fran!

I'm by the Staples Center, will take cab or rent car!

Las Vegas - local hot spots

I'll be on the strip for a confrence and don't do the buffets, a bit tired of the celebrity chef restaurants that are over priced and don't deliver.

Anything new out there? Anywhere that people who actually live in Vegas go?

Dining in LA, where the locals go

Going to be in LA for a couple of nights and am looking for recommendations for lunch, dinner. Hoping to find places frequented by locals.

Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, Burgers, Steak, Seafood, Japanese, Korean options are welcome.

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