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  • Favorite foods: Creme brulee, French macarons, salt baked calamari, sea urchins, steamed blue crabs, triple cream brie, really good dark chocolate, raspberries, so much more...

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22 of the Best Looking Sandwiches We've Eaten So Far in 2012

this looks and probably tastes amazing...a calamari po'boy of sorts...

Soup Question

We just catered a baby shower for 50 people with 2 soups, and were able to put the soups into very large Ziploc bags (2 gallon size/ 128 oz) with no problems at all. Since Passover starts April 6, 2012, you never know if it's going to warm then, but a nice sized cooler with dry ice or ice will be fine for your 5 hour drive for your family gathering. And you don't want to be making the stock/soup too early unless you are going to freeze in small batches. There are food safe issues with chicken stock in the fridge for any time longer than 3-4 days then the leftovers should be frozen. Frozen chicken stock keeps for 3 months.
Happy cooking!

To What Extent Are You "Brand" Loyal?

Certain brands do offer better quality and substitutes will NOT do:
Kellers or Hotel Bar butter
Vermont Creamery creme fraiche, quark & fromage frais
King Arthur's flours
Guittard chocolate
Valrhona cocoa
Philadelphia brand cream cheese
Fage greek yogurt
Brown Cow "cream on top" yogurts
AND always reading the labels for heavy cream...should only be heavy cream & milk- those other kinds have carageenan, diglycerides and palmitates, what icky things are those?

Chinese Thousand-Year-Egg Challenge!

My mom used to add them to steamed eggs, served with a drizzle of oyster sauce. We also had steamed pork patty with scallions, and of course, rice.

How do you brew your coffee?

Freshly coarse ground La Columbe coffee into my french press.

What would you eat for 30 days?

Brie, a baguette and a good crisp apple, oh yeah...and a nice glass of wine!

Snickerdoodle help!

Did you beat the butter and sugar by hand or with a mixer? You usually need to beat the butter till it's light and fluffy, so the sugar is incorporated in the butter ( no longer gritty) which is about 2-3 minutes with a mixer.

Your procedures were spot on...
Sometimes it's the quality of the butter. too- where there is too much water compared to the butterfat. I always use Keller's, Hotel Bar or Land o'Lakes.

Split Pea Soup!

My recipe is like annabannanas, but after the immersion blender with the peas- I add a little heavy cream for extra richness. Yummy!

Cooking for a family who recently lost a member.

When I sent meals to the firefighters after 9/11- they really appreciated non casserole, non pasta dishes. I sent roast pork loin and stuffing. Made baked chicken with olives and rice pilaf, meatballs with gravy and rolls, chicken paprikash, etc... still easy to reheat, and tasty.

Rice for congee

I love making a combination of the Texmati white organic and brown organic. I add the brown first since it needs a little bit longer to cook then the white. Smooth with texture, nutty...its become our favorite combo when making "jook"

What to feed my sick ladies at home?

chicken broth with egg drop and pastina, yogurt (good bacteria for their tummies, to get rid of all those germs), ginger ale, tea with honey, a souffled omelet...light and tasty...they'll feel better in a few days!

Food processor feedback needed

@ salpico
I have had my DLC-7 since 1981, and it works like a charm. I replaced the lexan workbowl since there were a few summers when I was making watermelon ice, by processing frozen watermelon cubes till they were like granita crystals. The bowl got so cloudy from all that ice whizzing around. Robot Coupe/ Cuisinart has served me well as these years.

A Night Time Project - What to Bake?

Cream scones with dried tart cherries and dark chocolate can have a warm one with tea, coffee or a nice glass of milk...OR with vanilla ice cream.

What's for Dinner? 08/31

Braised beef short ribs with shiraz and mashed potatoes with creme fraiche?

Taste Test: Greek Yogurt

Fage 6oz is about $1.89/ $1.99 at Trader Joes.

What's Inside a Slim Jim?

UGH...make your own jerky or snausage sticks. At least you will know what's in there.

This is why I'm quitting my job.

Sorry your potluck was a disappointment. Your tart sounded delicious.

We used to do "cook-offs" where I worked. Those who wanted to participate, had to sign up. If you signed up, you made a commitment to bringing your dish. One day, we had 10 different variations of Mac and Cheese. Another time, we had 7 different kinds of your "favorite" soups. We had a great time tasting each others' variations AND those who did not "play" missed out on a good and fun time.

what can you do with not-so-fresh corn on the cob?

How about a corn pudding, corn fritters, corn chowder or roasting the ears on the grill?

REAL dark chocolate sprinkles in Philly area

@ jerzee tomato @ juliebugsmama
Thank you for your help. Who knew that the real chocolate sprinkles or vermicelli would be so hard to find...the ones that you find are so full of artificial ingredients.

REAL dark chocolate sprinkles in Philly area

@ healthy food
I did not appreciate a posting that just lead me to some random food site that did not have what I was looking for.

Cakes wont rise

Make sure your baking powder is fresh and active. I cream the butter with the sugar till it looks "lemony" and lighter in color. (Basically, the sugar is dissolving in the eggs.) and then add the eggs one at a time so each one gets incorporated, then fold the dry ingredients. Stirring will defeat all the air that you beat into the wet stuff. Good luck.

Bouillabaisse Courage

Go for it! Make a good rouille, have that crusty bread and wine, you'll have a fabulous meal.

Zucchini, Zucchini, Zucchini

hmm, ratatouille, cake, muffins, soup, stir fry, lasagne, all good things that can be zucchini+ you can always re-gift to co workers, neighbors, maybe even a local food pantry might want some...