The Willy Loman of culinary quests; the Everyman of pedestrian tastes trudging through food chains as well as Mom & Pop diners for good and great fare all the time wondering what it'd be like to care what broccoli rabe actually is.

  • Location: Melbourne, FL
  • Favorite foods: BBQ from most every region (worldwide), hamburgers done well (not well done and not fru-fru, either) and hot dogs in a plethora of presentations.
  • Last bite on earth: Lima beans; I hate them and wish not to consume them for quite some time.

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Zucchini Stacks in the Style of Eggplant Parmesan

I would take squares of heavy aluminum foil and form them around the bottom of an old-fashion glass creating a "cup" and construct the stacks in those. This might work if you are doing larger batches for company.

Chain Reaction: Waffle House

Anyplace I walk in at 2am get good food, a glass of proper sweet tea and the waitress calls me "Honey" is a godsend in my book.

The Complete Serious Eats Barbecue & Sauce Style Guide

Peeple's in Auburndale, FL. None better and certainly a notch or ten above a few of the 'que joints you've pontificated upon in the article. Plus, gator ribs are mighty fine (

A Fond Farewell To Google Reader

I'll miss Reader, but Feedly is growing on me. If you are looking for a replacement for Reader, Feedly makes it fairly painless and has apps for your smartphones. Syncs nicely between devices, too.

7 Myths About Cooking Steak That Need to Go Away

If you are treating your "tests" of these myths as experiments, it is important to be able to replicate those results. When you start the repetition, please let me know and I will make myself available to attest to the veracity of all outcomes. Heart stent be damned, we're pursuing science here!

We Tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Oregon

Memory blast. Over 40 years ago while visiting family in Oregon, we visited Tillamook. It wasn't near this large or geared for visitors, but I was enthralled with the cheese making process and how quickly the milk went from liquid to that Jello-like consistency. That elongated stainless trough flashed in my head whenever I ate cheese for a long time and now I'll be having some Tillamook flashbacks again.

Chicago Battles Chick-fil-A

I'm incredibly pleased Chick-Fil-A DOESN'T support Chicago values. I would rather eat in a safe, clean, friendly atmosphere. I see way too much of Chicago values and politics as it is.

Deviled Ham Salad Sandwich

Good quick alternative (and you can doctor the potion as you see fit) is take a large canned ham and tall jar of the "salad" olives (broken up pimento stuffed olives, i.e., CHEAP); drain the olives and have the butcher or meat department run it all through the grinder a couple of times so it's spreadably smooth. Then add mayo or a variety of mayo and other stuff as you see fit. I use a mayo with lime and some form of heat, but not a lot. I want to try having some pickled jalapenos adding into the grind or possibly some sweet banana pepper rings to brighten the flavor a might.

Our Secret List of Banned Words

I was glad to see "artisanal" on the list, but would like to add its cousin "craft made". Since both terms are usually self-proclaimed titles or are subjective based on the writer's frame of reference, they are more pretentious annoyances than informative descriptors.

And, an Amen on "mouthfeel".

Potato Chip Torta

Hint: give the flip plate a spray of PAM or a spritz or two from your Misto oil sprayer before to facilitate easier sliding back into the pan.

Looking forward to experimenting with some of the flavored, especially spicy potatoe chips or even other selections from the salty snacks section of the grocery store.

Exploring the USDA's Food Desert Locator

Another example of your tax dollars being flushed down the crapper.

I zoomed into my location to find I was indeed in a "food desert" even though I am within walking distance (since I walked to school in an adjacent center) of a Publix grocery store, an organic market, an Asian food market, a very nice meat market (Petty's) and my tract includes the downtown area with lots of very nice places to eat that fill the full spectrum of culinary choices from steak houses to Cuban to Indian, etc. as well as a number of fast food places where poor nutrition has always been a matter of poor decisions and a lack of moderation.

Within a reasonable public transit ride are Walmarts, Sams Club, BJ's and groves. I live in a coastal community with abundant seafood for sale or for the taking if you've the patience or desire to cast a rod or toss a net.

Imagine my surprise to see that the left coast, Chicago and the northeast corridor were the least likely to have "food deserts". CSA's, really!? Is there any other way to make limited access to really expensive food of mostly modest quality available to a more pretentious group of people? One pre-paid organic carrot delivered to your door (whenever) isn't going to do much if you are trying to feed a family when the same amount of money will put a whole bunch or two of carrots with the same amount of beta carotene minus the cache of a CSA or bogus organic label on the counter.

Enter Fleisher's Best Meat T-Shirt Idea Contest

Either: 1) Vegetarians, they're what's for dinner. Or, and this may only be appropriate for the larger shirt sizes, 2) I'm not fat; I'm well marbled.

Serious Heat: Spicy Fried Chicken

It's nice that Chick-fil-A is selling "spicy" chicken and I don't have a Bojangle's nearby, but CfA as well as most chain chicken including Popeye's these days pales in comparison to the original spicy chicken of Popeye's in the NOLA area. As for what's available these days, Wendy's has a kick-butt spicy chicken sandwich.

On the rare occasion of home grown fried chicken, I just get a looser wrist when shaking the ground red pepper and maybe a generous amount of the spicy salt-free Grill Mates Steak seasoning (mostly black pepper) finds its way into the flour dredge.

Road Trip: My Life Measured in Muffulettas from Central Grocery in New Orleans

I've fought the urge to tear into a muffuletta while it was aging during a solo trip returning home from NOLA on a desolate I-10 in the panhandle of Florida, hungry in a closed up car with the aroma of olive salad permeating every fiber of the interior. Would someone PLEASE make an air freshener that smells like that!

Cook the Book: Stilton and Walnut Crackers

How large of a walnut do I need to only use 1/2 of it?

This Week in America's Test Kitchen: A Better Way to Brew Tea; Rating Innovative Tea Pots

Stop letting your children play with the video editor. The frequency of cuts from one shot to another with no discernible merit was annoying at best and nauseating. The premise and material are good; concise, well explained and practical information and when not switching shots with every heartbeat, really useful.

Poll: Do You Grill Burgers with Lump Charcoal or Briquettes?

I like the lump charcoal; I use a compressed sawdust and paraffin "SuperMatch" to start it. But, I am finding more and more pieces of what appear to be dimensional lumber in the bags; mill scraps is my guess and hope more so that it isn't treated in any way before it is burned. Wish I had paid attention to where Mike Rowe worked at a charcoal maker so I'd know what to look for brand-wise. I am finding the burnt 2x4's in both the stuff I get at WalMart and Green Egg (Pinch-A-Penny).

'Demonic' Pear Freaks Out New Zealand Woman

Strikes me as more of a Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor pear. That probably won't be as lucrative in court if New Zealand's judiciary has gone of the track like ours.

Steak 'n Shake: The Quintessential American Cheeseburger

@exfleitarian: More like we are waxing nostalgic....

This is a blog about food. Somehow I fail to see how ownership structure affects taste (physical not cultural). At what point in the hierarchy of equity instruments do you deign to cross the threshold: "S" Corporation, partnership, LLC, OTC, NYSE? My friends own a small diner and needed a loan a while back and I held partial ownership as collateral and choose to retain it rather than take the cash out. Should no one eat there now that it is no longer a true "Mom and Pop" as I am not a parent of either gender?

While I am a serious aficionado of local cuisine and always on the hunt for great Mom & Pop hamburger or hot dog stands, I think credit should be given where due even if it is a chain such as the surprisingly good Whiplash burger at Burger King. I have had much worse in greasy spoon diners.

Steak 'n Shake: The Quintessential American Cheeseburger

I am totally piqued about trying the pepper vinegar on the fries now. Never occurred me until reading these comments. I am a fan of hot sauce on fries--especially Texas Pete or Crystal Hot Sauce--or malt vinegar on "chips" at a fish and chip shop.

Reality Check: The Iron Man Whiplash Whopper at Burger King

I was in a hurry between appointments over the weekend and decided to pop into BK rather than choke down a 7-11 sandwich in a wrapper. I saw the sign for the Whiplash and remembered scanning quickly through the review that indicated it was worth a try, but it needed more meat. So I took a chance with the double combo (mediocre rings over those horrid fries) and--other than the rings--was pleasantly surprised. Wow, a burger with a good kick to it from the peppers and mayo. I really liked it. This, of course, is the curse of death. It's a promotional item and will be gone soon, but while it's available, try it. I did and was quite pleased with the burger...especially a chain burger (Hardee's is still my favorite, though).

Steak 'n Shake: The Quintessential American Cheeseburger

The essence of great burgers and shakes. Everything made to order. Eating off real plates with real forks. And they do malteds, too! 24/7 to boot.

Grilling: New Potato Salad

@bjcolins: Blasphemer! While I love celery, I appreciate the thought and care God put into its quintessential function before form design. What is there better to stir a Bloody Mary or fill with cream cheese, peanut butter or pimento cheese? And yet, you are quick to destroy the integrity of the design by cutting it into unrecognizable bits to further some misguided prejudice of what does or does not constitute potatoe salad. By-the-by, I fully reject the evil of celery in chicken salad, too.

I do like the fingerling 'tater idea, though.

Grilling: New Potato Salad

@AbstractDenial: I don't see this as a cold 'tater salad. Baked potatoes get a bit grainy in the fridge and if they were coated in dressing, the disintegration would be accelerated. You might cook the components (leave the potatoes a little undercooked) and then nuke them, mix and dress the salad to serve.