White Bean Prep Help (please)

thanks! these are all great suggestions.

Food Network Hotties...Which One Guys!

I have a HUGE crush on Bobby Flay. He's the bad boy (high school dropout) who grew up and did good! And, Nigella is my ultimate girl crush.

Dinner Tonight: Chorizo and Eggs

My guess is that the raisins are a nod to Spanish cooking? Could be wrong on that but can't figure another reason why they're included.

I grew up eating chorizo and eggs for breakfast and sometimes for a cheap dinner. I make it for my son on special occasions. It's one of our go to comfort foods!

Trader Joe's Frozen Steelcut Oatmeal Might Change Your Life

Wow! Sometimes these comment threads are major echo chambers. If someone has already mentioned using a rice cooker or the overnight method why do so many other commenters feel the need to repeat the same information? Is it just to hear the sound of your keyboard?

Back to the topic at hand: I love this stuff. It's perfect for someone who has a long/early commute and doesn't have time to eat at home in the morning and doesn't mind spending .75 on breakfast.

Incredibly Cool: NYT Infographic Shows Where Thanksgiving Food Searches Come From

It's interesting that Utah is often an anomaly in the west...

Video: Eric Ripert Visits Costco on 'Avec Alan'

I don't think this makes Ripert a food snob. There may be some deals but most of it is processed, frozen stuff and really who the hell needs that much mayonnaise, Wheat Thins or beef jerky?

I cook for a family of 2 and Costco doesn't make sense for us and people are often shocked that I don't have a membership. A few times a year I'll tag along with someone with a membership thinking that I'm missing out and when I get there it's always such an unpleasant experience and never worth it.

'Julie & Julia' (& Nora)

re: catepillargirl, did julie powell kill your cat or something?

i am so over the obligatory julie powell hate. "julie powell is so annoying", "julie powell is not worthy of julia child" (she knew that!) comments. every time i read something about the blog/book/movie i like to play a game where i guess how many comments i'll read before i get to the bland powell hate. i'd love a thoughtful critique of julie in lieu of the rude and thoughtless dismissals.

i saw the movie with my kids (tweens) and they loved it. we laughed a lot! and had a great talk after wards about finding something you're passionate about--some people are lucky to have that in their jobs and some people find it other ways. we went home and baked a cake!

White Bean Prep Help (please)

I'm making Ina Garten's Provencal White Bean recipe (just white beans cooked with a mirepoix, stock and lots of herbs) for a dinner party. I'd love to make the beans ahead of time, the morning of the dinner party, and reheat for dinner. Will this make the beans too mushy?

Help! What to do with a lot of fresh apricots?

This week's produce delivery contained a lot of fruit, most of which we ate fresh (pluots, plums, raspberries) but now what to do with more than 1 pound of apricots?

I'm afraid we won't be able to eat them all before they spoil and most of the recipes I've found call for dried apricots or apricot preserves.

Ideas? Anything beyond a crisp or crumble?

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