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Baking Substitutes

Wow, thank you all so much all these ideas are really great. I'm thinking I'll try a few out with them and see what they like best. My issue is that they like baking with me and they are really picky. I'm going to try to make the chocolate hazelnut banana bread that Smsingram suggested as well as the sushi sandwiches from jo_wang and I'll also check out

Traveler- do you have a chocolate zucchini bread recipe that you would recommend?

I made taco shells out of cheese.

These look so cute and delicious! And RyanW2...chupaqueso...YUM. That sounds so good. Have you ever made them yourself?

Smoked Pork Butt- Urgent Question

Good luck to your son! and great to hear the pork turned out well. There's nothing worse than "oven anxiety" when something takes a lot longer than expected to reach temperature.

Homemade Granola bar ideas

Thanks! We made them and they were delicious! We also continued on our baking binge and made Chocolate Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. They were amazing. Here's the recipe. I strongly recommend them.


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