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Bake the Book: The Irish Pantry

Way too much stuff. But always jello and Guittard chocolate chips!

Cook the Book: Andy Ricker's 'Pok Pok'

We were lucky enough to be able to try Pok Pok a while ago - Their wings were amazing and I loved their sticky rice.

Gadgets: Microplane Elite Star Grater

I saw that in the store the other day and it looked like it was hard to clean - Knowing me, I'd probably try to grate a slightly softer cheese get it all stuck in there..

What dish best represents the food of your region?

And btw, green jello + cottage cheese salad is not better than it sounds. It's sort of like a cement-mixer shot in jiggly-salad form...

What dish best represents the food of your region?

Yes!! Maid-Rites definitely make me think of IA. Although, so do weird "salads" old ladies bring to small-town potlucks (for example: green jello + cottage cheese...) In NE: Maybe a big slab of steak and potatoes - We also eat a ton of hamburgers..

Weekend Baking Project: Salty Triple Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

I love salty and sweet desserts - I just need to stop making them for a while.. Every time I go anywhere where we need to bring a dish, I wind up bringing something salty and sweet- I think people are going to start thinking I don't know how to make a normal dessert..

Why does my hummus suck?

Wow thank you so much for all the comments! I have a lot of things to try- So many good suggestions!

Bake the Book: Bouchon Bakery

I don't know if it's necessarily a dessert, but pain au chocolat.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

Oh I love La Quercia - I found some proscuitto at HyVee the other day and literally had it last night. It was so good!! I like pancetta in carbonara

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

chicken definitely - I've had my eye on one of these for a long time!

Gift Guide: Easy to Ship, Only in New York Foods

Whattt those Levain cookies look amazing!! Must find copy cat recipe..

Fun with fermenting! Ideas, tips..?

Have you read Sandor Katz's Art of Fermenting? There are a lot of great ideas in there. I did some kimchi, pickles and I'm about to do some kombucha