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Comfort Me With: Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with Dr Pepper

Good instinct. The "secret ingredient" in a Lot of Southerners' barbecue is Coke, Dr. Pepper, coffee grounds, even grape soda

Do You Know These Regional Pizza Styles?


You're right. A floppy, greasy, piece of undercooked dough served by people whose main qualification seems to be treating customers like some sort of diseased animal is so much better than a buttery pastry-like crust stuffed with fresh tomatoes and homemade sausage. Because it's New York, right?

The Search For America's Best Hot Dog: Down South

Yeah, no way DC or Maryland should be on here, at least not suburban Baltimore. Since we're including Appalachia, you could put parts of Maryland in here (Eastern Shore and Western Md. Whether or not the place itself is Southern, the food is). I'd replace it with Hillbilly Hotdogs in Huntington, W. Va, and Melito's in Richmond.

Atlanta: The Superburger Has Some Issues, But There's Lots to Like at US Cafe

I agree with you somewhat about Atlanta food. There's plenty of good food, but for a city in the Deep South, with so much absolutely unbelievable food in small out of the way towns all over the state, it should be better.

America's Regional Hot Dog Styles

When it has chilli and slaw, whatever the food item is, whether burgers or dogs, its called Carolina style, but I know slaw dogs are big in Tennessee too.

Do You Know These Regional Pizza Styles?

I'm not sure I get the geography of the Ohio Valley pizza. Generally Ohio Valley means the Ohio River Valley of Southern Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee. Is there are part of Ohio that is called the Ohio Valley? What part of Ohio does this refer to?

The Serious Eats Barbecue Style Guide

@Lorenzo. I was gonna say the same thing about Georgia. Virginia is the same way.
The Georgia places I remember specifically are Sprayberry's in Newnan, known for being Lewis Grizzard's favorite. It's red and slightly sweet.There's Fresh Air, the original is in Jackson, I went to the one in Macon. It was really chopped and vinegary, with the grey color with red bits in it. I liked it a lot, my Mom thought it was just okay. Then there are two that I can't remember the name. There's one in Southeast Georgia, run out of a sort of antique junk shop. Then there's on the side of an old house in one of those small Southwest towns. And there's that one on St. Simon's that I think was pretty good. Oh and there's that one south of Atlanta next to the Rodeo store.

Virginia's kind of the same way. There are several good, real Southern barbecue joints, but no particular style. I assume Mississippi and Louisiana are probably like that too, but don't know for sure.


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