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Pizza Obsessives: Jimmy Coponi

extreme hate comes from extreme love!

Poll: Prosciutto on Pizza, Way or No Way?

post bake, and the residual heat will "melt" the thinly sliced prosciutto into the pie.

Chip-Faced: The (Faulty) Geometry of Pringles

I crush it, and drink it like a boss...while drinking chocolate milk, or gatorade.

Poll: What Pizza Practices Are Unacceptable?

Putting salt and pepper (and ketchup, trust me ive seen people do this) on a slice before even tasting it. This is utterly disrespectful and just plain wrong.

How We Started a Bagel Company in San Francisco, Part 1

Reading this made me reminisce over when we were studying how to make pizza. Congratulations and may the Bagel Gods be always on your side!

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

@producestories Super thanks for the Roberta's heads up. Totally opened my eyes on what's possible.

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

@conaglio i probably wont go too extreme (though i do have a buffalo chicken pizza). I just want to have a well represented menu and try to be good at what i do (since almost everything is made from scratch). We just have 7 pizzas, one basic tomato sauce (margherita), one white (bianca), one with meat (sausage), a four cheese, a mushroom, a spicy one (buffalo) and a procula (prosciutto w arugula) pizza.

From my experimenting tho, i realized that if you have a good enough dough, anything you put in top will be ok, so i might have seasonal specials that are more Filipino? I'm actually dreaming of a play day where regular customers and friends can bring in their favorite food and we can put it in their pizza...hahaha

Hats off to Keste Pizza in NY, who just announced yesterday that they are now offering GF pizza available everyday.

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

Also, in the traditional italian meal, if pasta comes in as the primary course, and your second course is protein, where does pizza come in?:D

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

And I totally agree on the GF thing. I don't get that either, and have no plans of making that, ever.

Pizza-Only? Or Pasta, Too?

Wait. If you analyze it, Pizzeria Basta (which is in the Seriouseats book) has a few pasta dishes on their menu. I'm pretty sure he takes his pizza seriously. Also, Mario's appetizers are a lot (and besides, he doesn't make the pizza, his cooks do)...

We (me and my two trusted sidekick pizzaiolos) have been doing this thing for a year now, and though i understand that there are still a lot of things to learn pizza-wise, our product is now more consistent, and maybe we can add pasta to the menu (someone else will do it and not them, ill get a "pastaiolo") ?

Osteria Mozza has pasta and steaks and fish and chicken in its menu, does it mean that they are focusing less on the pasta? Isn't perfecting cooking steak hard?

What if they just get their pizza expert from Pizzeria, the pasta expert from Osteria and put them in a single space? That's what i was asking in the first tweet :D

Jim Lahey's Pizza Bianca

That looks burnt. The no knead works. His pizza bianca is too old school...

Grana Padano?

Ive been told at a local deli here that grana padano and parmigiano reggiano's difference was just the brand. Wanted to smack the sales lady!

Disappointing Peanut Donuts at Mister Donut in the Philippines

If you're looking for doughnuts in the Philippines, search for cello's doughnuts and dips!

New Artisan Pizzas from Domino's?

following the trend is not a very artisan-ish thing to do...

Building a Pizzeria: Slinging Pies, Living the Dream, and Running a Small Business

Expect to keep learning new things everyday! It's just the start of the journey...keep working hard!

Professors of Neapolitan Pizza to Open Don Antonio in Hell's Kitchen

@DMC yeah. need to get myself one of those caps. It's like wearing nikes somehow make me play better basketball.

Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Can Serious Pizza-Makers Have More than Two Great Pizzerias?

@JW the words "idiot proof" and "best" don't usually belong in the same sentence right?

pizza math: 1/4, 1/6. or 1/8?

I personally think that if you like to eat your pie folded, 1/6 might be the perfect size, 1/8 it's hard to fold, while 1/4, it's too big. Folded for me is mathematically (and gastronomically) the ideal way to eat a pie, because if you don't fold it, it will definitely tip sag...

Your best pizza cooking time

If your stone cracked in 600F temp, it's a no good stone. Time to replace it!

Poll: Truffle Oil on Pizza - Way or No Way?

putting truffle oil on something that doesn't have real mushrooms feels wrong. some synthetic truffle oils just have some sort of aroma that mimics truffle, but doesn't have any truffle at all.

to the pizza pros: flour allergies

Thanks for all your suggetions! My wife has been having "chicken skin" on her forearm and it gets really itchy when she makes the dough bigger (we don't use a rolling pin). We'll find time to go to the doctor next week when we can. Is it ideal to use gloves when you knead the dough? Just imagining doing this makes us (especially her) cringe. Hopefully the allergies are just the skin ones and not the major (cant breathe) ones.