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7 Great Asian Noodle Soups in Boston

Ugh I am sitting here with a 102 fever and a cough that won't end and all I want to do is make the 45 minute drive to Boston and eat all of these.

Where to eat on Oahu?

I have the same suggestions as many of the previous posters but, one of the best meals we ate in Hawa'ii was at . Yes it's a bowling alley but, the plate lunch was absolutely the best. Get the Tasty Chicken. It's life changing.

Staff Picks: What's Your Recipe Deal-Breaker?

I am afraid of deep frying. I think I am going to burn the house down in some sort of freak accident. I also am freaked out by making caramel for similar reasons and also that my husband once had hot sugar spilled on him while he was on the line and the aftermath terrified me.

Watch People Eat Their Most Hated Foods in Epic Slow-Mo

I can't watch this video because of mayo guy. I am gagging thinking about it.

The 12 Best Easy Recipes of 2013

And we just ate the asparagus and pancetta last night. Nice list.

The 12 Best Easy Recipes of 2013

The best french bread pizza is a go to at our house. We absolutely love it.

Smoked Salmon and Egg Bagels

Oh that sounds all well and good, but I live in a land where there are only crappy bagels.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

It is a toss up between garlic mashed potatoes from the silver palate cookbook. It's mostly heavy cream and butter and cornbread sausage and cranberry stuffing. I can eat both of those any time any place. I love putting the stuffing in a pan the next morning and eating it with eggs for breakfast.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

That puppy on the treadmill video makes my heart happy!

Need suggestions for southern Maine...

In York ME you should check out GiGi's. Cute new place with some truly great italian food that is not run of the mill. Another AMAZING place in Kittery is Black Birch. Serious Eats actually did a profile of the place. Enjoy!

Black Bean, Corn, and Red Pepper Salad with Lime Cilantro Vinaigrette

Loved this! So quick and healthy. Even slightly choosy eight year olds can't get enough.

Portsmouth, NH/ Southern ME suggestions?

For great eating in Portsmouth, head to Black Trumpet Bistro or Moxy Both places focus on really amazing food from some really awesome farmers. If you have time while you are in Portsmouth, try to make it to the farmers market on Saturday. They have really great produce and also some really amazing food from places that do not have a brick and mortar restaurant. For breakfast, try Colby's. DO NOT do the Friendly Toast. The food is gross and they have a terrible reputation in terms of cleanliness.
If you want to try something a little different, check out Stages at One Washington in Dover New Hampshire. They do some really cool events and the food is awesome. It's cool to see a little place really try to push the envelope. I believe they are reservation only but it is absolutely worth it.
For a real lobster dinner you can try Morrison's in Kittery. But be aware, there is nothing NOTHING but lobster. No fries no sides no nothing. And also be aware that the tip is included in the bill and they don't really make you aware of that at all.

Last but so so not least, please try Black Birch in Kittery Maine. Serious Eats even did a review of it.
It is amazing! I promise. So so amazing. But get there early. It's packed.

Tell me I can cook fried chicken?!?!

It went well! I would shorten the cooking time since some of the pieces were over done. But it was a success over all. I will be doing it again.
Thank you all for your input!

Tell me I can cook fried chicken?!?!

I'm going for it! Thank you guy, I am going to attempt the serious eat recipe and see how it goes. I did check to see if we had a fire extinguisher that covered grease fires so we are good to go.

Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?

Mayo and Ketchup. Both make me gag thinking about them. When I was in food service I would dry heave while filling the ketchups. BLLLARRGH.

Kittery, ME: Must-Haves at The Black Birch

We love Ben, Al, Gavin and The Black Birch! Such great food and amazing people. It is our go to date night. Not only is the food amazing but the service and atmosphere are awesome. SO happy you guys are recognizing our small little part of the the food scene. Come check out more of the Kittery/Portsmouth Area, we have tons of great food to offer.

Win 2 Tickets to Sweetlife: A Music + Food Festival!

Watermelon, mint, feta and bacon salad.

I am just happy to inhale watermelon all summer long. Luckily my husband can integrate it into something fancy!

Win 2 Tickets to Sweetlife: A Music + Food Festival!

Watermelon! By the pound. I could legitimately win a watermelon eating contest.

Chinese Noodles with Baked Sriracha Ribs

This was awesome! Great Sunday dinner for all of us.

What sweet and sugary cereal were popular in 2000?

Thanks everyone. We were talking about how my husband's school (UNH) had a cereal bar that you could go to at any hour and get freezing cold milk and cereal. At my school (Parsons), we had nothing of the sort and I could not contain my jealousy. I told him I just ate bags of Berry Berry Kix alone in my dorm room.

Do You Compost Your Food Scraps?

In Portsmouth NH we have this great company: They come take not only our home composting but they take the compost of most restaurants in town. They return the compost to our local farms and we even get a bag every six months.

Staff Picks: Our Valentine's Day Dream Dinners at Home

My valentine will be cooking dinner for lots of other people on valentines day. I will get to enjoy some time with him next week for a delayed special dinner. I think maybe some homemade ramen.


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